Free Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) for PayPal Verification 2023

by Jared West

Virtual Credit Cards, also known as prepaid credit cards are internationally valid credit cards that are issued by banks and payment processing companies. The card is virtual, hence, it cannot be handled. It contains the 16-digits card number, card verification value (CVV), and validity which are visible online. It's a prepaid card that can only be issued to a primary holder and can be used for the online business transaction once. You don't have to pay to become a virtual credit cardholder. The vast majority of Virtual Credit Cards also supports the address verification system (AVS) . The validity of the card depends on the issuer. The validity may be for a period of three, six, or twelve months . Through the Virtual Credit Card, you can make a secured transaction for goods and services online. You don't have to share your financial details before making your transactions. Also, you can set limits and make transactions at low currency exchange rates . All payments done with the card are deducted from the money deposited in the account. The Virtual Credit Card is easy to replace. You can also generate new Virtual cards for transaction purposes. Virtual Credit Card can either be a Visa or MasterCard. Both the Visa and MasterCard can be used to make payment. However, the Visa Card has little shortcomings like its validity which is just for a few months. Also, the Visa card can be used for online shopping and other payment processes. Virtual MasterCard has extensive attributes in that it can be used for payment of hotel reservations, metropolitan transportation bookings, airline bookings , and many more. The benefits users derive from the use of the Virtual Credit Cards make it an inevitable payment tool for consumers to use.

Summary Free Virtual Credit Cardsfor PayPal Verification 2023

The Virtual Credit Cards that can be used for PayPal Verification 2023 is illustrated in the chart below

Summary Free Virtual Credit Cardsfor PayPal Verification 2023
Summary Free Virtual Credit Cardsfor PayPal Verification 2023

Best Free Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) for PayPal Verification 2023

Today, I will be elucidating the free virtual credit cards you for PayPal Verification 2023

1. EntroPay - VCC for Paypal Link


For those interested in the use of a Virtual Credit Card that is secured and reliable, EntroPay is the best choice you can use. EntroPay is one of the most popular virtual credit card providers that can be used for online business transactions. With EntroPay, you can receive, transfer , and make payment for products and services . Its services are free and simple to use . However, before you can make use of the Virtual Credit Card, you must verify your details. This can be done by filling the fields with your details which include your name, email, and password . Once the details have been filled and submitted, you get a verified EntroPay Virtual Credit Card. EntroPay presents you with two options. You can either get a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card or link the Virtual Credit Card generated with your bank account. Both channels can be effective, efficient, and trusted.

Learn more about Entropay in the video below

2. DigiPulse - VCC for Paypal Link


DigiPulse is one of the best Virtual Credit Card providers for PayPal verification that is not only free but also effective in the payment of goods and services. It can be downloaded as an app on your smartphone. DigiPulse operates like a wallet system . You can link your bank credit and debit card with DigiPulse to be able to enjoy its services. Also, you can link the DigiPulse wallet with your web-managed account and IMPS . Once the wallet is linked, you can use it to make payment for your utility installments like electricity bill, gas installment, post-paid bills, and direct-to-home media services . Additionally, you can use the DigiPulse to pay for services on any website.

3. Payoneer - VCC for Paypal Link

Payoneer is an excellent Virtual Credit Card used globally to pay and receive money from any website. This Virtual Credit Card provider is unique because you can link multiple accounts with it to receive money. You can get the Payooner Virtual Credit Card and MasterCard at no cost. All you need to do is to create an account by filling your details in the slots provided for the sign-up process. At any given time you wish to log in to make a payment, you will have to input your email and password . However, a certain percentage is deducted as a service charge or commission from your money on any transaction you do. Payoneer has its Debit MasterCards that is used for any transaction you wish to do. Most freelancing, e-commerce , and other sites that render online services accept payment with the Payoneer MasterCard and Virtual Credit Card.

Visit the video below for more information about Payoneer.

4. Freecharge Go - VCC for Paypal Link

Freecharge Go
Freecharge Go

If you need a Virtual Credit Card that can be used for business transactions in any location throughout the world, the Freecharge Go is the best. Freecharge Go can be used for payment of goods, leisure bookings, and event ticket bookings online. It can also be used to pay for transportations services, shopping for food, and many more on the internet. Another innovative gesture of FreeCharge is that it offers its users various promotion programs for its services. It also customizes the offers of its clients.

For more information about FreeCharge Go, visit the video below.

5. Udio Wallet - VCC for Paypal Link

Udio Wallet

The UDIO wallet is not only amazing for the services it offers but is excellent based on its quality services delivery. Udio wallet can function as a portable wallet and as a V irtual Credit Card . It can be used to receive the fund and make payments all over the world. Udio wallet is mostly used among Indians to perform their business transactions. It also offers 5% cashback for all its users.

Visit the video below for more details

6. Pockets App - VCC for Paypal Link

Pockets App
Pockets App

Pockets are one of the best Virtual Credit Cards is controlled by Visa card . Its prepaid services are based on ICICI's installment services. You can send and deposit funds on pockets via email address, versatile numbers, and websites . Holders of the Pockets Virtual Credit Cards can monitor cash flow in their ICICI bank account through the Pockets app.

7. American Express (AmEx) - VCC for Paypal Link

AmericanExpress (AmEx)
American Express (AmEx)

American Express is a banking service that offers excellent prepaid card services. American Express helps users to generate free virtual credit cards for all transactions. With the Virtual Credit Card generated from the American Express, you can make payment for your online shopping, web payment, and other business transactions worldwide.

8. Neteller - VCC for Paypal Link


Neteller is a popular Virtual Credit Card that is issued to primary holders at no cost. With Neteller, you can open an online account and get a Virtual Credit Card similar to your bank account and credit card . All you need to do is to register an account with your personal information and you are right there. You can also get an account by uploading your original identity card for verification. After creating the account, you will have the opportunity to choose the type of Virtual Card you want. You can either choose between the Visa Card and MasterCard . Both cards contain relevant information that can is obtainable in normal physical cards. Some of this information includes the 16-digit card number, validity, and CVV information. Also, you have the opportunity to choose the currency with which you want to make your business transactions. The currencies used in the Neteller account is the Euro and US dollar . However, for you to get a free Virtual Card from Neteller, you have to fill in your details and make confirmation of the details. Also, users of the Neteller Virtual Card services are charged a small token except for new users that perform their first transaction at no cost.

Learn more about Neteller services in the video below.

9. Netspend - VCC for Paypal Link


NetSpend is one of the Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification. You don't have to spend much time being a holder of the NetSpend Virtual Visa, small business prepaid master card, and prepaid MasterCard . All you need to do is to go through the registration process that takes just a few minutes. Then you will become a proud holder of the NetSpend Virtual Visa and Master card. The cards can be used to make payments for online shopping and other services. NetSpend also offers cashback services on your business transactions.

Visit the video below for more details

10. Bank Freedom

This is a Virtual Credit Card provider that is unique for its ability to design a Virtual Cards that will meet the requirement of its potential holder. All you need to do to get Bank Freedom Virtual card is to sign up within a few seconds by registering your details. After completing the registration process, you get a Virtual Card with information like the 16-digit card number, expiry date, and CVV on it. Holders of the Bank Freedom virtual card can use it to carry out business transactions from any location in the world. It is efficient, safe, and easy to use.


The Virtual Credit Cards for PayPal Verification 2023 discussed above are efficient, safe, fast, and easy to use. They are purposely designed to make your account more secure from theft and hackers. They are also introduced to make your business transactions easier and quicker. You can choose any of them for your pay or receive funds. Through the use of Virtual Cards, your business can be expanded beyond your locality because the virtual cards can be used for online business transactions.

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