10 Best Sites to Download Free Full Albums

by Jared West

Are you looking to download full albums for free? We know how important music is in everyday life. Different people with the genres that they love and the music they listen to depending on their mood. And of course, music is for many a form of entertainment.

Well, you have come to the best place to learn about getting that music file and full album that you really want, for free. Here is a compiled list of 10 great sites to download full music albums for free. And you get to have all the information you need to know about this site.

List of Best Sites to Download Full Albums for Free

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1. Jamendo

If you are a music lover, then I bet you have certainly heard of Jamendo. With a wide collection of music of diverse genre, this website is the place to go to download full albums and stream music. It has well over 35,000 albums in its collection.

Jamendo has a vibrant and well-organized interface. And it is really easy to use just by anyone. Users can see what is trending in different communities - there is a community for rock, pop, jazz, electronic, hip-hop, indie, and every genre that there is. Also, users can enjoy already curated playlists and a compilation of latest releases . This way, they make it super easy for users to discover music. Also, there search option is so well designed to allow easy search and discovery of music files and albums.

The music files and albums provided on Jamendo are for individual use only, and users with an intent to use for commercial purpose must purchase a commercial license for the music.

Jamendo is available to use on web and there is mobile app compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Features of Jamendo

· Diverse genres

· Over 35,000 albums

· Interface is vibrant and well-organized

· Offers music genre communities

· Provides compilation of latest releases

· Easy search option

· Mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows

· Commercial license required for commercial use

2. Free Music Archive (FMA)

Another website with a wide collection of music and albums from many genres to choose from. Whatever the genre you prefer - classical, country, rock, pop - or any other genre, you are sure to find it here.

Free Music Archive (FMA) is well organized , and this website makes searching for songs a walk in the park. Also downloading music and albums is also that easy, following a one-click download step. FMA curates a list and compilation of most popular music over the most recent past month, week and then an all-time popular list. This way, they make it super easy for users to discover music.

Free Music Archive (FMA) is completely free to use. However, users can choose to support the great work by making donations.

Features of Free Music Archive

· Diverse genre

· Easy search option

· One-click download

· Compiled list of popular music - all-time, weekly, and monthly.

· Completely free

3. MP3 Juices

MP3 Juices
MP3 Juices

With a variety of music files and albums, this website is also really easy to use. The home page is a search bar, where you can simply type in the song or album you are looking for and find it right away. Then it gives you the option to download in one-click step or to play the song while on the website.

Another great thing about this website is that it is completely ad free. You know the kind of ad freedom that you enjoy on a premium platform, well you enjoy the same on this free website too. Also, users can convert YouTube videos to MP3 using this website.

Features of MP3 Juices

· Diverse genre

· Wide collection of music files and full albums

· Obvious search bar and easy search

· One-click download

· Allows streaming music online

· Ad-free

· Converts YouTube videos to MP3

4. Audionautix


This website offers a wide collection of music files and albums. Unique to this website is that users can find music based on the genre they prefer, their mood and the tempo (fast, slow, medium) they wish to listen to. Some of the mood available to choose from include - relaxing, happy, bouncy, driving, humorous, aggressive, light, dark, grooving, among many more mood options.

The interface of this website is super organized and easy on the eyes. It provides a search bar that makes finding music an easy process. And download is just as easy too.

Features of Audionautix

· Wide collection of music files and full album

· Option to filter music based on genre, mood and tempo

· Well-organized interface

· Great search option

5. Noise Trade

Noise Trade
Noise Trade

Although this website requires that you register to download, it is worth the trouble, as it provides a wide collection of high-quality music files and full albums to choose from. And it is completely free, but must be for personal use only.

Discovering music and albums is also really easy with its search engine. And it offers diverse genres of music, if you can imagine it, you can certainly find it here. And users can choose to download on stream the music online.

Features of Noise Trade

· Registration required to download

· Diverse genres

· High-quality music files and full albums

· Completely free for personal use

· Great search option

6. Bee MP3

Bee MP3
Bee MP3

Without registration, you can search out any music and albums published online ever. This website serves as a great and massive search engine for music. And users can find artists listed in alphabetical order. They also have a list of Top 100 songs and Top 100 artists. This makes music discovery a really easy and fun process for the users. Even better with music discovery, this website offers displayed on its homepage the last 20 searches and latest adds.

Features of Bee MP3

· No registration required to download

· Massive search engine for music

· Lists artists and songs in alphabetical order

· Offers top 100 songs and artists lists

· Homepage designed for easy discovery of new music

· Offers music recommendation to users

7. YouTube by Click

YouTube by Click
YouTube by Click

This website works to allow users download YouTube music videos for free in one easy click. Users can download whatever genre they like; they can also download a full album from YouTube and already compiled playlist.

It is easy, you see a YouTube music video online, a full album or a playlist, you can get it using YouTube by Click.

Features of YouTube by Click

· Allows download of YouTube music videos, playlists and full albums

· Offers one-click download

8. Public Domain 4U

Public Domain 4U
Public Domain 4U

This website has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide collection of music and full albums in its library. The music and albums on this website are from diverse genres. This is home for lovers of music.

This website provides public domain music. The music provided here are not intended for commercial use. Downloading on this site is a really easy process.

Features of Public Domain 4U

· User-friendly interface

· Wide collection of music files and full albums

· Completely free

· Diverse genres

· Easy download

9. MP3.com


This website is very popular and has been existing a really long time, as far back as 1997. Many music lovers are well aware of this site and all it offers. This list will certainly not be complete without mentioning this site. For the length of time it is in the field, it has one of the largest collections of music in its library.

MP3.com provides music of diverse genre and full albums. What is even great is that registration is not required to download. This site also makes music discovery easy with its great search option and compilation of recent releases and trending music weekly, daily and over a period such as 80s, 90s, among others.

Features of MP3.com

· Oldest music site

· Massive music and full albums collection

· Diverse genre

· Registration not required

· Great search option

· Fantastic compilations of music and albums

10. Songs Lover Club

Songs  Lover Club
Songs Lover Club

This site is another great home for music lovers. It offers a wide collection of music of diverse genre; this website is the place to go to download full albums and stream music.

Songs Lover Club has a well-organized interface. And it is really easy to use just by anyone. Users can find albums listed in alphabetical order. Also, there is a compilation of the best of the month, latest releases, latest albums, latest mixtapes , latest tracks. And , of course, there is a list of Top 100. All of this along with its great search option makes music discovery a fun and easy process for its users.

Features of Songs Lover Club

· Diverse genre

· Well-organized interface

· Albums listing by alphabets

· Compilation of best songs and releases monthly.

Conclusion of How to Download Free Full Music Albums

So, if you are truly a music lover, and for whatever reason you are looking to download free full albums; well, you know where to go. Use this website to enjoy your music adventure and experience.

Be cautious about the numerous other websites available. Most are way below in what they offer and in the size of their collection. And there are some that lie about providing full albums for free. Then of cause , some sites contain malicious threats.

To avoid all the hassle and troubles of deciding which is safe and will meet your needs, then our list is certainly a sure bet.


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