Best Android Dialer Apps for Quick and Easy Calls in 2023

by Jared West

Yes, Android devices are good and they come with some amazing functions that we cannot sideline. Smooth interface, booting system, and other whatnots.

But, who doesn't like to get or have more? We all deserve more and if there's a way to improve or upgrade, why don't we take it?

Well, as regards Android devices, calling could be fun, but, as time goes on, it could get boring, probably due to the default phone dialer outlook or interface.

So, you probably are on the lookout for dialer apps for Android with a much cooler interface, customized contact list and integrated with some additional features. Then, let's help you end the search right now!

Keep calm, as we'll practically unveil the best dialer apps that you could employ to boost your calling experience and skyrocket you to a higher dimension.

Without any iota of doubt, we believe you'd be satisfied after going through the list we've compiled for your consumption.

Garner strength as you get your highlighter pen ready!

List of Best Android Dialer Apps for Quick and Easy Calls in 2023

In no particular order;

Truecaller: caller iD and dialer

Truecaller:caller iD and dialer
Truecaller: caller iD and dialer

Taking number one spot is Truecaller. With over a hundred million downloads on google play store and a good rating coupled with topnotch reviews, there is no reason why it shouldn't be on this invaluable list.

It has gone past the limit of being referred to as a mere dialer app. No! It gives more than that.

Check out some of its lovely features;

1. Barring unloved callers

2. Unraveling callers identity

3. Smooth interface

4. Organized contact list

5. Instant messaging

6. Location sharing

7. Block spam messages and many more.

Learn how to use it in this video below:

One interesting thing that you can never overrule or ignore about Truecaller is its enormous ability to effectively track caller ID. It's arguably the best at it. So many dialer apps today, claim to have this feature but not really as sophisticated as this one. We could probably say its got the largest phonebook directory or database. It's not bad if you give it a trial today!



With simplicity in its usage, millions of downloads to add to its good books, and hundreds of thousands of reviews, it definitely gives a lot of exciting features to up your user experience.

Beautiful features you stand to enjoy from the dialer app include;

1. Reminder about calls

2. Call recorder( integrated to its system)

3. Smooth dialer outlook

4. Instant messaging

5. Lovely themes to incorporate and many more.

Hey! Language isn't a barrier or problem here as it accommodates lots of languages. Although, there are ads in the non-premium version, its still good for the job.

See more on how to use it in this video:



A true dialer application that's integrated with all necessary components and features you'd obviously need.

See some of its exciting features below;

1. Caller identification

2. Birthday notifications

3. Call reminders

4. Block spam messages and/or calls

5. Lots of themes and wallpapers and other whatnots.

Keeping all these aside, one of the interesting things to note about this dialer app is its topnotch security in terms of your contacts.

It keeps a list or catalog of your contacts, chats and/or messages which you can recover in cases of phone swap or loss of mobile phone. So, no need to go down the worry lane as its got you covered. Major reason why it's on a top spot when it comes to reliability.

Exdialerand contacts

It is user friendly and contains every feature a basic dialer app should have.

Plus the fact that it offers fast delivery, lightweight and smooth interface, it incorporates the algorithm T9 that adds more spice to calling, texting and typing. Isn't it wow?

No doubt, it has a well built interface, but, that's just by the way as it offers new and nice themes, and other features to boost further the app's outlook.

Some other things you'd find amazing about this app is the fact that it rolls with more than thirty languages, and grants several shortcut keys to use, just to make your calling and texting experience more classic.

Swipe Dialer

First and foremost, let me spell it out loud. It is free! Free and free! It comes with a good interface.

Some of its features are;

1. One-hundred percent T9 algorithm support

2. Several themes at your disposal

3. Easy switching from contacts, recent calls, favorite contact list, and dialer pad and other whatnots.

It's a dialer app that's good for its price.

Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer

It's a dialer app with a little transition into calling. So could possibly be referred to as a calling application. With this app, you can call for free!

It only saps your data connection but you can link up with friends and kinsfolk without spending cash on airtime.

You'll definitely find it interesting to use when it comes to organizing your contacts and phonebook or directory.

If you reside in the United States or Canada, it's really advisable for you to get the app on your phone as you get to make calls for no charge.

And, not to forget, utilizing this app makes users or people you placed a call through to, to view your real number, in place of "unknown".

ZenUI Dialer and Contacts

ZenUIDialer and Contacts
ZenUI Dialer and Contacts

A dialer app with much exposure. It basically offers all there is to a normal dialer app.

With features you can enjoy, such as;

1. Blocking calls

2. Speed dials

3. Linking identical contacts and so on.

Yes, it obviously has a lot of things in common with most of the other dialer apps on the list. But, one major thing that has helped it gain good grounds is its topnotch security feature. Arguably the best when it comes to this.

With this amazing dialer app, you can safeguard your contact list from third parties simply by utilizing a password key.

That's not all! It comes with a little graduation to add more juice to the mix. Meaning, it makes use of your phone camera, front camera, to be exact, to take a snapshot of any third party or invader that tries to break into your password-guarded phonebook with a wrong key or password. Now, that is topnotch!

OS9 Phone Dialer

Next on the list is OS9 Phone Dialer. A nice app that carries all the primary features of a dialer app.

You'd be interested in some of the features it has to offer;

1. Call recording(on autopilot)

2. Call barring ability

3. Dual sim approval

4. Quick speed

5. Smooth interface

6. Shortcut keys for faster output

7. Concealing caller ID and so on.

On a general look, it's an app you'd like to consider.

Contacts and dialer by Simpler

This dialer app has been integrated with the primary elements every of its other counterparts listed here possess. And, for your information, it's recorded as one of the top dialer apps.

It comes with features that improves your calling experience:

1. Blocking spam calls

2. Combining dual contacts

3. Backup for contacts

4. Group texting and emails on the app

5. Lovely themes and the likes.

One thing its certain, it's right at your service.

True Phone Dialer

TruePhone Dialer
True Phone Dialer

A well-used app with about a hundred thousand downloads on google play store and a rating close to 5.0. Not too bad!

In relation to calls, it gives better features, some of which are highlighted below:

1. T9 search

2. Easy navigation

3. Groups recent calls nicely in a segment

4. Effective contact manager

5. Supports two sim usage

6. Supports multiple languages

It's not really a bad idea if you give it a trial.

Eyecon Dialer

Eyecon Dialer

Next on the list! It's a one-stop solution for phone organization. With this dialer app, you can easily control your contact list, call history, utilize caller ID. Doing a comparison survey of dialer apps on this list, it tops them all when it comes to visual navigation or orientation. Simply put, it is more visual-oriented than the others.

Rather than going through the rigor of reading a lot of text, or words, you can conveniently navigate the app using pictures and icons. Very much better, even for aged ones.

Check out some of its features listed below:

1. The visually-oriented outlook that supports quick navigation

2. Connection to well known social media platforms

3. Updating global address book

4. Supports caller ID and so on.

ContaktsAddress Book

We'll wrap it up with this great dialer app. It's a perfect fit for a dialer app with a high level of phone management. You could easily go for this dialer app if all you seek is a well-arranged or organized contact list. Though, it has more to offer.

A brief look at some of its features;

1. The low number of ads

2. Synchronization of contacts through Facebook

3. Theme customization and many more.

The above list has showcased feature-endowed dialer apps you can incorporate to suit your preferences and/or requirements.

Endeavor to let us know which is the best for you and your reason. We could actually use the comment section as our meeting point for a general survey on the topic.

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