How to Restore WoW Items in 2023

by Jared West

One of the most famous multiplayer online games in the world today is World of Warcraft. This game has millions of players all over the world; each of them having something positive to say about this game and its features. I enjoy playing WoW so much, and there is so much I want to tell you about it.

Why Restoring an Item in WoW?

What makes WoW quite the catch is because of the ability to create and control your character without limitation. This character would do a lot for you - the more reason why most players aren't so bothered about investing and spending money to get new features on the game. For instance, there are rare items that can only be acquired with cash.

WoW is an avenue for adventure as well as a great place to fight monsters, take on quests and complete them. There are weapons and items to ensure all that is possible. WoW is fun; however, there are other things to know about it.

In this guide, I am interested in discussing ways to restore WoW items that may have been forfeited or lost during the game. These items are somewhat important to every WoW lover; thus, losing them could be worse than heartbreak.

Best Methods to Restore WoW Items

Below are 3 effective methods to restore items lost in War of Warcraft. They are quite simple, but they need careful attention.

Bliard Item Restore Feature

Way 1: BliardItem Restore Feature
Way 1: BliardItem Restore Feature

One of the simplest ways to restore a lost or destroyed WoW item is to make use of the Blizzard's Item Restore feature. This feature helps you to recover these items, so you can have a wonderful time playing your favorite game. However, you can only use this service twice in a month or once in 15 days of a month. It is highly recommended provided all things are in place, and the account is active.

Here are the steps needed in order to restore items lost in War of Warcraft.

Step 1: Click on the restoration link.

Step 2: Find the blue button with an inscription "Begin Item Restoration."

Step 3: Click on the button and proceed to login

Step 4: Proceed to Restoration page

Step 5: Select your custom-made/created character

Step 6: Choose items to be restored alongside the character

Step 7: After choosing, click on "Continue" option

Step 8: A final confirmation will be sent to make sure you are ready to begin the process. Confirm the action.

Step 9: Restoration process begins - takes about some seconds or minutes.

Step 10: Once restoration ends, check the character for available items. At this point, all items lost should have been recovered.

There is something you should know about items being restored - they must have either been sold, destroyed or lost, or disenchanted. While the lost ones are recovered without any additional benefits, the destroyed or disenchanted ones have. For instance, all the materials collected before these items got destroyed or disenchanted are removed in War of Warcraft's system.

Thus, all materials collected must be safe and secure before proceeding to restore, or else, they risk being removed. At the same time, the restoration process may not start if these materials are not available.

Furthermore, there are conditions surrounding heirloom items. While logging in, heirloom items get saved to the collections tab, so they don't risk being permanently destroyed. Their addition to the collections tab makes it easy to restore them. Also, heirloom items cannot be recovered with the assistance of Game Masters.

Restore Deleted Character

Way 2: RestoreDeleted Character
Way 2: RestoreDeleted Character

There are cases where a deleted character possesses very important items; the restoration service may not work, but another restore feature should work. This is the character restore feature - it allows you to restore such character that has been deleted in order to extract those important items.

Below are steps to restore a deleted character in the War of Warcraft.

Step 1: Log in to your WoW account

Step 2: Find the Character Selection option

Step 3: Click on the option and find a circular arrow icon. This icon is directly beside the "Create New Character" option

Step 4: A character list comes up - these are the characters that can be restored

Step 5: Find your previously deleted character

Step 6: Restore by clicking the circular arrow

Step 7: Character is restored

So far so good, you can only restore a maximum of 50 characters per realm, which is enough if I must say. However, before the restoration process, you need space to accommodate your character. Without space, it would be almost impossible to restore your character, talk less of items.

Also, only items present in a character before it was deleted can be recovered, but not items deleted before the character was. This means, if an item has been deleted before a character got deleted, such an item cannot be recovered.

Check out other criteria for character restoration below:

- Characters above Lv. 50 can be recovered anytime without limitations

- Class Trial Characters, Characters less than Lv. 10 and Lv. 55 Death Knight as well as Lv. 98 Demon Hunter cannot be recovered

- Characters Lv. 10 to Lv. 29 can only be recovered during a 90-day period, after which they become unrecoverable. Also, Characters Lv. 99 to Lv. 100 can be recovered during a 120-day period.

In general, there are quite a number of factors to consider before this character restoration process.

Ticket Submission

Way 3: TicketSubmission
Way 3: TicketSubmission

One last way to restore items is through ticket submission. This method only works for stackable items. As long as the items are stacked, restoration is possible; if not, they are permanently lost. In the end, items restored in WoW cannot be put up for trade - even bind on equip is no exception.

The ticket involved is submitted to Blizzard support, and the following are steps to take to ensure a seamless and easy submission/restoration process.

Step 1: Check this customer support link

Step 2: There is a "Web Ticket" option, click on it

Step 3: A page with information comes on. You are required to fill all the necessary details on it. The details include: Email; Character; Realm; Item Name for Retrieval; Item Description

Step 4: Other information like an image can be added.

Step 5: Click "Continue"

Step 6: Confirm the action and click on "Submit Ticket."

Step 7: Kindly wait for a response via email of Blizzard customer support

The response is a 50-50 chance that items will be restored. All you have to do is just wait for their response to know if it would be possible or not. If it is, you would be told how to go about it; if not, you forfeit the item.

More Information on WoW Item Restoration

As you might have guessed, these are not the only methods to recover World of Warcraft items. Other people have different ways and several things to say about the restoration of WoW items. For instance, four major things catch these people's fancy - WoW item restoration filter, limit, page, and EU. All off these have been explored in several ways.

Also, there are cases where none of these restoration procedures may work. Scenarios that could come up include;

- The restoration feature is only able to work on recent items but can't replace old ones.

- Restoration time is taking more time than usual. The whole process could even stop midway.

- Blizzard removing filters from the restore feature

- Inability to restore relics used to equip a weapon

- Unknown error issues or page error

All of these issues could be very annoying, especially when you have invested a lot into the game. Quite a number of people face them on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, these are issues reported from online forums where WoW is highly considered.

Just in case you face any of these problems and neither of the three ways to restore WoW items works, you should contact Blizzard support. They should have something to do about it. Besides, they are your last resort, even though there is a rare chance you would get those items back. If you don't, you shouldn't feel too bad about it; rather, invest and secure more useful items and weapons.

Conclusion of How to Restore WoW Items in 2023

From the above, I have discussed known ways as well as more information on the restoration process; I hope you would find it useful. Every War of Warcraft player has a right to know ways on how to retrieve favorite items for deleted or destroyed or lost their characters.

These ways are indeed simple, even though the steps taken vary on so many levels. However, if after taking them, nothing changes, you should contact Blizzard customer support for help as regards the issue. There is also a blog to keep players and users updated.

War of Warcraft is an intelligent MMO game, and the hacks are to make sure it is enjoyed to the fullest. Enjoy!

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