Rapidgators Premium Accounts to Try in 2023

by Jared West

Rapidgator is a file hosting website that offers data storage and file-sharing services. It allows users to upload and back up their files. The uploaded files like videos, music, and PDF files can also be shared with friends. Users of its services enjoy a good downloading and uploading speed of their files when compared with other sites. Rapidgator allows you to have access to files that you may not find on the internet . With Rapidgator, you get your data protected with all legal files properly safeguarded. However, users of Rapidgator have experience limitations in their quest to enjoy a wide range of services. Because most of its amazing services are embedded in the premium account. The Rapidgator premium account allows you to have access to download considerably large file sizes at a faster speed and at any given time the files are needed. The Rapidgator premium provides excellent downloading, uploading, storage and sharing of files services.

All about Rapigator Premium Account in 2023

Today, I will guide you through all you need to know about the Rapigator premium account.

1. User interface - Account Link

User interface
User interface

The interface of Rapidgator is easy to use for people that are new to it. It has an orange coloration which makes it look attractive to new and existing users. Rapidgator has a special file manager dedicated to storing and managing your files effectively. You can create your folder and get a large file size saved in it. Each file is saved with a name you can easily remember. The file names are displayed on them for easy identification. It also displays the date of upload and the actual size of the file . Rapidgator premium account also makes file search easier most especially when you have forgotten the file name. All you need to do is to use the Rapidgator search engine to search your file. Furthermore, you can use the drag and drop function of Rapidgator to save your files.

2. Its operation - Account Link

Its operation
Its operation

The Rapidgator premium account offer users two option to get their files shared. These two options include the web browser and the FTP server . While sharing files with a small size, you can use the web browser. The web browser shows you the amount of file transferred or uploaded and the time remaining to complete the task. However, if you want to upload a file with a large size. You can use the FTP server. The FTP server gets your file uploaded at a faster speed. After the file has been uploaded, you receive a notification containing a link through which the uploaded file can be shared with your friends and family.

3. Security - Account Link


In terms of securing your files from been accessible to the third party , the Rapidgator premium account does it effectively. When you save your data on the Rapidgator data storage services, all your data are considered confidential to you. The privacy of your data is maintained by Rapidgator. Also, the link you receive after uploading your files is only for you. They are not shared with the third party by Rapidgator. While uploading your files to Rapidgator, you are not allowed to create a password . This is because it may be made vulnerable and detected by a third party. Hence Rapidgator only generates a link for you. This link can be accessed anytime you want to view or access certain data from the file. Your friend can also use the link to download files as much as they desire when you give them the link. Also, copyright infringement , illegal file upload, and other file threat-related issues are experienced by Rapidgator users. Peradventure if any of these happens, Rapidgator does not deal with the issue by locking your account just as the other file hosting site does. Instead, only the affected files will be deleted by Rapidgator. This means that you still have your account for yourself.

4. Its customer support - Account Link

Its customersupport
Its customer support

Both the Rapidgator free account and Rapidgator premium account have menus that clearly illustrate and explain their uses in the hosting site. Despite this, Rapidgator still has a well-structured FAQ that answer basic questions you may want to ask. In case the answer to your questions cannot be found in the FAQ answered, the site also has a contact form that can be filled with your questions therein. Your questions are then answered via the email address you supply in the contact form.

Advantages of Rapidgator premium account - Account Link

Advantages    ofrapidgator premium account
Advantages of Rapidgator premium account

Rapidgator premium account is an amazing file hosting website fact that helps you to upload or download files. It also gets these files downloaded at amazing speed when compared to the free version and other file-hosting sites. Also, when you subscribe to the Rapidgator premium account, you enjoy access to be able to download multiple files simultaneously. Because none of the files you wish to upload or download will be placed in the queue . The uploading or downloading speed of the Rapidgator is attributed to the bandwidth of more than 1 TB used in the Rapidgator premium account. This high bandwidth accounts for the reason why you can get a large file size of up to 5 GB downloaded as fast as possible.

Some Rapidgators Premium Accounts to Try in 2023

Note: Below are some Rapidgator accounts from the Internet. AudioBlog didn't create or possesses any of them. If the account does not work, it is most likely someone changed the credentials. Just use a different account.

Sr. No.EmailPassword

Subscription plans of the Rapidgator premium account

Subscription for the Rapidgator premium account has been made affordable for its users.

  • The 30 days subscription plan

The monthly subscription for the Rapidgator premium account is the cheapest of its subscription plans. You can get it at the rate of $14.99. when you subscribe to this plan, you enjoy Rapid premium services for 30 days. You also get 1 TB bandwidth . With this subscription plan, you enjoy an extremely fast speed on your downloads and uploads. You also get your data secured without any form of threat. The 30 days subscription offers you a maximum of 60 days to get your last downloaded files deleted.

  • The 60 days subscription plan

This is the second tariff plan available for the Rapidgator premium account users. This subscription plan costs $29.99 and is valid for 60 days. With the 60 days subscription plan, you get a 2 TB bandwidth. You also get about 3 TB worth of data storage capacity. You can download or upload files at a higher speed than when you subscribe to the 30 days subscription plan. After your subscription has expired, the last file you downloaded will not be automatically deleted even when it is not up to 60 days.

  • The 90 days subscription

The Rapidgator 90 days subscription plan is available at a rate of $39.99. This plan affords you the opportunity of downloading or uploading your files at about 4 TB bandwidth. Hence, you can enjoy a faster downloading or uploading speed of your files than that of the 60 days subscription plan. The subscription plan also allows you to choose between a limited storage capacity of about 3 TB and unlimited data storage services for 60 days.

  • The 180 days subscription for $49.99

The Rapidgator subscription plan at a rate of $49.99 . when you subscribe to this plan, you enjoy an excellent downloading or uploading speed of up to about 6 TB bandwidth . The 90 days subscription plan allows you to download or upload unlimited files. These files are stored for 60 days after your last download or upload.

  • The 180 days subscription plan at $69.99

this Rapidgator subscription plan is designed to make you have an interesting experience of the efficiency of Rapidgator. With this subscription plan, you get a 6 TB bandwidth which makes the download or upload of files faster like that of the $49.99 subscription plan. However, you get unlimited data storage services or 3 TB storage capacity for the entire subscription period.

  • The annual (365 days) subscription plan

The Rapidgator annual (365 days) subscription plan is available at a rate of $99.99 per year. This subscription plan allows you to have access to a maximum downloading or uploading speed you can get with Rapidgator services at 12 TB bandwidth. With the annual subscription plan, you can get a 10 TB storage capacity to save all your files for a year. You can also get unlimited data storage services that span for 60 days.

The subscription plans are summarized in the table below

Subscription plan


Storage capacity


30 days

1 TB

3 TB for 60 days


30 days

1 TB

Unlimited for 30 days


60 days

2 TB

3TB for 60 days


90 days

4 TB

Unlimited for 60 days


90 days

4 TB

3 TB for 90 days


180 days

6 TB

Unlimited for 60 days


180 days

6 TB

3 TB for 180 days


365 days

12 TB

10 TB for 365 days


365 days

12 TB

Unlimited for 60 days


How to get access to the Rapidgator premium account free

The features of the Rapidgator premium account are excellent for their prices. However, for those who may not be able to afford the price for any of the subscription plans discussed above. This section discusses how you can get access to the Rapidgator premium account at no cost.

1. The use of Rapidgator cookies

In case you don't know, website cookies contain some vital pieces of information about the specific website you visited. Hence, when you access the Rapidgator website, your login ID and password is saved in a simple text. The saved login details can be used to access your Rapidgator premium account. Your Rapidgator cookies can be accessed by typing the word "Rapidgator Premium Cookies" and search it using the website search engine. Then you install the Editthiscookies extension after you have gotten the cookies. Once the extension is installed, you import your cookies and Immediately, you will log into your account.

Visit the video below for more information

2. Using other Rapidgator premium accounts

You can access the Rapidgator premium account by providing some working username and password. These usernames and passwords are obtained from different websites. Once you are lucky to get any of the workings, then you can continue to enjoy it. However, none of this account is owned by the website. They are researched and copied from different websites.


Rapidgator is the best file hosting website mostly used by Americans and England inhabitants . It gives you a high-speed download both at a free and premium version. Rapidgator will express its potentials better when you subscribe or access the website.

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