Free Paypal Gift Card With Paypal Gift Card Generator 2023

by Jared West

When it comes to online payment systems , PayPal is arguably the best. It has to its record, more than 200 million registered active users on its website. Plus, more than 10 million users are exploring its services daily.

PayPal serves as a multi-purpose tool . Therefore, users tend to benefit a lot from their services. Take it as a one-stop solution. Users employ its services for stuff like:

  1. making and receiving payments
  2. purchasing goods from vendors and a host of others.

Summary of Free Paypal Gift Cards With Paypal Gift Card Generator 2019

What's in it for you

  1. Why a need for a PayPal Gift Card?
  1. Methods for getting Free PayPal Gift Cards:

● Internet Giveaways

● Competitions ( Online )

● Micro Tasks Sites and Apps

● Attending Local Events

● Free PayPal Gift Card Generator ( Online )

  1. Redeeming Free PayPal Gift Cards 2023
  1. How to Redeem Digital Gift Cards
  1. Where to Buy PayPal Gift Cards

Best Ways to Get a Free Paypal Gift Card in 2023

A multi-purpose tool as this should make you crave for more stuff about it. And, to burst your bubbles, there are known ways and techniques to get a free PayPal Gift Card by using Paypal Gift Generators in 2023. Don't worry; you'd get answers to all Wh- questions rising in your thoughts now.

Why a Need for a PayPal Gift Card?

PayPal Gift Card is synonymous with other gift cards you get, probably from dealers or banks. And, it contains some cash in it. With a PayPal Gift Card at hand, cash, as a means of payment is no longer necessary.

Also, PayPal issues gift cards specifically designed for some vendors. A buyer can decide to get the gift card for personal purposes or give it out to someone else. But, to get one, you have to, of course, have an account with the payment network ( PayPal ). However, the holder or receiver of the card need not have an account.

Obtaining a gift card is a simple process. But, who in the world will overlook the possibility of getting the gift card for free in 2023?

Well, we've packaged, just for you, methods you can employ in getting these cards for no dime. You're free to choose whichever way works best for you.

Internet Giveaways

Enrolling for internet giveaways is one of the easiest ways of obtaining a free PayPal gift card .

Where exactly on the webspace can you get these giveaways? It's simple, from big names on social media platforms and notable websites . Worry not, the dos and don'ts are not that difficult to handle.

It might involve creating an account or following the hosts on their social media handles. The higher the number of people, the lower the chances of becoming the winner. But, no harm in it at all.

There's no specific season or time for it. It goes on all through the year. Engage your preferred search engine or the search icon on social media platforms to locate any of these online giveaways.

A note of warning! Do not let your goal of getting a free PayPal gift card cloud your thinking. Be careful not to release personal details on any of these platforms.

Competitions ( Online )

Just online, you can participate in various competitions for free PayPal gift cards . To make it more interesting, you do not have to join just any kind of game. You could go for the one you have strong chances of clinching the trophy. Take, for example, photographers could put in for matches relating to photography. Writers can also do the same.

Mind you, it's the internet, and not all things that appear to be real are genuine. So, be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent. Dutifully filter off those with even the slightest drop of illicit actions. Ensure you check for the terms and conditions or anything of the sort before plunging deep into any competition online.

Micro Task Sites and Apps

It's most likely you've come across one or two sites and apps that trade gifts for engaging in simple exercises or activities. Right on these platforms, you can win a free PayPal gift card . Note, the tasks or actions required are not a one-way street.

It could include doing surveys , such as surveys on a particular set of people in a location, market, for example. Another time, it could be watching lots of videos to earn specific points. After making the desired points, you can trade them for gift cards .

This method seems more comfortable and could be a more productive way of spending free time. The tasks are diverse, but most of the time, easy to handle. What do you need to get started? Straightforward things that you make use of- a reliable device ( smartphone ) and good connection. Your first payment may be meager, but accumulation is the key.

Attending Local Events

Don't you think it's time for a change? Having all weekends and free days spent in the four corners of your room. It sounds somehow boring! Then, let's give you an option for a change. You could tag along with events in your locality . That way, you get engaged in community service, you know?

Who knows, those traits and qualities lurking in the background might come down to the center stage during these events. Event hosts and sponsors , most of the time, reward active participants with all kinds of gifts, card generators being one.

Don't get all stressed out because of this. You have a lot of local events at your beck and call. Simply put in for those strongly connected to your place of strength and up you go!

How do you get to know about these events?

Most of these events are being paraded on social media platforms . And I'm sure you visit a couple of these platforms regularly. All you have to do is add it to your list of searches when visiting all these platforms.

Signing up for active participation in local events helps you build your relationship with others and also sets you on an excellent spot to win yourself a free PayPal gift card generator , amongst other gift items.

Free PayPal Gift Card Generator ( Online )

Last method on the list! Be aware; it's not a much-trusted process. Several websites dish out card generators for PayPal online. You do not need to trade anything to acquire them.

It's free of charge. The only process you need to undergo is to get the codes displayed on these sites copied to your clipboard. Then, you paste on PayPal or the vendor's website. Sorry to break your heart but, you can't completely trust these sites. You're asking why? These are the reasons:

  1. Most of the codes displayed are often obtained through illicit means. So, pasting them on PayPal might be a waste of time as they are liable to be blocked immediately.
  2. It's mostly a one-time voucher code . So, it's up to chance.

Nonetheless, this method could be fun if you know your way around it well.

So that you know, out there, you'd find a lot of gift card codes . Some generated from an online generator . Note, the real PayPal gift card codes have lots of benefits attached to it. But the fake ones, not so much!

Don't rely so much on online generators from all sorts of websites because many at times, they only munch out random alphabets.

Redeeming Free PayPal Gift Cards 2023

It's of no use to obtain the codes without applying it.

Follow the steps outlined below for redeeming physical gift cards :

  1. Log on to PayPal and input your sign in details.
  2. At the top of the landing page, click on 'Wallet.'
  3. Tap the ( + ) to input gift card info.
  4. Select the icon ' Connect a credit/debit card.'
  5. Input card info accordingly.
  6. Tap on ' Link Card.'

Then you're good to go!

Digital Gift Cards? How To Redeem it.

This type gives cards that are specific to some stores only. In simple terms, you can only use it in some particular locations.

See the steps below:

  1. Stop by at the store inscribed on the gift card.
  2. Pick all items you'd like to buy.
  3. Take a look at the checkout section.
  4. Input or scan the bar-code
  5. On your gift card, the equivalent amount of the goods purchased will be withdrawn.

However, in a case where the specific store isn't written on it, then the gift card can be used anywhere, as long as PayPal is accepted there. The guideline is similar to the ones mentioned above.

You can redeem the voucher at the moment you checkout . To avoid silly mistakes and unnecessary embarrassments, follow these steps to check what's left in your gift card:

  1. Access the PayPal website and input your login details.
  2. Locate the 'Profile' menu
  3. Tap on 'My Money.'
  4. Click on 'Get Redemption Code' to view your gift card balance.

Where to Buy PayPal Gift Cards

In case you want to purchase the gift card. Probably for a friend or kinsfolk as a birthday gift or other whatnots. You can quickly get it from:

  1. The official PayPal website
  2. Through PayPal e-commerce account.


I believe you've penned each of the various methods of obtaining free PayPal gift cards in 2023. Do well to gather everything in your toolbox and use where appropriate. Do you find this post timely?

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