How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2023

by Jared West

Can you quickly spread wide open your hands? Now, take a look at your fingers, feel the difference in length and size.

Why Asking Rich People for Money Online 2023?

The same thing applies to people when it comes to financial capability -different people with different economic stories. Just like your fingers, the distribution of wealth seems to be unfair and uneven. It's only a little fraction of people with colossal fortune, riches and financial adequacy as against the larger share of people without these things. Several countries, especially those in the underdeveloped category, have a somewhat high number of people struggling to make ends meet.

Nevertheless, to render helping hands for people, there are several non-profit organizations and sure rich folks who make donations to help improve the situation. Thus, assisting people in eking out a living.

Nowadays, so many people in the rich men category give out vast amounts of money via several platforms that we'd be discussing today. So, how do you ask these people for funds online ? The answer isn't far-fetched at all. It's a one-word answer- INTERNET. Right on the net, you can give and accumulate funds.

You may be wondering why these rich folks give out their hard-earned money to some group of people somewhere they don't even know?

Ok, let's take you through a short course on wealth and money generally. When people get to specific heights, in terms of wealth and having money, they tend to give more of it out. Most of these rich folks also desire lots of luxuries to themselves. But, one way or the other, they still show empathy and care for those with not so much cash. When you've got a lot of cash home and abroad, and in several investments, it's not much of a big deal to give some out to others who may be in dire need of it.

It's common practice for the rich to give a helping hand to the poor. The one up has also to lift the other to some extent, at least. To hint you the more on the subject matter, not all people are in abject poverty. Some categories of people can still fashion out their fundamental needs. But, that's just about how far they can go. They even have to crawl like a baby in other facets of life.

Summary of Ways to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2023

How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2023

  1. Donations
  1. Crowdfunding/Venture Capital
  1. Tuition
  1. Social Media
  1. Fundraising( Online )
  1. Loans

How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2023

To make it easier in other facets of life, most have to settle for asking the rich folks for cash online. Now, to ease that path, we've prepared a rich list of ways to get money from these sets of rich people via online platforms. Fasten your seatbelt!

How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2023
How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2023


First, on the list! This is the most common way. This way, you get money from non-profit or charity organizations, many of which get their funds from sure rich folks. This is the way it goes: the money and donations from wealthy people are collated and shared with designated communities. However, there are strict laws as regards charity organizations.

To bypass the strict rules and regulations of charity organizations, and reach out to more people, most rich folks go for giving donations directly to people in need. In an easy to read text, they make direct contributions. Very similar to giving out cash to the people living on the street. No laid down rules and regulations on direct donations. They give as they deem fit. Also, you can reach out to rich folks via online channels or platforms. Take, for example, sending a mail containing your request.

To tell you the truth, it's a secure method, just like snatch and grabs. But, it comes with little certainty. The probability that you'd get something tangible out of it is very little. Nevertheless, you can employ this method of sending your request. Mainly if you couldn't get anything substantial from support foundations.

Crowdfunding/Venture Capital

Does the word crowdfunding ring a bell? Ok, this is it. It's a terminology commonly used in business settings in cases where the money is raised to finance or support a company. Years ago, several people from the same locality joined hands to invest their hard-earned money in a particular business of their choice. It's an ancient style of crowdfunding. But one thing remains, and it is the fact that the funds are not always from the same origin.

Is it legal to request for money from rich folks online? Sure, it is. So that you know, the majority of investors in this type of venture are from the rich side. See it as an investment, not giving money out. Rich folks also want to invest some of their cash. So, instead of putting it out as loans, they sometimes go through crowdfunding.

Apart from crowdfunding, you can source for money online via Venture Capital. Let's break it down. Venture Capital is a private holding that provides finance for businesses. Be it for new start-ups or fully-fledged companies that require expansion. The rules and regulations bound to this are somewhat on a lighter note because it's not coming from any financial institute.

Via this method, rich folks invest their luxury of cash. Via online platforms, the two parties involved can set up a meeting and make necessary agreements.


Tuition or better put, school tuition, is one of the ways of getting money from rich folks online. However, it is limited to students having challenges with raising funds for education. Be aware; it's a wide margin from the scholarship settings.

For scholarships, one has to meet up with some requirements and standards. Fill a series of application forms with personal documents attached to it and other whatnots.

On the other hand, for school tuition, you don't have to go through such compound protocols to get financial assistance. It's in line with the first method mentioned up there( direct donations ). But, the only difference is that this is strictly for students. Students could send a direct message via email explaining the financial challenge and request for funding. To add to it, funds via this method can be used to clear school debts and loans.

Social Media

The fact is, there's hardly a thing you do online that's not in a way linked to social media. This excellent post would show signs of space if it were to be removed. With social media, you get updates about your friends and kinfolks via their social media handles. Also, social media platforms can be used as a ground to let others know your current situation and how getting some cash will improve it.

Let me provide you with an illustration: you're probably working on a project, and one way or the other, the project appears to be on lockdown due to insufficient funding. Efforts to get funds through writing proposals and other related stuff all went down the drain. To brighten the situation, you could simply make use of social media. Open an account for the project and let people know everything about it.

This way, you draw attention from all walks of life. You may get some positive response, and the project gets back to life again. You know, rich folks generally tend to connect better with people via social media platforms.

Fundraising (Online)

This could come in place of crowdfunding. Though similar, but not the same. The objective sets it apart from crowdfunding. To understand the difference between the two better, crowdfunding tends towards the business world. However, fundraising online dwells more on things like locality, charity, generosity, and other whatnots.

To do this, you can design a website or make use of other online centers. A good percentage of rich folks don't mind dropping their quota to help.

Have you ever come across some sites or online platforms where you are being asked to donate some money to help foster the venture? Guess you have. Then, that's an excellent example of fundraising online. The primary characteristic is that the two parties don't meet eyeball to eyeball.


If you check through some sites on the webspace, you'd probably get addresses of some rich folks. Also, social media can be of assistance. But, it might not go far in all cases. Mostly due to the massive budget. An excellent way to fall back to is placing a request for a loan.

We're all human, and considering some issues before making a final decision is familiar to all people, even the rich folks. So, some rich folks might be reluctant to give out cash for some projects or other related stuff. To be fair, they sometimes settle for giving out money in the form of loans. Requesting for a personal loan now takes precedence over most others. Most times, you get these loans without any interest rate. Fair enough, right?

What in Your Toolbox before Asking Rich People for Money Online

Getting money from rich folks could be a good idea to get that pressing need met. But, before you proceed, you need to know and have some things prepared. You don't just go without having the necessary tools in your toolbox.

What in Your Toolbox before Asking Rich People for Money Online
What in Your Toolbox before Asking Rich People for Money Online

Before you step on the gas, kindly consider having all these nuggets shoved in your pockets to make a good impression.


You may say rich folks don't mind the stories. So far, it's adequately delivered; you'd get that you want. Well, you may be right. They possibly lose some cash by buying your stories. But, they have tremendous experience in knowing how sincere and honest you are. Go straight to the point. Cut out the chaffs and lumps and stick with what's important.

Up-to-date budgeting

The truth is, rich folks may seem to have excess cash they need to do away with. But, it isn't yours still, and courtesy demands you give a proper breakdown of what you need their money to set in place.

Half-baked information is as useful as no info at all. Get right into it and give it your best shot.

Give Attention to Social Cues

Understanding the concept of social cues will push you one step closer to getting just the right amount of money you need. Wealthy folks have their policies shaped by environment, family, associations, and other things. Some things may be of little concern to you but otherwise for a particular rich folk. That doesn't mean you're wrong or right. It's just something that occurs naturally. Pay attention to these sorts of things when making your request for money from rich folks.

The Bottom Line

See these online methods outlined here as rare gems. Put them into good use, and don't forget to prepare all the necessary materials so you don't get stranded. Now, tell us, sincerely, has this been of help to you?

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