Backdoor Credit Card Company Phone Numbers

Credit Card Reconsideration Phone Numbers

by Jared West

Are you waiting for your credit card application to be processed for many days? Or not getting a response about increasing your card limit? Delayed replies from companies can result in impatience for the submitted application. Most of these companies provide a number or email where you can contact the customer care representative and get your matter solved. However, the issue does not get resolved every time.

Many times you might be asked to wait for the customer care to contact you themselves. And sometimes, your complaint does not move forward despite providing all the details. What should be done in such a situation? Many people are not able to get beyond this point. But, there is a "backdoor" that gives you access to people who are in charge of the applications. These "backdoor phone numbers" connect you to people who can take prompt action on your request.

What are the backdoor credit card company and reconsideration phone numbers?

The backdoor phone numbers are those that are not directly accessible to the public. Yet, you can find them by some effort. These phone numbers usually connect you to the person in charge of the verification. They let you present your issue to the related person and track the status of the card. Backdoor numbers can also be helpful if your card application has been rejected, and you want to request reconsideration. Contacting the officer who has the authority to verify your application can guide you better about the issues. Also, you can be lucky to convince them for quick processing or reconsideration.

How can backdoor phone numbers help?

Though these numbers are used for reconsideration, you can take many other benefits. It is up to you how you can make the best out of your direct contact with the verification officer. Some of the matters you can address by calling on these numbers can assist you with

  • The status of your credit card application
  • The reason behind the rejection of your application and improvement
  • Providing in-depth knowledge of the types of card they offer
  • Shift balances among cards
  • Using the rewards, you have earned
  • Increase your credit limit
  • Decrease your APR
  • Reconsider your application on other terms

How to find the right phone numbers

While searching for the backdoor phone numbers, one crucial question is where to get them? There is not much possibility that you would find these numbers on searching for customer care- they're called backdoor numbers for a reason!

You can find these numbers through several credit card forums or a few discussion groups. Though, you would need to make a bit of effort to find the right number for an agile approach. It is also possible that a phone number is out of service after some time. You should try to find an alternative number to get the problem sorted out.

Backdoor and reconsideration phone numbers for credit card companies

Many credit card companies offer these mystery phone numbers to facilitate their customers. We have extracted out the backdoor numbers for the most demanded banks so that you do not have to do the work. Yet, it must be kept in mind that these numbers might alter in some time.

1. Bank of America - Bank Link

Bank of America
Bank of America

To get in contact with any related person of Bank of America, you might need to call one of the general numbers. It is noted that the reconsideration line number of Bank of America changes quite frequently. So you might not be able to contact the reconsideration call number. Few numbers can help you check the status of your card or to contact for reconsideration.

  • General Customer Service: 800-732-9194
  • Credit Analyst: 800-718-5932
  • Application Status: 877-721-9405
  • Reconsideration Line: 866-224-8555

2. American Express - Bank Link

American Express
American Express

American Express offers you quite a variety of numbers to reach the person in charge. Contacting the relevant person can save you a lot of time by providing you an instant solution. To contact anyone from a particular department, American Express offers some numbers.

  • Customer Service: 800-528-4800
  • Apply by Phone: 800-243-3888
  • Application Status: 800-567-1083
  • Retention Department: 800-452-3945

3. American Express Personal cards - Bank Link

American Express Personal cards
American Express Personal cards

If you are looking for anyone dealing with the personal cards department at American Express, contact on the given numbers

  • Main Support Line: 800-528-4800
  • Express Cash/Cash Advance: 800-227-4669

4. American Express Business cards - Bank Link

American Express Business cards
American Express Business cards

American Express also offers some phone lines that can connect you to people working with the business card department. You can contact them to learn more about your card details.

  • Main Support Line: 800-492-3344
  • Reconsideration for Existing Account Holders: 866-314-0237
  • Reconsideration for New Accounts: 877-399-3083
  • Membership Rewards: 800-297-3276
  • Bill payment: 800-472-9297

5. Discover - Bank Link


Have you applied for a credit card at Discover, and they rejected your application? Don't worry. You can try your luck by calling at 1-800-DISCOVER. Talking to the direct representative might help you resolve your matter sooner. Call on the relevant numbers in case of any such issues so that they can be sorted out.

  • Customer Service: 800-347-3085
  • Reconsideration: 888-676-3695
  • Executive Office: 302-328-3300

6. Capital One - Bank Link

Capital One
Capital One

If you are a customer of Capital One, you must know that it offers excellent customer service. But, what you might not know is that there is a list of numbers to ease their customers. From application services to reconsideration, Capital One's backdoor phone numbers got you covered!

  • Customer Service: 800-227-4825
  • Apply by Phone: 800-695-5500
  • Application Status: 800-548-4593
  • Reconsideration: 800-903-9177
  • Online Banking Support: 866-750-0873

7. Capital One Business Cards - Bank Link

Capital One Business Cards
Capital One Business Cards

Capital One provides a customer service number exclusive to business cards. It is to ensure that you are connected to the concerned official for speeding up the process.

  • Customer Service: 800-867-0904
  • Online Banking Customer Service: 866-750-0873

8. Citibank - Bank Link


Like other banks, Citibank also has a vast list of numbers to resolve the problems faster. There are separate phone numbers for personal and business cardholders. These numbers are a shortcut for the facilitation of the public.

  • Customer Service: 800-347-4934

9. Citibank Personal Cards

The following numbers are provided by the bank to contact the concerned authority.

  • Credit Card Application Status: 888-201-4523
  • Costco Application Status: 877-343-4118
  • Reconsideration: 800-695-5171
  • Executive Office: 605-331-1698

10. Citibank Business Cards

  • Customer Service: 866-422-3091
  • Reconsideration: 800-763-9795
  • Reconsideration (2): 866-541-7657

11. HSBC - Bank Link

“Backdoor” Credit Card Company and Reconsideration Phone Numbers: HSBC
“Backdoor” Credit Card Company and Reconsideration Phone Numbers: HSBC

HSBC allows you to contact the credit analyst if you are looking for answers to your credit card issues. Other facilities include access to application status and resolution. Call on the given phone numbers to know about your card and its status.

  • Customer Service: 888-385-8916
  • Application Status: 866-574-442
  • Credit Analyst: 866-551-0258

12. Chase - Bank Link


The executive officer, credit analyst, or any other person from the credit card department, can be accessed at one call. Chase has given many numbers to help you with your credit card related problems.

  • Customer Service: 800-432-3117
  • Credit Analyst: 888-245-0625
  • Executive Office: 888-622-7547
  • Product Changes: 800-955-9900

13. Chase Personal Cards - Bank Link

Chase Personal Cards
Chase Personal Cards

Dial the following given numbers to resolve the personal card issues at chase in no time.

  • Application Status: 800-436-7927
  • Reconsideration: 888-270-2127

14. Chase Business Cards - Bank Link

Chase Business Cards
Chase Business Cards

To get in touch with the people dealing with business cards at Chase, call their business card customer service

  • Customer service: 888-269-8690

15. U.S Bank - Bank Link


U.S Bank caters to thousands of people in America, which means many credit card problems. The U.S Bank has issued some phone numbers that can be used to reach the related person in the bank directly.

  • Customer Service: 800-872-2657
  • Reconsideration: 800-947-1444
  • Reconsideration (2): 800-685-7680

16. Barclays - Bank Link


A card used by numerous people comes across the same ratio of problems to deal with. If you do not find the general helpline of the bank enough for your queries, you can call the concerned person in the bank. Some of the backdoor numbers available for Barclays include

  • Customer Service: 888-232-0780
  • New Applications: 800-308-6008
  • Reconsideration: 866-408-4064

Additionally, another phone number is given by the bank for those who want to get in touch with the business card department. To request reconsideration of your business card, give a try at the given number

Reconsideration: 866-710-2688

17. Wells Fargo - Bank Link

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is also among the banks that offer special phone numbers to their customers for their comfort. You can contact the executive officer and credit analyst along with a reconsideration service. But, Wells Fargo is not the only bank that connects you to the executive officer.

  • Customer Service: 800-642-4720
  • Apply by Phone: 800-932-6736
  • Application Status: 877-514-3717
  • Credit Analyst: 866-412-5956
  • Executive Office: 866-677-1128
  • Reconsideration: 800-967-9521
  • Reconsideration (2): 866-412-5956

18. Citizens Bank - Bank Link

Citizens Bank
Citizens Bank

To contact any relevant authorities in the Citizens bank, the best approach is to call their customer service. There is one main line number they offer to their customers as a backdoor phone number. Considering that something is better than nothing, you can try the number to reach the relevant person.

  • Main support line number: 800-684-2222

19. USAA - Bank Link

“Backdoor” Credit Card Company and Reconsideration Phone Numbers: USAA
“Backdoor” Credit Card Company and Reconsideration Phone Numbers: USAA

The military-specific bank USAA does not give out access to a lot of numbers. Yet the customer service can be contacted and requested for the status or reconsideration of your application.

  • Customer Service: 800-531-8722

One thing to remember is that not all banks offer backdoor numbers. Regardless of a considerable number of banks facilitating their customers, some might not be reachable this way. You might have to contact their customer service or the main number and follow the channel to find the verification officer. The clients of all these given banks can, however, reach the desired person in less time.

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