Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2023

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by Jared West

The amount of people that use torrent sites is unimaginable. Most people have their favorite torrent site but the rate with which they get shut down and come back up is alarming.

Why Looking for Alternatives to Kickass Torrents in 2023

Similar to Pirate Bay, it is one of the most popular torrent sites to access free apps, movies, software, documents, games, etc. You can imagine why they always get blocked. Kickass came to the center stage after Pirate Bay faced lawsuits because of copyright infringement and was shut down. This gave Kickass torrents the opportunity to take over the market and become a well known BitTorrent site. The popularity cause so many issues for Kickass as they began to be seen by the legal institutions and government agencies. It is safe to say that Kickass got its own share of lawsuits.

The person behind this torrent site is Artem Vaulin from Ukraine origin. He was arrested. It is common knowledge that those behind popular BitTorrent sites would keep facing the law from the US government as far as copyrighted items are provided.. Other countries are also following in the footsteps of America because they are doing everything to ensure the death of torrent sites. Not everyone can afford Netflix and the likes of it. We expect that it may not be easy to completely remove BitTorrent sites because fresh ones keep surfacing regularly.

Reasons for using Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2023

Whenever torrent sites become popular, you notice that they start getting shut down easily. Kickass Torrents has fallen prey as well.

Most times, the torrent sites buy new domains but they don’t last. Before you know it they are blocked again. This is because

KAT Proxy Prohibition

A lot of countries and government agencies are beginning to ban torrent sites. If you reside in a place where these sites are not allowed then you would not be able to access it. The only solution at thee times is to make use of a VPN. You could say that it is unfair to the average audience to these torrent sites but keep in mind that another person or company is losing cash due to the service.


This means making use of content that is protected by copyright law without the due process of taking permission. Most copyrighted item are not provided directly by these torrent sites. Instead they offer files that provide these torrents free of charge to their users. However nice this sounds, it is against the law and punishable by it. This is the reason why a website would have a lot of mirror, proxy sites and domains.

Blocked by Your ISP

It shouldn’t be a surprise that torrent sites get prohibited by ISPs. A ot of the torrent sites are illegal so they get blocked. The people behind these sites put up new domains but it is not a guarantee. When the ISP notices the domain it blocks it again. How stressful!

Firewall or Antivirus

The antivirus or firewall on your device could prevent you from visiting a site. This is because most of these sites can pose a danger to you. They could contain malware or infected links. You can solve the issue simplyby preventing your antivirus or firewall from working. It may or may not be worth it to you. It all depends on your priorities but consider the risks. Always remember that most torrent sites have viruses and other malware or infected links that can have a negative impact on you.

Kickass Torrents Alternative was Shut-down

Even though it may not be the case most times that the developers will shut down their own site. The exception is if it is due to one of the reasons above.

Browser Problem

Just like we mentioned before, it is rare that your browser will be faulty. However, it could still happen. We do not want to leave any stones unturned. If you are allowed to visit a torrent site you can check other websites to see if you have access. Another thing you can do is use a different browser.

How You Can Access KAT or Kickass Torrents Alternatives


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have a way to encrypt your traffic and internet connection. It makes an unknown but secure tunnel for you. It does not matter the command that you issue, it is encrypted before it is sent to a private server. This is how you can use torrent sites without the knowledge of your ISP. There are free and premium VPNs available for anyone.

The free VPN is could be a threat to you. Be careful if you decide to us them. These free VPNs cannot be trusted because most times they are not trying to protect their reputation. In fact, don’t have one. You don’t want to put your privacy and security in the hands of people who won’t care for it . It is honestly not worth the risk. It is very easy for them to sell your information. As far as there is someone willing to pay for it, consider all your private data public knowledge .Because of their lack of reliability they can sell your information.

On the other hand, Premium VPNs can be trusted. They would lose everything if they do not protect their customers. This is the way they make their money and gain credibility. No one wants to destroy their business by themselves. Not providing the service that has been paid for will only affect them and destroy their image.

Of course there are premium VPN’s that are bad but the good ones supersede them. They usually have good customer support, speed, security protocols,data logging and encryption. Another feature of a good VPN is that it is easy to understand and use..

Some of the best VPNs are

  • CyberGhost
  • IPVanish
  • Nord VPN

Kickass Proxies as Alternaties

A proxy is a representative of someone or something. A proxy server according to Wikipedia is a computer system or application that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. Simply put, a kickass proxy performs like the original kickass torrent website. When making use of a proxy, the request goes to the server of the proxy instead of the initial destination. The IP address is then changed by the server by making another one. With that, it forwards you to the site you wish to visit. Another name for Kickass proxy is kickass mirror.

These proxies and Mirrors are a replica of their original sites and they perform the same way. Because they are proxies does not mean that they would not get banned. This is why there are several proxies for one site. Before one goes down completely another one is already there to replace it.


Kickass Proxy/Mirror





Extremely fast



Extremely fast






Extremely fast




Lawsuit Concerns with the Alternatives to Kickass Torrents in 2023

The Lawsuits that are usually filed are under a category called class-action suit. This means that it affects groups of people that copy and distribute copyrighted items, These people have to go to court to answer for their wrongdoings.

It is important to note that some lawsuits can be targeted at individuals. This usually happens when the owners to the copyright want a scapegoat to teach others a lesson. This imposes a lot of stress and financial burden to the individual. Every day, the chances of getting caught are getting higher due to the way the internet is nowadays. The internet is now an open book and anybody can find whatever they want if they look hard enough. Hence, the importance of a VPN.

List of Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2023

Pirate Bay - Alternative Link

Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrents sites. Unfortunately, due to its popularity it gets shut down very often. The site was born in 2003 and has gone through a very hard time. In fact, the developers faced a bad lawsuit for copyright infringement and other crimes in Sweden.

Pirate Bay gets its income by the mining of cryptocurrency XMR. Just by visiting the website you are agreeing to it. You can prevent this by leaving the website or using an ad blocker. Most people use this website for multimedia items especially movies.

Categories: Movies, music, anime and other multimedia items.

OfflineBay - Kickass Alternative


This is an offline version of Pirate Bay. goes down regularly. It is a cache of the original site. When you download it, you get the latest version available. It is a replica of TPB, therefore you find the same things on both platforms.

You do not need an internet connection to access Offline Bay. Therefore, you can watch movies wherever you are

Offline Bay is an excellent alternative to Kickass Torrents

Categories: It features the same categories as The Pirate Bay.

1337X - Kickass Alternative Link


Just by looking at the site one can tell that the people behind this site see the aesthetics that the site provides as important. Apart from the nice look of 1337X, the user interface is easy to use and navigate through. Therefore, it is another good alternative to Kickass Torrents. If you want music or movies that may not on the newer sites, 1337x is your plug.

On this torrent site you are allowed to create user accounts and save your favourite torrents. The site is not exempt from getting shut down as is the trend nowadays The main domain is 1337x .to. You can also use 1337x . se to access it.

Categories: On this site you can find documentaries, TV shows, movies, songs, and even games. Who does not love a website that has a lot of games! One of the best ways to spend leisure time. Like we have mentioned before, it is a torrent site that you can get old content.

The Internet Archives - Alternative Link

The Internet Archives
The Internet Archives

It is safe to say that this site is true to its name. It is an archive indeedand an awesome alternative to Kickass.. You can get torrent links on the sidebar to the right. If you wish to download any content the download link and video stream is found at the top. The website is legal.

Categories: TV shows, music, movies , documentaries, anime, apps and software are available to you on the site. It has a host of classical and legal content. You can even find vlogs on it. Another category it features is silent films.

LimeTorrents - Alternative Link


LimeTorrents is a valid alternative to Kickass Torrents. It understands the concept of aesthetics. The homepage looks neat and organised. There are icons that represent the different categories. The search button is very visible and can easily be spotted. This makes the site easy to navigate through by anyone. Lime Torrents uploads new content every day, so don’t worry about not finding what you want.

The website is a striking alternative to Kickass Torrents.

Categories: LimeTorrents offers you apps, TV shows, music, software, games and documentaries.

Torrentz2 - Alternative Link


Torrentz2 is a reliable alternative to Kickass Torrents. Unlike the other ones we have mentioned, it isn’t a website. Rather, it is a torrent meta search engine. A torrent meta search engine helps you gather information from different torrent sites to give you a suitable answer to your query. Instead of going through the stress of searching all torrent sites one after the other, a meta search engine does the job for you. It helps you save time.

Ads on this site are limited to the results page. You can always block them by using an ad blocker.

Categories: The categories on this site are documentaries , software, music, movies and TV shows.

Zooqle - Alternative Link


Zooqle is growing quick and is becoming a force to reckon with. At the time of writing this post, Zooqle claims to have over 4.2 million torrents for its audience. It also says that new torrents are added regularly. The site looks different from other torrent sites. It also has an easy-to-use interface.

Similar to 1337x, you can create user accounts. However, unlike others its users can subscribe to get notifications of the RSS feeds.

The site has ads but that can easily be fixed with ad blockers.

Categories: This site has software, music, apps, movies and TV shows. It also provides textbooks.

TorLock - Alternative Link


TorLock is an awesome substitute to Kickass Torrents. It is a good site for torrents that are verified. Torlock identifies itself as “The No Fake Torrents’’ site. We hope that they keep to their word.

If you are not looking for a particular torrent file, TorLock is your plug. It displays all the latest and more popular torrents on the homepage. It claims to have about 6 million torrent that are verified. Making it easy to find torrents.

This site also has a lot of ads.

Categories The site has TV shows, documentaries , anime, music, movies, software, apps and games. - Alternative Link

When you visit this website you may think that you are on Kickass Torrents because of the similarity that the two have. The user interface and design is a replica of the original site.

Katcr . co is popular because it can sort through torrents by peers, size, date and seeds.

Just like people would do what’s working for others, different torrent websites have implemented sorting of their torrents. But no one has been able tobeat Katcr . co.

The main source of income for the site is through ads. If their ads annoy you, remember to keep your ad blocker on.

Categories: Like other websites; Kat has movies,TV shows, music, software, apps and documentaries available to users.

RuTracker - Alternative Link


RuTracker was called Torrents . ru. It is a well known torrent site in Russia. It is perfect for those that want TV shows, music, movies, etc. in other languages If you want movies, TV shows, music etc… in other languages. Some time ago, the website was blocked by its ISP. You can salvage the situation by changing your DNS settings or using a VPN.

RuTracker isn’t good looking but it provides your needs.

Categories: The site is especially good for people who love music. It also features other multimedia items such as anime, movies, TV shows, documentaries, software and apps..

ISO Hunt

This torrent site has been providing its audience with torrents for about 15 years. The original site was shut down. This resulted from legal issues the site had. However, this website is not an extension of the original site. It is also not owned by the same people. ISO hunt is repository for torrents.

This torrent site has a sister site called Old Pirate Bay. Even this site is under immense pressure to stop providing their services. They have managed to still stay above the water. They offer a wide range of torrents and provide torrent statistics to their users.

The site offers various categories such as movies, music, software, anime. There are a lot of ads which serve as a source of income to them. They can be prevented by using an ad blocker. Other sources of income for this website is by paid memberships and donations.

One thing we love about ISO Hunt is that on the homepage you can find the most recent torrents in the different categories. You also have the opportunity tosubscribe which enables you get email notifications on the RSS feed

If you love anime, ISO Hunt is your go to. It offers the latest and most popular animes to its audience.

Categories: Music, movies, anime, software

TorrentHounds - Alternative Link


Like the most popular torrent sites like Kickass and Pirate Bay, TorrentHounds got a lot of backlash from the authorities. Regardless, the site is still up and running to provide the best torrents available.

On this site, you get music, movies, software and games. Unlike other torrent sites, it is more or less like a community. Here you are allowed to bring up for discussion every torrent related issue.

Though the user interface of TorrentHounds is old, it still serves its purpose. At least it has a search feature to look for particular torrent.

We believe that this site offers a variety of torrents to its users. This is because it claims to have hundreds of torrents downloaded every day with about eighty million torrent files available.

A downside to this website is that it is very slow. It may be because of the amount of people using it at a time. On the website, there is a notice which says that they have shifted the website to the safer corner of the Internet because of disturbance from the authorities. We are not sure what that means, but it's important to have that information. When we clicked to know more about what it meant there was an ad that constantly came up even with our ad blocker on.

TorrentHounds tells its users to download from its torrent clients to ensure safety. However, we rather you use a good ad blocker and only use the website when you have a VPN.

Categories: Music, movies, software and games.

Popcorn Time - Alternative Link

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another awesome place to get free torrents though it is not a torrent website on its own. It is downloaded as an application available for Android IOS, Windows, and Mac. If you love torrents then Popcorn Time is your Netflix. With it, you can search for and download torrents. The torrents are available in 3D, 720P and 1080P. It also shows you the number of seeds. You get to pick which format you want to watch in.

The application has its own VPN and its built-in client. This application does not show pop-up ads except it recommends using its VPN to avoid problems from the Internet Service Provider. It i through the VPN that they get their income

This application is perfect if all you need is to watch movies. You can download with ease on any device without rooting or jail-breaking it.

Categories: Movies

Conclusion on Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents of 2023

There are so many torrent sites available. Very few of them are reliable. As you already know the very popular ones get into trouble with law enforcement agencies. They are also blocked by ISPs so that people won’t be able to access them. However, the sites we have mentioned should be good for you. Keep in mind that these sites can get shut at anytime and may not be available when you need them.

Disclaimer: The presented list of Kickass Torrents alternatives is  simply for information. We do not endorse nor approve any illegally sharing of copyrighted materials. You may run into troubles with your local authority  for doing so. Your ISP would release your browsing history as required.

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