Sites Like Pandora to Enjoy Music Online in 2023

by Jared West

Music is life and there is no argument about that. Have you ever been tired of everything- work, situations around, relationships, and many other whatnots, that you seek a quick source of escape? Music does that for you hundreds of times. Sure you can relate.

Why Looking for Pandora Alternatives ?

The lyrics, style, blend of voices and genres all gravitate towards a serene and peaceful world we seek in times of pain, doubts, heartbreaks and so on.

Obviously, with what music can do and has done a whole lot of times for us, we certainly, seek sites and/or apps where we can get the best services in terms of music streaming and the likes.

This is where sites like Pandora comes in. I'm not talking about Pandora's Box in the movie "return of Xander Cage." No not that!

Pandora is actually a prominent online radio and music streaming services readily accessible in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

It allows all and sundry, not just to listen to music but similarly, suggest music based on other songs picked by the user.

This exciting feature integrated to it has helped users find out new sets of artists and songs and thus increased the demand and love for Pandora among music fans.

However, the internet has really watered us with a lot of options that the question shifts from where to find great content for daily consumption to which of the pool of features and services suit your requirements.

Having said that, there are other sites or alternatives for Pandora.

Your reason for searching for other options might be because of its restriction or inaccessibility anywhere around the globe or user-interface or any other.

No matter your reason, let me tell you that you've got other choices winking at you.

List of Sites Like Pandora to Enjoy Music Online in 2023

So, relax, enjoy and digest the list of other great sites we've gathered for you.

Read on!

1. Spotify - Site Link


A Swedish music streaming website founded some years back takes the first position on the list.

It is readily convenient for browsing songs via;

· Record label

· Genres

· Artist

· Album

It has in a way triumph over the border restrictions has it can be accessed in countries like;

· France

· Germany

· The United Kingdom and a host of others.

Interestingly, you can get entry to the music streaming website using;

· Android devices

· Windows gadgets

· iOS devices

· Macintosh

You can also employ the search filters to ensure finding your topmost songs comes with no stress at all.

With over twenty million users, spotify ranks first in Sweden and a true alternative for Pandora.

To like the services it gives on your mobile device, take the subsequent steps;

· Get the app on app store and other equivalent stores for Android users

· Install and launch it.

Select from the laid out list of genres, hit play to start music streaming. Learn more on how to use spotify in this video.

2. Musicovery - Site Link


As against artists and genres being the core channel to uncover songs, musicovery uses individual song selections for its own search.

Additionally, you are more likely to uncover more songs compared to harmonizing artists.

Just like Pandora, on musicovery, you can rank tracks and create a personal favorite list of songs.

You are permitted to search for songs via date and delete genres you're disinterested in. The

site is readily available on iOS devices and other mobile devices. See more in this video

3. Amazon Music

Did you know that the Amazon Prime subscription offers full access to music records, above a million tracks without any ad? Now you know.

Amazon Music also gives massive movie compilations, shows and music streaming alongside the 48 hours shipping on Amazon commodities.

You're free to make good use of the full month free trial version given by the Amazon Prime program to view the available music diary before taking your stand. Learn how to use it in below video

Actually, that is if you are not yet sure of going for the Amazon Prime at $99 for a full walkthrough a calendar year.

4. Jango - Site Link


Fourth on the list! It has a point-source focus which is creating a custom radio station.

You can share your self developed list on the website with other friends on Jango simply by;

· Selecting an artist or some particular tracks

· Jango supplies the missing link with related songs and artists and you can easily rank songs from there.

Jango doesn't mandate a premium membership as they merely bank on sales of music and ads- same as Pandora. Watch how to use Jango in below video.

5. GrooveShark - Site Link


A platform that gives all core features and services and a bit more. Making it a worthy alternative for Pandora.

Though, still fighting some hard battles and controversial issues all because of its added feature- music upload option.

The feature gives users an unusual chance to upload their own song(s). And this has dropped them into troubled waters as the site is currently facing copyright problems.

However, if you're in search of a good alternative of Pandora to enjoy quality music streaming and added openness for your songs, GrooveShark is the right spot.

Learn more on how it works in this video here.

6. - Site Link

It provides both the free and premium version if you want to get a full taste of other exciting features. It recommends, depending on the genre of music you listen to, songs and concerts.

Be it from your PC, or the famous online radio service, gives you a gigantic music compilations you can listen and thus create your music outline from it. In one word, the whole procedure is known as scrobbling.

This great website offers suggestions and factions making it stress-free for you to discover songs and relate with other users with similar music taste.

You won't believe it, Xbox lovers or users can connect to paid features via the Xbox live subscription. How nice!

So if you are a fan of quality music streaming, connecting with others with similar music taste and a big fan of Xbox, is for you. Learn how to use the site in this video.

7. Deezer - Site Link


With way over forty million songs in its library, it triumphs over others. With at least twenty-four genres to its arsenal, it gives a good number of public playlists.

Nonetheless, it might seem a bit difficult to maneuver at first use but as time wore on, you'd be able to easily navigate it.

Easy to use on mobile devices;

· Download on Play store or other counterpart on iOS device.

· Install and/or launch the app

You are now ready to browse the library of music and enjoy music streaming. Put on shuffle to easily get a list of your favorite songs.

Learn more about the website in this video.

8. Google Play Music - Site Link

GooglePlay Music
GooglePlay Music

Google Play Music provides over thirty-five million songs. It's a good website that has integrated all core features and services in its simulation and more.

Google has acquired the extraordinary Songza engine that suggests nice music blends automatically, depending on;

· time of the day,

· mood, and even

· activity. Amazing right?

You can stream music from all around the globe with Google Play Music. How to use it? Check this video.

Google Play Music is a good alternative for Pandora that you can try today.

9. iHeartRadio - Site Link


Established in 2008, it has gained fame as an online radio site. It offers a great collection of songs, about ten million and users have unrestricted access to create personal radio stations from the collection.

iHeartRadio presents music suggestions for users and a radio station collector that gathers content from various radio stations.

The website is literally accessible through;

· Mobile devices

· The site itself

· And one or two game consoles.

With social media taking precedence on the web space, iHeartRadio is integrated with Twitter, Facebook to strengthen the sharing experience.

If you are based in the United States and you love on the go music on radio, iHeartRadio is a good option B for Pandora.

10. Slacker - Site Link


With over twenty-five million users who visit the site regularly, it has deals with virtually all labels and it is readily available on;

· iOS devices

· Windows

· Android.

One outstanding thing about Slacker is that it was created by a wide-range of geeks in the game( Djs, professionals in the music industry) and rooted with radio stations- hundred at least.

With slacker, you can create your radio station using;

· Artists

· Genres

· Individual music

Slacker opens you to three distinct levels;

· Free edition with ads

· Level two version which eliminates all ads

· Premium version where you have the right to select songs on demand.

To put a stop here, arguably everything on the internet has an alternative or competitor. Pandora isn't an exception as we have seen from the above mentioned options.

Same is the case in terms of music streaming and the likes. So, explore the list we've provided up there for you and please send us your feedback via the comment box so we all can learn more and become better.

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Jared's unique approach to audio writing involves meticulously crafting intricate sound designs that serve as the foundation for his narratives. Through careful selection and manipulation of sound effects, ambient noise, and music, he weaves together a tapestry of auditory sensations that bring his stories to life.

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