Best Equalizer Apps for Android to Equalizes Tonal Side Effects in 2023

by Jared West

I believe you will all agree with me that music is life. Irrespective of the type or genre of music, we derive a lot of pleasure simply from listening to our favorite playlists.

Why Compensating Quality of Audio for Android Devices?

And, our Android devices have been a major source of getting musical contents. Every Android phone or device, comes with a music player integrated into it already. Basically referred to as the stock or in-built music player.

Though, it works fine for listening to music, most of the time, you fail to get the best out of a song, simply because it needs a tweak in frequency or bass booster. But, this in-built music player is devoid of all these features related to music, an equalizer for example. Of a truth, Android smartphones have given all in its disposal. However, you'd still need to get a quality equalizer to help get the right quality your favorite songs present and in turn, good vibes.

So, with this observation, we found it necessary to share with you, quality equalizer apps you'd need for your Android device in 2023.

I hope you're ready? Please get yourself in a brace position as we plunge into today's discussion properly.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android in 2023

Equalizer and bass booster - App Link

  Equalizerand bass booster
Equalizerand bass booster

With a 4.5 rating and more than a hundred thousand reviews, and over thirty thousand installs, its got a place on the list no doubt! It can be easily downloaded on Google Play Store. Judging from the name, it's a dual function app. Both an equalizer and a bass booster. You're sure to have a good experience using it.

Literally, it gives you;

1. A five-band equalizer which you can easily apply to get full control of the sound.

2. About ten equalizer preset.

3. Stereo LED, and of course,

4. Virtualization

Equalizer and bass booster works fine with major music and video player applications.

Equalizer FX - App Link


With a smooth interface and lots of features to enjoy, you may settle for it! It is popularly known for its loudness enhancer elements and very compatible with the latest Android OS. It also provides a five-band equalizer and bass boost, just like its counterpart mentioned above.

Basically, it is spliced into three principal categories:

1. Equalizer

2. Profiles and

3. Effects.

You also get to configure sound in a flash due to its widgets. It works perfectly with plenty of radio and streaming services. That's not all, it provides about a dozen preset but it doesn't incapacitate you as you get to create yours, if you wish.

Learn more on how to use the app in the video below:

You get other standard features like;

1. Bass boosting

2. Loudness enhancer

3. Equalization

4. Sound virtualization and so on.

Tell me, what more can you ask for?

Music Equalizer - App Link


Readily available on Google Play Store, it has, to its success story, a 4.6 rating and way over a hundred reviews. It provides beautiful themes of different designs. Whether you prefer using a headphone or your phone speaker, you're safe as it is incorporated with a base booster suitable for both preferences.

It provides the following features:

1. Five-band equalizer

2. Cool interface

3. Bass booster

4. Stereo surround sound

5. Preset(ten at least)

6. Normalization

7. Virtualizer which helps give good effects when using headphones.

Like seriously, it's effective and easy to navigate

Music Volume EQ - App Link

  Music VolumeEQ
Music VolumeEQ

I beat my chest, Music Volume EQ is one of the best apps, in terms of equalizers, that you can find on Google Play Store as of now. It's an easy fit with all Android versions or models. You also stand a chance to get a five-band equalizer so you get full control of the sound and about nine preset.

See this video for more understanding:

It gives a smooth and interactive interface. Plus, it doesn't just come with a pretty face, it offers a 3D virtualizer, you scarcely get that from any other related application. Two themes are readily available for you to pick from; classic and material.

Furthermore, you can view the stereo UV LED meter right from its home screen. It doesn't stop at giving audio-rich services, you also get visual via its wallpapers. One interesting thing is that it comes with no service charge at all. Simply put, it's an equalizer and bass booster app that commands respect!

Music Player- 10 Brands Equalizer Audio Player - App Link


If for one reason or the other, none of the aforementioned equalizers really gets your attention, stay close as you may find this helpful. With a high rating, 4.7 to be precise, and countless reviews on Google Play Store, it's definitely worth the try.

Check out some of its features:

1. It provides about a dozen kinds of preset- classical, pure voice, dance, just to mention a few.

2. Compatible with a good number of file formats.

3. 10-band equalizer also integrated into it.

It's worth a trial today.

10 Band Equalizer - App Link

  10Band Equalizer
10Band Equalizer

With 10 Band Equalizer, you stand to get 10-Band, from its name. Also, it provides an in-built music player to enhance your quality music experience. It's a cool app you'd love to have on your Android device.

Neutralizer - App Link


It has a really nice interface to boost your user-experience. It has grown from just an equalizer to a much more feature-rich music app that modifies itself to suit your needs. It is more or less programmed for sound restoration.

While going through the setup, it gives you the option of modifying the sound, frequency, pitch and other whatnots to how it suits you. Working with these modifications and data you've provided, it changes itself(works in autopilot). So, you get to set the pace and how you want it to run. Truthfully, it enhances sound clarity and/or equalization. It's highly recommended for people who seem to be hearing impaired.

Check this video for more info:

Do you want to get it installed on your Android phone? No sweat, just follow the simple steps outlined below.

1. Get your way through to Google Play Store on your phone.

2. Type Neutralizer in the search box

3. Find the Audiomack

4. Install

5. Tap the launcher to get started on the app.

Note, to get the best out of this app, it's advised you make use of a headphone and stay clear from noisy environments or places. Additionally, it works well with full bandwidth speakers and headphones. And if you place much attention to your hearing, this app could be the right equalizer app for you.

Equalizer Sound Booster - App Link

  EqualizerSound Booster
EqualizerSound Booster

It's well known for its five-band equalizer. With this app, you get;

1. A good bass amplifier

2. Control of every song you listen to as you can change or alter the bass level to your satisfaction.

3. The stereo sound options to facilitate good user-experience.

Honestly, l feel you should give it a try today.

Equalizer Music Bass Boost - App Link

  EqualizerMusic Bass Boost
EqualizerMusic Bass Boost

Utilizing this equalizer app on your Android device makes you feel like a pro in the game as it gives you quality material setup like that of a sound engineer.

Check out some of its features;

1. About ten preset. It's not a straight jacket as you can create your own preset on it.

2. A music control player. So you're in charge here. Skip, pause or whatsoever, as you deem fit.

3. It provides a five-band equalizer

4. Volume noise enhancer to deal with the noise around.

5. Bass booster and others.

Equalizer- Bass Boost - App Link


As its name implies, it provides both equalizer and bass boost services. A clean interface which makes navigation super easy. It offers free amazing features you won't like to ignore.

1. You get to use 10 presets. Yes, you can choose to come up with yours, and/or modify, and delete the custom ones.

2. It provides five-band booster

3. Virtualization is very possible and you can employ the switch to either enable or disable the sound effects.

4. Bass booster, as its name suggests.

5. Loudness enhancer also integrated into its system.

Its worth every data spent on download.

Eqfy Equalizer - App Link


Somewhat different from the others I must confess as it is basically premium and you can get it on Google Play Store. As its premium, it comes with a fully loaded pack of features. So you shouldn't be stranded when it comes to setting your music to the right taste to enhance user experience. With its 10-band audio equalizer, connection with online music streaming platforms is allowed. So far as the music player is compatible with equalizer, then Eqfy Equalizer can also connect to it. Try it out today and enhance your audio effects.

Headphone Equalizer - App Link


Yes, you guessed right! It can only work when it recognizes an headphone or simply put, when an headphone is plugged in. It provides a five-band equalizer and it works in autopilot. Meaning, it changes its setup based on the music you play(automated function).

Final words

Probably, the first set of apps does it for you, or the premiums. Whichever way it goes, pick according to your basic needs and/or preferences. And we'll be glad to read your feedback in the comment section. Has this been helpful?

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