How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023

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by Jared West

How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023 (Ask For Money Online) - Do you have financial problems and want to know how to request money from millionaires? The majority of financial problems are

actually caused by you. The mismanagement financial and lifestyles cause serious financial problems. Basically, you alone can solve the problem; you must be responsible for everything you do.

How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023

How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023

When you feel that you are at the lowest position in your life, you might think that there will be others who are willing to be willing to help you. It really is a reasonable mind, but it is often not that easy. The help of others, especially in financial matters, comes from people who know each other (friends or family).

It will be very difficult (though not impossible) that there will be strangers who suddenly come to help solve your financial problems. Workings hard, honest, frugal, and wise in managing finances are the most logical ways to avoid financial problems. Rest assured that every problem must have a way out (although sometimes it is very difficult).

Causes of Financial Problems

Before you request money from millionaires, you better know the cause of your financial problems first. Some of the most common causes of financial problems are:

Cannot distinguish between desire and needneed.

You must distinguish between needs and desires. Use your money to meet needs, not desires. Examples of needs are food, your child’s school fees, paying bills, etc. Meanwhile, the examples of desires are new house, car, good clothes, traveling, etc. Don’t force yourself to have all the things you want, unless you are prepared for the consequences (financial difficulties).

Do not have savings/insurance

Someone will be faced with unexpected situations that require large amounts of money. By having savings and insurance, you will not be placed in financial difficulties.


Submitting a loan from a bank is normal as long as your income is sufficient. You must consider the number and duration of your loan. Again, loans are the last option to meet your needs, not desires. You must calculate whether your income is enough to pay the installments and be used for your daily needs. Miscalculation will put you in a very bad position.

Expenditure is greater than income.

Expenditures must be smaller than income, not even the same. When you spend more than the income, then something is wrong with the way you treat your money and life. You must take some of your income to be saved. Financial mismanagement will put you in serious trouble; whatever your income.

How to solve the problems with Request Money from Millionaires 2023

How to solve the problems with Request Money from Millionaires 2023
How to solve the problems with Request Money from Millionaires 2023

After you know about some of the causes of financial problems, it’s time you know about solutions to overcome the problem. For those of you who do not have debt, prevention is the most appropriate thing you have to do.

But for those of you who already have debt, you might be able to use one of the following solutions. Some of the following solutions might be better than request money from millionaires.


Some banks may provide some solutions to your difficulties. Debt payment failure creates serious problems. You can propose mediation with the bank. In banking mediation, customers will be met with the bank to get a win-win solution. Mediation usually results in 3 options, such as:


This is an attempt to make changes to several terms of the credit agreement that relate to repayment of payments and or the period of repayment of credit.


This is an attempt to change some or all of the credit terms which include changes to the payment schedule, time period and other requirements. The change is not related to changes in the maximum credit balance.


This is an effort to save credit that the bank is forced to do by changing the composition of financing that underlies credit

Make more money

How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Make more money
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Make more money

Getting additional money is also one of the right steps to overcome financial problems. We can get some extra money outside of the fixed income that we have done so far, one of them is by working part time or becoming a freelancer.

Choose a job that we can do outside office hours, for example after work or on Saturday – Sunday when the office is on vacation. However, always consider doing something that will not interfere with our main work, because after all the main work still must be a priority for us. Do work that is in accordance with the expertise we have, so that we remain comfortable and able to do it well.

Ask for help from others

This is actually a very discouraged method. Why? Some people can help you pay off your debts, but that does not mean that you will be discharged from your debts. After paying the bank debt, you will always have a debt to the people who helped you.

Tell them about your condition honestly; never lie and do not promise anything to get help from others, because it will lead you to other problems. The people need to know your real financial situation and your difficulties in order to provide a good support mechanism to all parties. You must be ready to be rejected.

Ask for help from random millionaires online

Well, it’s a very difficult method. The chances of success are very small. Imagine how many people in this world willing to pay off someone else’s debt they had never known before. However, there are always opportunities for those lucky. Yes, luck, you may have to be really lucky to be able to get help from complete strangers.

Crowd funding and online fundraising have proven effective. Many entrepreneurs or organizations have managed to raise thousands of dollars for their projects and campaigns. But it will be very difficult to bring together donors willing to pay the debts of others.

Fund raising/donations are generally related to charitable works and not to personal debts. Although its success rate is very low, this method is worth trying. There are some sites that are actually designed as a way to raise funds for very personal purposes. Warning, the article written based on some information from the internet; please find more details about the information below.


How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Cyberbeg
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Cyberbeg

Cyberbeg is a non-profit site that aims to bring people together to help solve others financial problems. Visitors are required to create a PayPal account before they begin to put the information about the financial problems they are facing.

This site claims to have been able to donate millions of dollars to more than 20,000 people around the world. You will not be charged or deducted for this site service. The money raised will be presented as an aid, not a loan. If you are lucky, you could receive the amount you need from donors on this site.

Begging Money

How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Begging Money
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Begging Money

Like Cyberbeg, Begging Money is also a site created to collect donations that will be used to help others free themselves from financial problems. Unlike Cyberbeg, Begging Money will take 4% on each donation received; by donor, not the global donation.

This site appears to be more popular and effective to request money from millionaires than Cyberbeg. The user must meet several requirements, such as entering personal data to prove the loan / bill of the bank.


How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: BoostUp
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: BoostUp

Different from the two previous sites, BoostUp is a platform that helps you achieve your desires. You may be trying to own a house, a car or other people, but you are limited by limited funds. BoostUp will help you to request money from millionaires to cover the gaps.

You may want to buy a car worth $ 6,000 but only have $ 2,000, and then the platform will collect the $ 4,000. We must have a very strong reason and why others should help you buy the car. You can’t use the platform in term of debt or loan.


How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Email
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Email

By email, you will do a more personal way. Your information will not be known to others; only you and the millionaire. The success rate of this method is very low. To get the email address of the millionaire, you must search for it on social media, magazines or anything else you can find. This might be the last thing you want to do.

Social media

How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Social media
How to Request Money from Millionaires 2023: Social media

Sending messages to some people can help you. Many millionaires are active on social media; you can use it. Never ask for money in the comments column; send a direct message. Just like email, the chances of success are very low.

They could read and ignore your request. This is normal because they have never known you before. The rise of fraud will also make millionaires fail to meet the money demands of people they do not know. They can only apply as a joke with their friends. But if you’re lucky, the millionaire will really help you by sharing your story on their social networks..

The effectiveness of online fundraising for individuals needs

Online fundraising has proven effective for businesses or charities, but not necessarily for personal use. This can be proven by the lack of platforms that serve fundraising for personal purposes. People who want to give their money to others usually seek for charity or investment.

There is a better thing to do than you request money from millionaires. The majority of people cannot pay debts or meet their needs because they leave traces of failure and do not want to work hard.

In some cases, such as natural disasters or other unplanned events, a person may lose their job or their assets so they cannot pay their debts or meet their needs. Meanwhile, most economic problems are caused by the individuals themselves. They realize that something is wrong with the way they manage finances, but they ignore it.

This personal error caused the low success of a fundraising for individual needs. Donors assume that there are many important things in this world that need more attention than dealing with someone’s debt or needs.

How to Ask Rich People For Money Online

A poor verification system also leads to reluctance by donors to donate their money. Among the many platforms mentioned above, we can see that the majority of users are desperate people. But if we see it further, many problems are actually can be solved in a way that is better than request money from millionaires.

The reason or the information submitted is too cliché; we are like a series of sad stories that often occur around us. There are many people around us who could have much more serious economic problems but able to handle it wiser. Each person has weakness and no problems, but given the problem, it seems too early for him/her to request money from millionaires.

Wake up, get a life! This is the right thing to do to overcome the economic difficulties. You have to work harder. Nobody is suddenly rich, except those who are very lucky. That’s what millionaires think. They have to work hard for years to make a lot of money. They will plan their finances with the utmost care to avoid debt or manage debt to make profits.

Nothing is instantaneous in this world, everything needs a process. When you dare to take loan or eat more than you can chew, you must be prepared for all the consequences; including the loss of your property.

We can ask others for help when we are forced to, but it would be best if we tried our best to solve the problem. The failure of fundraising for personal demands is very reasonable. Many economic and social problems drive donors to prefer to help more people than to help one or two people.

This article does not contain a suggestion for you to request money from millionaires online. This article does not teach you to be a beggar; you must be able to solve your financial problems wisely and not with something that makes no sense.

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