Best Free Sites to Read Comics Online 2023

by Jared West

Let's admit the fact that, there are many times we go crazy about reading comics. I can remember the days when reading comics is what I do in my spare time. These books were an excellent source of entertainment until things changed in 2005, after the arrival of smartphones. These days, many people prefer to listen than to read, this is why reading of comics has become less important to many people. Nevertheless, comics still hold a soft place in people's heart simply because it reminds many persons of their childhood. Although people still love to read comics, but the availability is the major issue. If given better options, people still enjoy reading comics. So, I will be sharing with you some of the good active websites from where you can have access to many comics, and read them online for free. It is important to note that there are hundreds of sites that allows their users to read comics online, but many of the comics listed on those sites are expensive and the sites are premium sites.

Best Free Sites to Read Comics Online 2023

In this article, I will be sharing a list of websites that offers both premium and free comics 2023.

Comixology - Comics Site Link

Comixology is an amazing website to read comics online. This site stands out due to its colour combination and simplicity in layout. It is updated frequently by its admins and there are lots of interesting issues that you can find here. There are other big publishers on this platform in addition to Dark Horse and Marvel. You will also find independent releases, the manga and issues from small publishers as well. Another plus about this website is that it has a mobile application which makes comic reading more easy and you can download this application on Google Play Store.

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View comic - Comics Site Link

View comic
View comic is the next on the list which is a well known comic source online. Viewcomic is an excellent choice if you are looking for some comics related to vertigo, DC, image, Marvel or any other major publishers. Honestly speaking, the user interface of this website is not really up to standard but that does not mean that the site is bad. The website being in existence for about five years now, has so many issues you can enjoy. The comics on this site covers almost anything from obscure books to mainstream superheroes.

GetComics - Comics Site Link

GetComics is a good platform to read DC and Marvel comic books online for free. Making reference to the demographics, then GetComics has a really strong audience base. There are many issues on the platform ranging from small to big publishers and it has a very simple layout when compared with other comic websites. A distinguishing feature of GetComics is that there is no option for online reading, this implies that users must first download the comic and then read it.

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Drive Thru Comics - Comics Site Link

Drive Thru Comics
Drive Thru Comics is another website to read comics online. The shortcomings of this website is that there are no big names such as DC or Marvel but it has a large set of comics with different styles and genres. Few of the first issues are free but if you are interested in the series, then you can purchase subsequent issues from the store. This website is very pleasing to the eyes because of its layout. You can search for genres, publishers, prices and formats to basically narrow down your feed. You can also scroll down for more series.

Read comics online - Comics Site Link

Read comics online
Read comics online is among the best sources of online comics or should I say digital comics. It has an A to Z list with an advanced search option that makes the website really easy for the user to search and locate what he/she wants. The good part is that you will get tons of latest issues from very popular series such as saga, Star Wars, wicked and divine. Apart from that, the site is appealing to the eye and you can search Almost any comic you love to read.

ElfQuest - Comics Site Link

ElfQuest is the next on the list. It is an award winning website for comics, which has been around since the late 1970s. All released issues before the year 2014 are available on the website for free. The website also have many other series available, which are related to adventures of many different story arcs and characters. Making reference to the layout, it has a very appealing layout and also simplifies the search that are related to series. If you are interested in reading old comics, then this platform is just the right website for you.

The Internet Archive - Comics Site Link

The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive is a well known website for comics. It has tons of free comics available for users to read. Talking about the layout, the website is very appealing. Mainstream issues are not so many on this platform, although you can find some germs here, most especially if you have interest in manga. Because of the huge set of books and comics on the website, searching for the specific name of the character or name of the particular comic might be the best thing to do. The internet archive has millions of visitors each month, this indicates how popular the site is

Digital comic museum - Comics Site Link

Digital comic museum
Digital comic museum

If you are curious about how online or digital comic started, then you need to visit this website. has many comics on which you can spend your spare time reading. Although, the characters and titles might not be familiar but they are so interesting to read. It is important to state that there are no modern comic books on this website. So if you are looking for a modern comic book, spare this website for that because you won't find any here. Aside this, every other feature of the website is great and you can experience it yourself once you are in.

Amazon best sellers - Comics Site Link

Amazonbest sellers
Amazon best sellers

Yes, Amazon best sellers. Amazon offers the best selling format comics to people that loves to read and you can download it legally from here by simply paying the price. The interesting part is that it is offered by Amazon which is a popular brand itself. You can choose between the hundreds of comics online. In addition, the reviews can be read for better decision making. A Kindle device or at least a Kindle application on your mobile device is the only thing you need for this.

Marvel - Comics Site Link


Marvel is a well known website in the world of comics. Many kids have heard or at least read about marvel while growing up. Nevertheless, marvel has a website called marvel unlimited which offer their users free issues to read. As it stands, there are about 50 issues available to read, and the number is increasing. One advantage of this website is that you don't necessarily need to subscribe or register to avail the freebies. In addition you can choose to buy your favorite comics. If you are a fan of marvel, then this website could become your favorite comic website in less than four visits.

GoComics - Comics Site Link


This website is another well know name on this list where you can read free online comics. GoComics offers a wide varieties of comic issues that you can read entirely for free. The only drawback of this platform is that you will get ads when using it. However, there is an option to do away with the ads simply by upgrading to the premium subscription. There is also a thirty days free trial that is available if you are hesitant to make payment without even trying out the premium services. Several interesting collections of comics are available, so you should consider checking them out.

Newsarama - Comics Site Link


Newsarama is another great digital portal for comics. It offers comic issues to read for free, and also has some other specialties. Newsarama is the site for you if you are interested in sci-fi. It could be a treat for your time as you can discuss or read theories and speculations here. You can also go through a proper curated set of free comics and other texts. Latest sci-fi related news can be read on this platform. Newsarama is an interesting site to visit on the web.

Read DC - Comics Site Link

Read DC

This is an arch-nemesis of Marvel. Their official comic portal is Read DC. This platform is an excellent site to browse through digital DC comics. Several free issues are also offered by this platform for users to read without having any subscription. However, an account will be required to add the free issue to your cart for you to read it. Or, you can decide to buy any comic you like. Lastly, if you own a comixology account, you can make use of the account on this website.

Dark horse free pages - Comics Site Link

Dark horse free pages
Dark horse free pages

This is the official comic site of dark horse publishers. It offers amazing collection of comics for free. What is worth noticing about this website is the user interface and you can browse your favourite categories. Latest trending issues are also regularly updated on the website for users to enjoy.

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