Picasa Alternatives to Organize and View Images in 2023

by Jared West

Remember the saying, "old soldiers never die, they just fade away." This might be true of Google Picasa. Well, in case you do not know, Google Picasa was at a time, the best in its game, talking of photo organization and/or management tools, just about four years ago. But, unfortunately, for one reason or the other, it was truncated or cut short by Google itself and Google Photos took its place.

Now, Google Photos has been somehow designed and fashioned with a great task, to serve as a photo management tool. But, for most people, it's far behind and can't be compared to its predecessor, Google Picasa, when it comes to features or its services. So, many users of Google Picasa, have now, since its demise, permit me to use that word, being saddled with a somewhat heavy burden or weight, to look for a Google Picasa look-alike, in terms of features and all.

Nonetheless, don't forget that it is our joy to give you a helping hand in your quest to be served better. So, having that registered, we've successfully packaged, just for you, some best Google Picasa alternatives or look-alike that you'd enjoy utilizing today.

Shall we look at it together?

Best Google Picasa alternatives 2023

Photoscape - Site Link


First on our list today! It's a great photo management tool that you could try today. With Photoscape, you are bound to get abundance of photo management and editing elements. This is one of the solid reasons it's distinct.

Some other features for you to enjoy when using this Google Picasa alternative;

1. Split photos

2. Screengrab or capturing and so on.

However, one little drawback is that, it doesn't support cloud storage.

Dropbox - Site Link


With Dropbox, you can be sure to get quality photo management features as you have the rare privilege of creating folders and/or groups to set your pictures in order. Right here, you overcome the little drawback with Photoscape as you are entitled to the cloud storage feature.

Well, not just that, the cloud storage advantage or feature also comes with the option of utilizing it to store or keep any form of file there is. Be it;

1. Photos

2. Documents or even

3. Videos.

Check the video below for details:

And not to worry, this feature is very simple to navigate.

Flickr - Site Link


Another Google Picasa alternative worthy of note is Flickr. Yes, it mostly viewed as a site for sharing images or photos. Still, it is also into the business of photo management and storage. With the non-premium membership account, it gives you the freedom of saving and storing about a thousand photos. Still cool right?

That aside, it still presents help in terms of editing photos via Aviary. And when it comes to cloud-based photo sharing platform, it arguably sits in a convenient spot at the top.

Learn more on how it works in the video below:

XnView - Site Link


When we talk of great viewer applications or tools for Windows OS, it is arguably one of the most preferred and highly rated ones. Besides that, the software is pretty fast and easy to navigate. To add to its good books, it currently supports or makes room for over half a thousand diverse picture layouts.

Reminiscing on the quality user interface Google Picasa offered, Xnview is a good model of that. With these few points presented, we can arguably conclude that Xnview tops the chart as the best image viewer application or tool for Windows 10, to be precise.

Microsoft Photos - Site Link

Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is the aboriginal picture or photo management and organizing tool for Windows operating system. Since it's the native Windows 10 OS photo management tool, it is integrated with the needed features for photo or picture management and editing capability.

Funny enough, it's not really a people's choice when it comes to photo editing, organizing and management, probably because it's integrated with the Windows operating system. But, did you know that it not only enables you to do image editing or help you manage your photos, it is also embedded with a video editor that you can incorporate to make good videos of your photo store easily? Yes, it does, have it. Go try it out today.

Photoshop Elements - Site Link

Photoshop Elements

I think its right to say Photoshop Elements is a well structured compact version of Adobe Photoshop and definitely contains basic features still. Thus, it is a good alternative for Google Picasa that you can surely incorporate on your Windows PC. You can still edit, manage and organize your photos on Photoshop Elements.

For more details, see this video:

See some of its other features;

1. Uploading and sharing made easy.

2. Calendars

3. Scrapbook pages.

IrfanView - Site Link


Looking for a strictly photo management and organization tool? Don't go too far, as IrfanView is your best bet! And its got all necessary and basic features there is. One lovely thing about IrfanView is its lightweight. You don't need to stress yourself concerning creating enough space on your windows computer for it. Just 5mb or thereabout is ok. Super light in weight!

However, hardly does a thing come with no shortcoming and so it is for IrfanView. Image editing features are not enabled in this particular software.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer - Site Link

ApowersoftPhoto Viewer
Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Simplicity is the order of the day here. And it can also be related as one of the top image viewer for Windows. It has got some interesting and similar features to Google Picasa, making it a good alternative.

1. Different options are provided for editing photos, such as, modifying the brightness level.

2. Several formats you can choose to store your photos are available.

FastStone Image Viewer - Site Link

FastStoneImage Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer

Speaking of one of the top image viewer there is, you can't strike out Faststone Image Viewer from the list. It is a free software for Windows computer. And straight to the point, it's readily available and compatible with arguably all file formats.

Freshview - Site Link


A well advanced photo viewer software for Windows 10 and aligns with virtually every file format there is. With this tool, you can make your photos or images as organized as it can be. To add more flavor, it gives a plus, as it also favors audio and visual(video) formats.

Imagine Picture Viewer - Site Link

ImaginePicture Viewer
Imagine Picture Viewer

One of the possible alternatives for Google Picasa. It's sort of related to Honeyview, we'll get to that much later. With this tool, you can easily view your pictures and its got the necessary editing tools and features.

Photo Organizer - Site Link

Photo Organizer

Just as its name suggests, it's a basic tool that literally helps you give your photos a good arrangement and thus, a worthy alternative for Google Picasa. It works fine on Windows for photo collage. See the reason why I said it's a good photo organizer just as its name depicts.

Learn more on how to use it in this video:

It scavenge for photos or images scattered across your system, afterward, arrange them in a fine order into folders according to metadata. You see now? You can't go run with Photo Organizer. Nothing like finding it hard to locate a certain picture or photo on your PC any longer.

More so, the subset folders can be well arranged according to;

1. Date

2. Month

3. Size

4. Camera type

Isn't it wow?

Some other exciting features:

1. No duplication as picture duplicates are easily dealt with here.

2. Batch images can be renamed.

3. Fast discovery of pictures.

With this tool on your PC, searching for pictures manually becomes obsolete.

HoneyView - Site Link


It's a simple tool that supports a good range of file formats and a good image viewer it is. As regards editing, it gives the fundamental features, brightness for example.

Adobe Lightroom CC - Site Link

AdobeLightroom CC
Adobe Lightroom CC

If you haven't found your best alternative for Google Picasa in the list, for one reason or the other, get ready as you might really fall in love with this one.

It's a good option or alternative for Google Picasa has its really efficient when it comes to picture organization and management, also editing.

One interesting fact about this tool is that you can have duplicate, meaning, you get to save the edited form of your picture and the real picture itself apiece. So, this way, you can fall back to your original picture if need be. Now, tell me this is good enough!

Its features don't stop there. See more below:

1. It is highly compatible with Windows, Android or iOS, even Mac. How nice!

2. Cloud storage is readily available. Which means, you have the rare privilege to access your pictures right from any device you deem fit. No restrictions at all. Tell me, what more can you ask for?

3. It's virtually integrated with all the editing tools you need.

4. Editing is somewhat easy to navigate even for newbies.

However, one little drawback is that it doesn't really come free. No worries, you could go for the free trial version to enjoy its service and if need be, join the premium membership afterward.

There you have it, the best alternatives for Google Picasa 2023. Don't just settle for your first catch, take time to explore all and see which one really does it for you. And, more importantly, do not forget to tell us your experience in the comment section right below here and hit the share button to let others become partakers of the goodies too.

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