Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers You Should Try in 2023

by Jared West

Are you in search of a reliable Virtual Credit Card provider? We know how difficult it is to get one. But never mind, we've surfed the internet, gone through different reviews and checked some of them out ourselves. So, it's safe to say that we've created a reliable and credible list. Virtual Credit Cards can be used for different things. For instance, if you wish to buy something on an online platform, all you need is a virtual credit card and you are done. Asides eCommerce platforms, there are lots of other service providers who request for VCC.

Note that there are no limitations as far as paying for goods and services with a virtual credit card. First, what makes a VCC provider reliable? The answer is not farfetched; for you to be classified as a reliable VCC, the benefits of your service must include low expenses, high feasibility, confidence, and overall security.

Why a Need for a Good VCC-Virtual Credit Card in 2023?

Before we proceed, let's take a step back and expatiate on what VCC is. So, if you are hearing/reading this term for the first time, you may probably be wondering what VCC is. Let's do a quick 101 on this.

VCC which is a short form for Virtual Credit Card (also known as Prepaid Credit Card) encourages users or holders to create a stacked link between their ledger and VCC account, enabling uses to make secured transactions online. Most online transactions are done with Visa cards and in case you don't have a credit card, it will be impossible to buy things online, especially from global internet shopping destinations.

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Credit Card.

· Here are some of the benefits of using VCC. They include:

· VCC is free and user don't need to pay any extra fee for transactions.

· Comes with time and payment limits.

· Helps you protect your bank account information.

· Users get to limit the transactions.

· They make use of fixed exchange rates (EUD, INR, USD, EUR, etc.)

· You can easily replace your VCC.

· You feel safe while transacting online.

· VCC is globally accepted.

For Indians, you will need to get a credit card to pay for transactions that include paying advertising fee, buying space from any online platform. If you are looking for a way to make secured payment online, we will show you some of these reliable providers.

Best of the Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers in 2023

1. Payoneer

As a freelancer, this will be one of your favorite payment options. This VCC is available via mass payment companies. And if you are a freelancer working on any of the freelancing platforms, this is one of the payment options you will be given. The list of the best Virtual Credit Card providers won't be complete without adding Payoneer. It is a global Virtual credit card provider that provider tons of benefits, especially for freelancers, are who looking for a reliable way to get money from buyers and clients from other countries.

To get started, you'll need to sign up on their official website. Once you've completed the registration process (which will include providing a means of identification), you will get your personal dashboard. But, before you get this dashboard, your account registration process will be reviewed. Once you pass this stage, you'll be able to request for your prepaid Mastercard. However, the process of requesting for a prepaid Mastercard takes time.

If what you need is a fast, secured and versatile credit card, then this is one of your best options. Not only does it provide you with a reliable credit card platform, but it also acts as a reliable platform or bridge that connects clients and freelancers/sellers. Lastly, one of the interesting things about Payoneer is the little fee they charge. Users also get to create a free track while sending cash to any destination.

2. American Express

American Express

Next on our list is undoubtedly one of the leading virtual credit card providers in the world. This is a finance platform that lets freelancers as well as business owners to pay and receive money. This is one organization that includes free VCCS in its credit card services. They offer client products and services that stand them apart from the rest. They've got a 'Reward System' for their users.

Their fee is uniquely structured, but this doesn't stop them from making major financial cuts on all account yearly. But not to worry, they make up for it by providing extra services that seem little but are truly worth it. One of the reliable ways of making payments online.

3. Entropay


This is one of the popular virtual credit card providers for those that are looking for a reliable credit card provider. These cards are offered at no extra cost. The services come with no extra cost and are simple to use. This Virtual Credit Card requires verification. Just like many other VCC providers. You'll need to go through a verification process. A verification process that requires filling each text field with your name, password, email, and password.

You also need to consider the fact that each transaction attracts a fee when using this platform. But you need not worry about this since the transaction only attracts small amounts. It comes highly recommended.

Entropay is one of the first prepaid cards in Europe. It has consistently remained one of the best Virtual Credit Card providers since 2018. Providing services for more than 2 million users for the past 12 years should definitely count for something. Making payments with Entropay is free. How to get this card? All you have to do is confirm the data you submitted (which will include the email, name, username, and passwords). Once the data is confirmed, you will immediately get your dashboard as well as your card. Interestingly, all of these come at no extra cost. You can also reload your fund to your VCC directly from your local bank account.

4. Bank Freedom

If what you need is a versatile Virtual Credit Card Provider, then all you need is bank freedom. They offer versatile provision system. Asides their reliable services, they offer perks that make the company one of our best free virtual credit card provider.

They offer cards that uniquely designed to meet the requirements of their users. What this simply means is that the details on your credit card will be designed in such a way that it coincides with the requirements you submitted. Also, while registering, you will be required to show a means of identification. You'll need to submit a copy to them for a thorough review before you are given your virtual credit card.

5. Walmart Money Card

Walmart Money Card

Next is a virtual card that is owned by a reputable company in the United States. Speaking of the United States, this virtual credit card can only be used by people residing in the US. So, if you don't reside in the United States, this virtual credit card is not for you. Also, one can only make purchases with this card in the United States. Even though all of these seem to be the downsides, you can't overlook the fact that making transactions with this card is free. It doesn't require local bank accounts.

It comes with few limitations, so, transacting with it shouldn't be a big problem. With Walmart Money Card, it is possible to make payments online as well as paying bills[C1].

It is important to note that most of these virtual credit card providers come with their limitations, and Walmart Money Card is nor an exception to the rule. To generate your Walmart Money Card VCC, you need to understand the requirements. This doesn't take anything away from the fact that getting your VCC is quite easy. It is issued by Green Dot Bank. They also got permission from Mastercard Int. Inc.

6. Kotak


The final name on our list is one VCC that works perfectly with Facebook and AdWords. If you want to shop on the major online platforms, all you need is a Kotak Netcard Virtual Credit Card. Asides shopping online, you can also use it to make online exchanges, web-based cash, and transact via your web-business. This company (Kotak Mahidra Bank) is based in India. You can enjoy all forms of online transactions by using this virtual credit card. So far as the sites in question can accept Visa, then you won't have issues making payments with this Virtual Credit Card.


At the end of the day, each of the companies listed above come with their limitations as well as services that stand each of the companies apart. You just have to find one that perfectly suits you. As a freelancer, using platforms such as Payoneer will be great, since they offer tailor-made services for freelancers. For instance, your buyers get to make payment into different accounts which will be provided for by the company. Without trying to sound like a broken record, it is better to go for one that perfectly suits you.

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