Best Audio Interface in 2023

by Jared West

As a music maker, it's important to figure out the best audio interface available for music production. In this guide, we will introduce you to an audio interface with the right connection to your music making demands.

Why a Need for a Good Audio Interface in 2023 ?

Are you a song writer, stage artist or a music producer looking to explore quality audio interfaces? This guide is the perfect fit for you. Look no further!!!

A quality Audio Interface is an essential kit when it comes to music production. It enables users to make or produce quality audio/sound while recording on a PC or MacBook.

During a music production session, an Audio Interface helps you connect essential studio gear that will enable a desired sound output. It is useful for band production or individual recording.

When looking out for an audio interface, the essential thing to note is your budget and what type of project you are working on. This will help you in deciding the perfect audio interface for your music production needs. Some audio interface are quite expensive but comes with a whole lot of features while some budget-end interfaces are designed for specific needs.

The Audio Interfaces we will be discussing about in this guide are up to date and of the latest technologies in the year 2023. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about the best audio interface and how to decide which one to buy.

An audio interface offers a feature that allows several music instruments and devices to be plugged in such as guitars , synths , headphones , microphones and studio monitors . We will recommend audio interfaces depending on your personal preference. Ensure you take your time out to digest the guide.

Before listing the best audio interface in 2023, we need to talk about what to look out for and why it's important to buy a particular one.

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Important things to note before buying a particular Audio Interface:

· Check out the type of connectivity feature you want.

· Are you recording alone or is it a live band recording ?

· Most importantly - What is your budget ?

· You need to work out the type and number of inputs/outputs to work with.

· Will you be sending out audio for further processing?

· Consider if a particular audio interface has a phantom power option if you're planning to use special microphones.

· Does a particular audio interface have a MIDI I/O feature ?

· Will a particular audio interface plug into your PC?

· Is a particular Audio Interface compatible with an iOS device ?

All these are personal preference and we are not saying in any way that an audio interface must have all those features. You will be the one to decide which one works for you. Some Audio Interfaces comes with USB Connectors that ensures they can be connected to most computers. Overall, choosing an Audio Interface comes down to price and quality of its features.

Summary of Important Features of Best Audio Interfaces

The table below displays the summary of price and important features of the ultimate audio interfaces listed in this guide.





Audient iD4





Steinberg UR44





Focusrite Scarlett





Apogee ONE





PreSonus AudioBox





Steinberg AXR4





Universal Audio Apollo Twin





Native Instrument Audio 6





A List of the Best Audio Interface in 2023

1. Audient iD4

2. Steinberg UR44

3. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

4. Apogee ONE

5. PreSonus AudioBox

6. Steinberg AXR4

7. Universal Audio Apollo Twin

8. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

Audient iD4 - Audio Interface Link

Audient iD4
Audient iD4

This is a budget friendly audio interface that consists of two optical inputs and two output offerings. This audio interface has a preamp mic and an Instrument Level DI (Direct Input) used in connecting electronic guitars and bass.

The dual inputs and condenser microphones have Phantom Power and there's a main output for speakers. This audio interface sends sound through effects before converting it on a PC. It also has two headphones output feature used for sound monitoring and audio playback.

Audient is compatible with most apple devices and also powered via a USB port . It has a great usability feature that ensures you get the best out of the interface.

What makes it Unique?

· It has an amazing monitoring system.

· Audient audio interface is great value for money.

· It is an excellent preamp interface and also great for EQ.

Steinberg UR44 - Audio Interface Link

Steinberg UR44
Steinberg UR44

This is a fantastic audio interface that has four high quality preamps. It is a feature packed interface that has a dedicated dual line input/output that is best for full bands recording . Steinberg UR series is built to last due to its rugged metal casing.

Steinberg has a wide range of UR audio interfaces that allows external preamps to be plugged in without sound coloring. It has two front headphones output that makes recording someone else easy. While recording tracks, you can also listen on another headphone output. It is a 2-input/2-ouput audio interface .

It will meet all your digital instrument needs due to its MIDI I/O feature.

What makes it unique?

· It is specially designed for full bands studio project.

· It is good for external preamps connection.

· It is feature packed and has series of output options.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Audio Interface Link

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

This is a two channel audio interface that consists of an in-built dual preamps and series of ins and outs to help satisfy the needs of modern day music recording.

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is perfect for mobile or home studio recording . This audio interface consists of a pair of monitors, headphone output and two stereo outputs. It has an XLR inputs feature and a direct monitor control on the front panel that helps to switch easily between speakers and headphones.

It also comes with Ableton Live Lite for sound effects which makes it a must own. It is compatible with both Mac and PC. There are several other Scarlett audio interfaces that supports FireWire connectivity but will only cost you more money.

What makes it unique?

· Best for getting the right vocal and guitar tones.

· It is a portable audio interface with an amazing sound quality package.

· It has an air functionality feature that ensures you produce different sounds from the same preamps.

Apogee ONE - Audio Interface Link

Apogee ONE
Apogee ONE

This is one of the best audio interface designed by Apogee Electronics. It has a simple connectivity feature and a high quality amplifier. The Apogee ONE audio interface has a single input channel and an internal condenser microphone .

This is specially designed for MacBook and Apple devices such as iPad. It has an encoder knob that helps you gain control of the audio output. It is quite portable but powerful. A converter cable is used to connect external microphone, controller and MIDI Keyboards since it has no MIDI I/O.

What makes it unique?

· It has a 48 volts Phantom Power.

· It has a pretty high amp as compared to its size.

· The inbuilt condenser mic gives it a great sound.

PreSonus AudioBox - Audio Interface Link

PreSonus AudioBox
PreSonus AudioBox

This is a classic USB connectivity audio interface. PreSonus AudioBox consists of 2 high quality preamps and 2 line outputs for the studio monitors. It also has a headphone jack feature, TSR in at the back, and both L/R stereo inputs.

A unique feature of this audio interface is the analogue inputs and ability to plug in MIDI devices. It has a metallic construction and are mostly used by singers and songwriters. It also comes with a studio one software.

What makes it unique?

· This is a perfect interface for electric guitar and piano recording.

· The portable size makes it easy to record on the go.

· Specially recommended for mobile recording and solo artists.

Steinberg AXR4 - Audio Interface Link

Steinberg AXR4
Steinberg AXR4

This is a very expensive audio interface from Steinberg. This rack mountable interface is specially designed for professional music producers and sound engineers. It has stacks of inputs/outputs ( 28 inputs/24 outputs ) which makes it a quality pro audio interface device .

The front panel consists of 2 headphones outputs and 4 Neutrix combo inputs while the back panel has 8 TRS line inputs and 2 sets of ADAT In/Out . Computer connection is enabled through the thunderbolts port.

What makes it unique?

· It has 4 hybrid microphone preamps that generates natural sounds.

· This is a premium sound quality audio interface.

· Audio Xcellence Redefined interface is designed for major studio projects.

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Universal Audio Apollo Twin - Audio Interface Link

Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Universal Audio Apollo Twin

We recommend this audio interface because of its power and quality even though it's only compatible with Mac devices. It offers zero latency through its thunderbolt connectivity feature and has a real time UAD processing .

This is a quality audio interface and one of the best you'll see in today's market. It has a 24 bit/92kHz audio conversion and boasts of preamp monitors switches. There are 2 TSR microphone inputs and a master knob volume control .

What makes it unique?

· The compressor and EQ tracking for various instruments is awesome.

· This audio interface comes with 2 line preamps and plug in bundle.

· This Universal Audio device is very durable due to its rugged-built feature.

Native Instrument Komplete Audio 6 - Audio Interface Link

Native Instrument Komplete Audio 6
Native Instrument Komplete Audio 6

Finally on our list is a Native Instrument Software audio interface. We recommend this audio interface because it comes with a Traktor LE2 and Cubase LE6 Software . This Native Instrument audio interface is built for longevity.

There are good plugs for connectivity such as the XLR and TRS. It is MIDI in/out enabled and has 4 balanced outputs. This is a perfect audio interface if you love to play around with series of musical instruments.

It has a headphone output, 2 microphone inputs and a 48volts phantom power which makes it a very strong audio interface. It is important to note that it is USB powered.

What makes it unique?

· The series of software it comes with gives out amazing sound effects.

· The dedicated volume knob helps with convenience while recording.

· It offers direct monitoring due to its mono input switch feature.


An audio interface is very important in any studio setup and the ones highlighted in this guide are basically the best ones you will find in today's market. They will help control your gear, improve your audio quality, give the best amplification, and make pesky latency disappear from your music production.

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We believe this guide to audio interface has been very helpful. Kindly share your ideas and observations in the comment box.

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