Free Music Distribution in 2023 - Tips and Best Aggregator Services

by Jared West

Music is life, not just to me and you, it applies to everybody. The fans , music producer , boss in the office, the neighbor a few blocks away, and even the old grandma who lives down the street.

Why an Need for a Free Music Distribution - Aggregator Service in 2023

Now, music has to be produced or made before we get to enjoy it. But, the point is, creating super-duper music is arguably the topmost drill music personnel will encounter. Why? Well, for the music to be great, it has to get a warm reception from a cross-section of people- the fans out there, audience waiting to see the live performances , streamed on different platforms, and the list goes on and on. Any music produced has to contain sounds people can key into, be marketable , and available for online streaming.

Music is no music if the general populace does not welcome it. And, nowadays, little or no music is inundated through physical outlets. Instead, we have sites here and there where we can stream music online . Sites like; iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and other whatnots.

Also, to a small degree, we can get stores or platforms to download songs . Platforms like iTunes and Amazon and many others are well-known for this kind of service. With all these being put in place, hardly do people go for purchasing singles and all that like we do have it before. However, the fact remains that you have to ensure your handiwork is very much available for purchase.

For the new faces in the game, your reserve or fund may not be as vast as it's meant to be, so you're left with devising ways of getting some cash saved. I speak to you, the way it is, sharing your song or music to all the online avenues you can lay your hands on is pivotal to you scaling through. Yes, of course, it may, in some cases, attract a price tag or fee at first, most especially if you intend to distribute a lorry load of music.

But, you need not give yourself unnecessary worries. We've got your back, now and always! So, down here, we'll be sharing with you some services that permit you to hit upload and get to fix the latest stuff in prominent download stores . Also, you get to put them on top-grade streaming sites all around the globe free of charge or a little fee upfront.

To give more details on the subject matter, we only have a couple of these services with no service charge or cost required. On the other hand, others get for themselves a somewhat small price of royalties and rewards derived from consumers putting in cash to buy and listen to your tracks online. Relax, it doesn't begin now, till a later time.

For those that crave a free service charge where you get to release your tracks to an infinite number of people or to set you up where lots of people can access your creative concepts in no time. Then the free music distribution aids might be just what is right to move you up to the peak of your career .

Summary of Free Music Distribution in 2023

Music Distribution Company

What You Need to Know


  1. A Swedish company and self-proclaimed record label.
  2. It uses its data to search for promising talents.
  3. It puts forward agreement plans with promising talents.


  1. It does all paperwork on behalf of its registered partners.
  2. Takes 5% of the total earnings.
  3. No dime is charged until you start earning.


  1. Favorable for newbies.
  2. Gives room for sharing your tunes with 50 download stores online.
  3. Takes no dime from artists until they start earning.
  4. Pay upfront and subscription fee or they withdraw 15% of every of your earnings.


  1. It has a ready system in which cover songs are licensed.
  2. You're required to pay $9.99 upfront for every cover song you release.
  3. No dime is taken until you start earning.

Best Free Music Distribution Services in 2023

So, in no particular order;

Amuse - Music Distribution Link


All the platforms enlisted in this great post are excellent and worthy picks. But, the business standards and measures depicted by this company give it an edge. You get the free ride to employ the platform as your primary plug for sharing or distributing your music to leading stores online and even to big streaming sites across the globe. For a lot of music personnel, the connection with the organization ends here.

Well, here's the fun part; in a case whereby a song or album shared on the platform begins to receive healthier reception and exposure and the stats on online streaming websites start increasing. Amuse may come up with a verdict to get through to the artist and present a deal .

Learn more in this video:

The company proclaims to be a record label . And to distinguish it from every other one mentioned in this excellent post, Amuse is much keen on locating and building excellent skills.

If an agreement is reached between the two parties(Amuse and band/artist), the company gets right into the work. From that moment, Amuse takes total responsibility for supplying all that is needed. Things like finance, project funds, dealings, and many other whatnots. And lastly, every gain made is shared between the two parties involved. However, for others not into any agreement with the company, all profits or rewards accumulated are remitted to the artist or band.

The equal share might not go down well with many at first. Nevertheless, it's not out of the known or usual way record labels make their dealings. And, mind you, it's specifically for bands or artists who are making waves already. So that you know, the company makes proper use of the info readily available on their platform to pinpoint promising talents.

To hint you on its history, Amuse is a Swedish company with its presence in the game dating some years ago. But don't get it twisted! They might seem not too old in the game. Nevertheless, they've got great labels as business colleagues, and even investors (big names).

Stems - Music Distribution Link


With this company, go and relax, your benefits- royalties and rewards come in with ease. How? Well, Stems takes charge of all the paperwork and dealings for the parties involved.

What you need to do :

  1. The first thing is, get each person involved in the agreement or deal to register with the company.
  2. Afterward, you all need to agree on the exact way earnings will be shared across the members .

And with this settled, you're good to go! Just take a seat on the comfortable share as Stems take over the rest on your behalf.

The moment cash starts dropping from all outlets; your music that has been pushed into- online stores (iTunes, Amazon), online streaming sites like iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Play, and other whatnots. The company begins payment based on the terms of the agreement made among all parties involved. And this is done on time! Just clarify the percentage that should be awarded to each party involved and go on with your typical day's work, Stems will ensure your terms are duly served.

Note : As the money drops, the company instantly withdraws 5% of it as their take. Sad face? Come on; it's not that bad looking at what you'd get from their other counterparts. And, they painstakingly manage your business for you- the most tiring, time-consuming, and calculated part of the work. So, giving out a little fraction isn't much of a big deal.

However, the good news is; you're not charged a dime until you start making some earnings and royalties .

RouteNote - Music Distribution Link


Artists or bands that are new to the game might easily fall in love with its services. You can easily navigate through to get just what you need. With RouteNote , you can rapidly share your tracks and sounds to about 50 download stores online and other sites on the webspace.

With this distribution company, you might not get your works littered on all online streaming platforms and stores across the globe. But, for a newbie, you don't need to get open to all platforms there is, it's just the beginning, and 50 isn't that bad for a start. To add to it, you still get to share your tunes on significant platforms such as iHeartRadio, Apple Music, and others. So, you're always on the right track.

About fees and all that, relax, it's not much of a big deal. The company takes no dime from you or any band or artist before being able to load files and share it on the webspace. You only get to release a few cash when royalties and earnings start dropping. You're interested in the amount, right? Well, it's just fifteen percent of your gain.

Whew! That's lots of cash, you say? Then, no need to take the worry lane, just go for payment upfront plus a price tag for a subscription. When this is done, you and your business partners(if there's any) will have no cause to worry about the 15% cut from your earnings. It'll come to you all complete.

Quick Advice: It's advised you go all out for the former at the onset. Afterward, go for the latter when your music starts receiving good reception and extensive exposure, and the stats on the online streaming platforms are growing significantly.

Soundrop - Music Distribution Link


A lot of upcoming artists have registered their names on the hearts of so many people only by making a cover for top songs across the globe. In our world today, an original version or performance of an already known song can skyrocket a newbie to the peak in a snap of a finger.

But, several complications and issues may arise, such as the owner of the song demanding an equal share of the profit made.

That's where this distribution company comes in. Soundrop has designed a working system in which cover songs are licensed . This way, an artist from anywhere can come up with a record on arguably any song and confidently share it.

So, as a musician , you do not need to continue keeping tabs on artists with rights to a track to plead or request for permission.

Charges : You will be requested to pay a fee of $9.99 once for every cover song you release. Well, I do not think it's a high price to pay when compared to the struggle you'd have gone through to get permission to publish a cover and the sometimes harsh agreement plan laid down by the legal owners.

Soundrop gives freedom to all artists to load and share their music , too, without any charge . But, for every profit made from it, they get to withdraw 15 percent . Fair deal!


It's certain, with all these music distribution companies, your tunes will receive adequate exposure. However, one thing is required of you- explore each of these companies and get attached to the one that suits your taste. With this, your maximum result is sure.

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