How to Download Free eBooks in 2023

by Jared West

Where art thou my knowledge seekers ?. This article is written to please your eyes and mind. The soft pages eases the mind as you turn over a new leaf. Books are an asset that is made to provide us with knowledge (most of the time). Or to help pass away time (when we are bored). The oldest and never changing habit to exist in the world. Read and get more knowledge that which are stored on these books.

With changing time and tide, books have left in between the covers. It has been modernized into something more unique. It's not as heavy as before, and you get lesser strained backs and the likes. With fewer books carried around, Its easier for individuals to get books online. Apart from being heavy and bulky to carry around, it's also very much expensive. But as a book lover, you are just one click away for enjoying books.

What Are Ebooks?

This is an electronic book, which can also be called e-book or eBooks. It is a book publication that contains text that is made readily available in digital form. It contains images that are readable on either mobile devices or computers. Ebooks are defined as an electronically imprinted version of a printed book.

Where Can I get free Ebooks?

There is almost am exhausting list of sites where you can get books to read. While some are free, others are not. Some might fake with what they claim to offer, others are authentic. The listed below are sites you should try out.

ManyBooks - EBook Link


This is the first of many sites. Upon opening their homepage, you will be greeted with a peculiar message. This message states that The Ultimate Guide to Ebooks. It has a massive library, quenching all your taste in any book. It's very easy to access these books. Just sign up and lookup for the book of your choice. With its, slick and UI friendly design, you are going to love this site. The site has its book well arranged into various genre sections. This makes it easy to navigate through the site. The search engine provided makes it easy for users to get quick results on the books they seek for.

ManyBooks is a treasure cove of free Ebooks that are available to be downloaded in multiple formats. One very fancy and unique feature of ManyBooks, is that they offer some uncommon classic books. Booms that are classics but you will find it hard to get.

Features of ManyBooks

· As their motto implies, its the ultimate guide to eBooks.

· Massive library collection of books.

· The user interface is cool and easy to navigate.

· Well sectioned book arrangement.

· Good search engine provided for users.

· They keep their users updated on new content they upload. And new languages available for a book.

Open Library - EBook Link

Open Library
Open Library

Its another popular Ebook site. Its sometimes called the subcategory of the Internet Archive. They give you free access to over a million books. The books provided are usually available in many reading platform. It is a collection of books that are from various archives on the Internet. It operates as an open-source database, which makes it easy for users to create a page for any newly published books. With the search section, it's easy to find your favorite author or book.

Features :

· Massive library collection.

· Various Formats available like PDF, EPUB, etc

· You can download, correct and upload books since its an open-source database.

Google E-BookStore - EBook Link

Google E

This is the largest and most visited website. Google comprises of a massive amount of Ebooks. These books, you have access to all to the books you need since it's free. Just visit the website and surf around the site.

Google E-bookstore, gives you access to tons of free books. Just locate the section of the designated book and download it.

Features :

· All the books here are all for free

· All formats are available like PDF, EPUB, etc

· Users can give feedback and ratings on a particular book. Which can help you as a new user on decision making.

BookBoon - EBook Link


This is one of the best eBook sites you can find around. Its the best for students in search of knowledge. The site's library contains a wide range of books from literature to history, and textbooks, etc. It also features business books.

BookBoon was created to suit the needs of students. There are lots of educational materials that students can make use of. They are completely free to be used. It's also for individuals that a business-oriented. As an intending user, just open the site link and explore the beauty of the site.

Features :

· Over a thousand Ebooks.

· It contains educational textbooks.

· Business books are paid for. They are premium books.

· The only format available is in the PDF format.

· No registration required or sign up.

Project Gutenberg - EBook Link

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the best apps to use. They offer a wide range of books and materials. They have one of the most massive shelves of books online. You have access to any kind of genre you looking for. They also have multiple formats for Ebooks. The books are completely free and you don't need to sign up to access them.

Features :

· No sign up required and all books are completely free

· Oldest and largest digital library.

· No registration fee to register.

· Various formats of Ebooks available.

Internet Archive - EBook Link

Internet Archive
Internet Archive

Internet Archive contains books as old as time. If you looking for a classic that is super rare to find, you will find it here. You can't get let down by the site when you select it. This is because the site is synonymous with books. With its massive library of books for the users, it doesn't fail to deliver. Contains historical books and educational one as well.

Features :

· Free and easy to use.

· Massive library of books.

· It provides archaic and classic books.

Library Genesis - EBook Link

Library Genesis
Library Genesis

The site was launched as far back as 2008. It was launched by Russian Scientists that wanted to provided people with scientific information. Its an exclusive web portal that is not easily accessible everywhere. They have an enormous storage of books in their library. The site will get you, whatever scientific EBook you are looking for. To bypass the accessibility, make use of a domain that is accessible.

Features :

· Free and you are not required to sign up.

· Massive collection of books.

· Access to Elsevier's PDF textbooks.

· The legal issue is an inconvenience for the site users.

Amazon Free Kindle BooksAmazon Free Kindle Books - EBook Link

This app is not your usual app. It offers you access to freely available books. A much larger collection of books than other sites listed. Varying genres of books ranging from novels, fiction, educational, etc.

The site was created by the Amazon Company for all it's Amazon Kindle users and the world. Another top quality feature is you can save and download books on Kindle. This books which you can read offline. Easily search for books by making use of the search section. Another great thing about Amazon Kindle is you get to buy premium books.

Features :

· Massive collection of books in its library.

· Various types of genres are available.

· Quick access and easy to use.

· Read and leave a user review for different books.

FreeBookSpot - EBook Link


FreeBookSpot is one of the best website downloads of Ebooks. Divided into various categories to make it easier for the user. Owning over 5000 books in its catalog. Quick search section for users. They offer E-books for free. Similar to BookBoon site, there is usually no book you are looking for that you won't find.

Features :

· Well organized categorized books.

· Free and easy to access books.

· Updates of new books for free every 5days. - EBook Link

For the bookworms, this is another opportunity to get Ebooks. It offers a wide range of books. With its quality novels which are all worth reading. They offer audiobooks that you listen to while busy. Visit the site, search for some good books and enjoy yourself.


· Extensive range of free Ebooks for its users.

· Novels that interesting to read.

· Audiobooks are available for users.

· You can upload your books that are not on the site.

Free ebooks - EBook Link

Free ebooks

This site provides books that are just waiting for you to get. They offer thousands of books, just for you to read on your screen. They provide varying categories of Ebooks of different genres. Audiobooks are also available for free on this site. Good news, there is a children section, which parents can browse and get for their wards. Only PDF format is found on this site. All genres of books are available for download.

Features :

· Thousands of free Ebooks download.

· Wide range of sections to download from.

· Multiple genres available.

· Offers Audiobooks for download.

· Children section containing children books are available.

In conclusion,

If you are a student or a book lover. The listed sites are the best you can find around. They offer you services that are rare for other sites that can offer. Just open the site links and enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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