Free Credit Card Numbers That Work in 2023

by Jared West

A credit card is designed in a small plastic nature that consists of certain information issued by a bank or service provider.

Free Credit Card Numbers Having it All the Important Information

It is an alternative means of making payments for goods and services at groceries stores, restaurant or shopping malls on credit. It is one of the best means of making payments in a cashless society.

A credit card is made up of certain information and digits that are used for purchase or internet transactions. These information includes;

  • Card Holder Name
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiration Date
  • Service Provider Name
  • Issuing Bank Details
  • CVV or Security Codes
  • Smart/EMV Chip
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Signature Area

These information are quite different and no two cards can have the same details

Information on a credit card are very useful. For example, the " Issuing Bank Details " helps you to block your card instantly when you lose it or it's stolen via phone by contacting the bank customer services.

The " CVV Codes " which means Card Verification Value consists of 3 digits used as security pin to sanction certain transactions. They must be kept secret.

Credit Card Expiration Date is basically the time the credit card will expire and it's also useful in preventing fraudulent activities.

The " Card Holder Name " is the name of the person responsible for every financial activity associated with the credit card while the " Signature Area " confirms ownership.

The " EMV Chip " is a small golden metal embedded on the card while sensitive information related to the card holder is stored on the " Magnetic Stripe ".

Credit Card Numbers are very important and in this article will show you how to get free credit card numbers that can be used for transactions on certain platform but not payments.

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How are credit card numbers generated?

These numbers are generated by a machine during the printing process and they follow a particular algorithm. The card issuers and the bank monitors the operation of this machine and card holders do not have the right to decide which numbers they won't on the card. This means, credit cards can't be customized.

Note that these credit card numbers should be secret and only the card holder should have access to it. It is private.

What then are free credit card numbers?

These are credit card numbers available on the internet for free. This means you can find websites that will give you free access to generate credit cards on your own or give you an existing one that is made open for public access.

So, the big question is how to get these free credit card numbers…

It's important to understand that credit card information should be kept private due to the risk of internet fraud. Security on some websites are questionable, so scam prevention is necessary. These cards are good for one time use.

The free credit card numbers will enable you make online transactions on certain websites without incurring the debts required. It's fun, so you should try it out.

What do people use free credit card numbers for?

  • Free credit card numbers are used to test apps.
  • Free credit card numbers are used to test if certain websites are legit.
  • Free credit cards numbers are used to sign up on certain sites so as to bypass the registration procedure.
  • Free credit card numbers are used to gain access to premium service on certain websites.
  • Free credit card numbers are used for scam prevention.

How to get free credit card numbers

Official issuers have valid credit card numbers while the ones generated from unauthorized websites are not valid. Free credit card numbers that are valid can be found on certain websites such as PayPal and American Express.

There are two ways in which one can get free credit card numbers:

1. Through Credit Card Generator Websites

2. From Official Credit Card Issuer

1. Credit Card Generator - Free CC Number Link

Credit Card Generator
Credit Card Generator

Credit card numbers can be generated online. There are several websites that provides a credit card generator online and you are just a click away if you search the right places. Numbers generated on theses websites might not be valid but it's capable enough to bypass any verification process.

Valid credit card numbers are mostly generated by official credit card issuers and they have a large data base of valid numbers. You can't have access to these valid numbers but credit card generator websites will generate a similar number that has the same configuration with the valid ones.

That's something to smile about. Right?!

Steps to follow to generate credit card numbers:

  • Open a search engine such as Google
  • Search for websites that offers credit card generator online.
  • Select and visit one of the website displayed on the search result.
  • Complete the form that requests for the credit card data such as postal code, address and expiration date. Most generators will provide these data.
  • Next, click the generate tab.
  • A result will display showing the number.

NOTE: It's important to complete the information requested, as it is part of the process in generation free credit card numbers. Avoid using the free credit card to make payment so as not to get into trouble with anyone.

Credit card generator websites will give you loads of free credit card numbers from service providers such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express to name a few. These card numbers are unique and very important because it identifies the bank or network that issued them. Every credit card number is special and different as it identifies the card holder.

Generator: General Credit Cards

Issuing Network: VISA

Card Number: 4510 xxxx xxxx 6543

Pin: 8180

Name: Finch Poland

Address: 1295 Hill-dale Street

Country: Brazil

CVV: 359

Expiration Date: 03/2021

2. Official Credit Card Issuer

Bank policies ensures that credit card numbers and other vital credit card information are only accessible by the legit credit card holder. This is due to the fact that data on credit card are sensitive and should be kept private.

However, some official credit card issuer make some credit card numbers available to public access on certain websites. Websites such as PayPal provides free credit card numbers from several official card issuers such as:

  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • China Union Pay

On these websites, verification process can be bypassed in such a way that the system will recognize the numbers as valid whereas they are not. They only have same configuration with valid numbers. These public credit card numbers provided are available for trial and testing services.

This procedure is useful when it comes to card validation, so as to test if certain websites are functioning properly and free from any form of risk. Many financial websites have this feature. So always ensure you try out the testing feature before validating your credit cards.

List of websites where you can generate free credit card numbers

There are several websites available on the internet for credit card generation. Here is a list of the sites. Check them out and select the one you are comfortable with. All you need do is to follow the steps to generate the free numbers.

  • VISA Credit Card Generator
  • Bulk Credit Card Generator

1. VISA Credit Card Generator - Free CC Number Link

VISA Credit Card Generator:
VISA Credit Card Generator:

The VISA CC generator is very good for generating loads of credit card numbers. It provides users with a combination of numbers that follow a certain algorithm and they are easily accessible. Click the "Generate VISA Credit Card" tab to get your free credit card number. Millions of people use it because they don't have to download any form of software as the web app provides all the information needed.


Test VISA Credit Cards

Issuing Network:


Card Number:

4117 xxxx xxxx 8193




Cora Brewer


Chester Terrace Mews 3641


Cook Islands



Expiration Date:


The VISA CC generator also uses some secret formula to ensure the numbers generated are valid during the generation process. The online web options means you don't have to download the web app before you can use it. Here are some of its advantage;

  • Malware risk is considerably low.
  • Webpage is easily accessible.
  • It is very secured and safe to use.
  • The VISA CC generator service is free.
  • The credit card numbers you can generate is unlimited.
  • The generation procedure is fast due to its single click feature.

NOTE: Don't use this free credit card details for payment on any platform. They are not valid and could put you in serious trouble.

2. Bulk Credit Card Generator - Free CC Number Link

Bulk Credit Card Generator:
Bulk Credit Card Generator:

Bulk Credit Card uses the numerical principle of Luhn Algorithm to generate valid credit card numbers. This credit card generator can be used to generate lots of free credit card numbers in bulk within a short period of time. It is less stressful and saves time.

This credit card generator tool provides a lot of variation as compared to others. Software developers use this credit card generator to generate numbers to test some of their apps. It's a very useful too.

Unique Features of Bulk Credit Card Generator

  • The tool can generate free credit cards in bulk.
  • Credit card numbers generated are 100% valid.
  • Users have the option to choose any 3 digits security code.
  • Users can choose random names and address.
  • It uses the cross check validator to confirm if numbers are valid.
  • Users can also decide expiration date.
  • Bulk Credit Card Generator is absolutely free.

More information on the below video:

You can get free credit card numbers with security codes and also learn how to validate credit card numbers. Let's have your thoughts on the free credit card generator that works in 2023 by dropping your comments in the conversation box below. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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