Sites or Apps Like Pinterest as Visual Discovery Engines in 2023

by Jared West

Pinterest must not be a new word to you if you are a keen lover of crafts and new ideas. It won't be an exaggeration at all if I'd call Pinterest a dictionary of brilliant ideas for all the crafters. From dresses to crafting and even home décor and food, Pinterest got you covered! It is a fantastic platform if you are looking for some unique and eye-catching ideas. It is a one-stop shop for all those looking for ideas and lets people exhibit their talent and products. Pinterest is an excellent place for all kinds of artists like photographers, designers, food lovers, and many others. There are a few more websites and apps to the list that can be your go-to stop for the next inspiration. Particularly if you have liked Pinterest for some time now and want some different ideas .

Best Apps Like Pinterest as Visual Discovery Engines in 2023

Let's share a few of them with all the creative geniuses.

1. We ❤ It

We ❤   it
We ❤ it

When we talk about Pinterest alternatives, We Heart it steals the show! Pinterest is great for all age groups and people, but who doesn't like customization! So you would love this app, if you are a teenager. We ❤ it is often called the high-school version of an office-going Pinterest. It contains all kinds of cool and chic stuff, which is popular in all the college-going teenagers. Also, you can count it as a modern yet simplified Pinterest. You can like and appreciate other peoples' work by ❤ing it. The app has a heart option, and you can love your favorite posts by it. Though it does not have a pinning board, it offers you a wide variety of channels to choose from. You can select the channels of your choice and see the relevant posts.

Find it for Android and iOS and enjoy all the amazing ideas.

2. Juxtapost


Juxtapost is one of the most popular apps among people who wish to find an alternative to Pinterest. The reason being the similarity between the two apps. Yes, Juxtapost resembles Pinterest with its interface and other features too. It is a platform that caters to the needs of everyone. Regardless if you love old school, modern or contemporary style. If you have been using Pinterest, you would have loved the bookmark feature. And the good news is that Juxtapost also offers you this amazing feature. You can bookmark the post or ideas you like and save it on your board. Like Pinterest, you can export your pins, preview zoom, and share the content.

Other than all this, Juxtapost has a unique feature called the Collaboration tool. You can use this feature to work in collaboration with other users on a single project. Isn't this so cool!

Wondering where to find it? Try the heading above

3. Fancy


If you are in search of an app or website that has similar offers as Pinterest, then Fancy is the right place. Fancy is another Pinterest with its distinct layout. Fancy, as the name suggests, has an extensive list of fancy items to choose from. You can consider Fancy as an e-commerce site that lets you find fancy clothes, jewelry, and much more. Best part that its for all including men, women, and children. If you are wondering how does fancy make it to the list of Pinterest alternatives, then the crown goes to the "following" feature of the website. This feature helps to build a community by letting you follow people with common choices. This way, you come across a variety of ideas of your taste without having to scroll through extra stuff.

4. Dudepins


Usually, men complain about not having a lot of fashion options, but that can't be the rant when you got Dudepins! This website is exclusive to men! So that you don't have to scroll through websites that contain more female products than men. You can find everything at Dudepins without encountering female products in your search. If you can name a website, "Pinterest for men," Dudepins it is! Though, if you are looking for guns and girls, then it is not your place. Dudepins is a sophisticated platform with classy and dapper products of your choice.

Dudepins offers a Video and Trending option, which is a great help when finding something stylish, and chic!

5. Mamby

You can consider Mamby smarter than other websites. Why? It makes your experience quite precise and time-saving. Mamby has an advanced AI Algorithm that simplifies and sort outs the kind of posts you see. Within a few minutes of browsing through the site, the AI picks up products of your choice. And all the extra stuff gets filtered.

Is this is still not enough for you? Mamby is the only platform that rewards its users based on likes and views of the posts. If you are wondering, how Mamby rewards its users, the answer is Bitcoins. The users can earn cryptocurrency by the number of likes their posts get. Isn't it perfect for getting paid for your interests!

6. Dribble


Dribble is the perfect platform if you are looking for something aimed at designers. Created by Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett in 2019. Dribble is an artwork based community for all types of designers. It includes web designers, illustrators, graphic designers, logo designers, and all others. Dribble lets you interact with other designers and showcase your work as well. It is an active community of designers who appreciate each others work. What makes it famous is that it focuses on one single group of people with similar interests.

7. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is a platform with a massive number of members. It has up to 38 million registered members, and 65+ million visitors. The website shows quite a similarity to Pinterest. But it claims to have more than 160,000 new posts every day, which makes it one of the most updated sites. Other than plenty of ideas for all the arts and craft lovers, DeviantArt also lets you share your creativity and ideas with fellows. It is an excellent place to promote your content, discuss ideas and connect with other artists.

8. HomeTalk


Founded by Yaron Ban Shaul, Miriam Illions, and Celeste Kumelos, HomeTalk has more than 4 million visitors monthly. If you think that all these websites are only for designers and crafters, then we got something else for you! HomeTalk is a platform that talks about different ideas of home decor. It has a variety of genres to find the best ideas about. Whether you are looking for some stylish flooring ideas, or gardening ideas, HomeTalk is the right place for you. It allows you to find low-budget DIYS for your home and helps to find solutions to your décor related queries. The supportive community always helps you in any décor related questions.

Find all the home décor inspiration at Hometalk

9. FoodGawker


FoodGawker is heaven for you if you are a food lover and crave for aesthetic food pictures. The name goes right with the feel of the site as it makes you gawk over the food. It is excellent if you want to show your cooking and photography skills to people all around the globe. Not only is it a community of die-hard food lovers. But also a platform for restaurants to present their menu and food variety in a more beautiful way. This means all the recipes here are by worldwide experts. Another brilliant characteristic is the layout. The site enables you to choose from different categories like breakfast, starters, drinks, etc. With delicious recipes and high-quality pictures, FoodGawker aims to have more popularity in the coming years.

Click FoodGawker for all good food pictures and recipes.

10. Liqurious


Liqurious is an innovation paradise for all alcohol lovers. No, not if you're finding a place to upload your drunk pictures. But definitely if you are looking for some new alcoholic drinks. Or if you want to know more about some particular kind of alcohol, Liqurious can be the go-to site anytime. It can be called the Pinterest of Alcohol. Not only it has a variety of alcohol options. But also others like hot beverages, cocktails, mocktails, and drinks. It not only allows you to surf through the posts but enables you to save and share with your friends. You can share the posts on other social media platforms.

Pinterest is the pioneer of such platforms which provide interaction among people with the same interests. But all these websites have made their place in the list of most-liked ones. That is because of the features and opportunities they provide. Some cater to all types of audiences, whereas some are particular to their field. So, if you are looking for men's fashion inspiration or home décor ideas, you can find them at these websites. So visit them today to find what you need, only at the distance of a single click!

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