Top Android Music Players in 2023

by Jared West

There is saying:

"Music is the food of soul"

Every second person likes to listen music. Most of the time people listens for relaxation. According to IfpI International Federation of Phonographic Industry the music industry revenue was $19.1 billion. Which is a huge amount (ifpi, 2019). A lot of apps have been made by different vendors. The goal is to provide users great experience while listening to music. There is a big competition between such apps each one claims they are the best. But do they really are?

Today we will discuss the top 10 android music apps that are the best. When it comes to diverse features, eye catchy interface and ease of use our picks are given below.

Top 10 Android Music Players

· Pulsar

· Phonograph

· Spotify

· Pi Music player

· Jet Audio HD Music Player

· Google Music

· Rocket player

· Shuttle Music Player

· YouTube Music

· Soundcloud

1. Pulsar - Player Link


With 5 million+ downloads and 4.6 rating on google play store pulsar app gives you the best experience. It contains almost every single feature that fulfills your need. Its an offline music player and material design makes this app interface very eye catchy and easy to use. The main features of Pulsar are

· Gapless playback

· Displaying lyrics of song

· Crossfade

· Adjusting the speed of play is easy

· Tag editing

· Music visualizer

Pulsar basic is free. You can download it from the link given above.

2. Phonograph - Player Link


Phonograph is downloaded 1million+ times and have rating of 4.1 on google play store. The material design of this app makes it so beautiful. It has all basic features which a music lover looks for in any music app. It's very easy to use. The customizability allows this app to be used in a way one wants to. The main features of this app are

· Its material designs

· It has integration of

· App color changes according to song base color

· Tags of music file can easily be managed

Phonograph is free. You can download it from the link given above.

3. Spotify - Player Link


Spotify is used worldwide and is loved by millions of people. It provides great services to users which includes customize playlists. The main features of this app are

· One can easily discover different genre of music and albums also podcasts

· Allows variety of searching

· Listens to music on Chromecast and other multimedia gadgets

· Best streaming functionality

Spotify app basic package is free of cost. You can download it from the link given above. Spotify premium will cost $9.99 per month and $4.99 for students.

4. Pi MusicPlayer - Player Link

Pi MusicPlayer

Pi music player is download by more then 10million times and have rating of 4.8 on google play store. It is one of interesting music player because of its unique features and easy understandability. It has beautiful themes which can later be changed. The interface is simply designed that allows easy navigation through app. The main features are

· Music videos on YouTube can be accessed easily

· Special button allows the music player to be used even if it is minimized

· If you want to make ringtone of any song you can do it by simply using built-in ringtone cutter

· Powerful equalizer

· You can also listen to audio books

Pi Music player is free. You can download it from the link given above.

5. Jet AudioMusic player - Player Link

Jet AudioMusic player

Jet Audio music player is one of favorite music player downloaded more than 10million times and have rating of 4.4. This music player has a lot of features. One of its unique feature is its diverse equalizer that have 32 presets. It was widely used at time of windows Xp in personal computer. On 24th of May 2012 the app android version was released. The paid version shows less ads. The main features of Jet Audio music player are

· Plays any kind of music file

· The quality of sound is improved

· Organize custom music library

This app basic package is free of cost. You can download it from the link given above. For extra features the subscription will charge you monthly.

6. Google Music - Player Link

Google Music

As Google products most of the time satisfies us same is the case with their music app. Google Music app is downloaded by users over 5billion times with rating of 4.1 on google play store. Its world widely used. Its huge collection of songs and easy interface makes it worth using it. It provides a lot of space for personal music collection. The main features of Google Music app are

· You can listen to radio

· 50,000 songs can be stored in personal music library

· Search discover and can subscribe for podcasts

· Recommendations based on your song's choice

· You can download and listen to songs later offline

This app basic package is free of cost and you can download it from the link given above. The subscription will charge you monthly.

7. Rocket player - Player Link

Rocket player

A music player which is so simply designed having all the basic functionalities. It has its own equalizer. The songs library and easy management of songs allows user to use it easily. There are a lot of themes. The users have multiple option to choose their favorite theme. Rocket player has more than 10million downloads with rating of 4.4 on google play store. The main features of Rocket player are

· There is 10 band graphic equalizer

· Every song is displayed with its lyrics

· Music player has its own custom lock

· It supports Chromecast, scrobbling and android auto support

This app basic package is free of cost. You can download it from the link given above. The cloud features will charge you monthly.

8. Shuttle MusicPlayer - Player Link

Shuttle MusicPlayer

Shuttle is a lightweight music player. It has very eye catchy and beautiful interface. It has more than 50million downloads with 4.5 rating on google play store. It gives the search results of songs in matter of seconds. This app is one of fastest music app in terms of speedy search results. The dark and light mode makes this app very comfortable to use. You can adjust it according to day or night time. The main features of Shuttle music player are

· It has 6 band equalizers plus bass boost

· The lyrics of song are also displayed

· The app is easy to customize

· Automatic song downloading

This app basic package is free of cost. You can download it from the link given below. The premium account will charge you monthly. Which will allow folder browsing and extra themes.

9. YouTube Music - Player Link

YouTube Music

As we all are familiar with google YouTube music is product of google and its one of best music player in the market. YouTube has been downloaded more then 100million time with rating of 4.4. Searching song on YouTube is not a problem. Songs can also be searched through lyrics of song. YouTube gives you a full package of entertainment. You can search not only songs but also live performances of famous artists and remix version of songs. In simple words YouTube provides all services under one umbrella. The main features of YouTube music are

· Search results are very fast

· Songs can be searched through lyrics in case you forget the song name

· Music recommendations based on song choice of yours

· The hotlist allows you to see what are trending songs

YouTube Music basic package is free of cost. You can download it from the link given below. The premium account will charge you monthly which will give you ad-free and unlimited music.

10. Soundcloud - Player Link


Soundcloud is also one of those music apps that are used world widely. It has more than 76million users. It has been downloaded more then 100million times with 4.5 rating on google play store. This shows that it's one of best music player. It has attracted a lot of users because its not just a music player. It's a global music lovers' community. People from different cultures shares their respective music with world daily. The main features of SoundCloud are

· Listens to music that is from different regions of world

· Get to know emerging talent and their work

· You can create multiple playlists

· Download songs and listen to them offline later

· Recommendations of songs that most often you will like

· Connect with different artist from around world.

Soundcloud basic package is free of cost. You can download it from the link given above. The premium account will cost you $9.99 /month. This will give you ad free listening and unlimited tracks.

Conclusion of Top Music Players for Android in 2023

People listen music to relax themselves. Some get motivation through music. While others just enjoy listening to it. This shows that music is part of our life . Which ultimately means these music players are also very important for us. They have made listening to music so easy and every music player is unique. All these music players strive to provide you best features and great user experience.

There are many music players that are not listed here. They also provide the same features but we have picked our top 10 android music players. Now it's your turn to try one of these music players to find out which one is best for you. Let us know in the comment section below.

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