Top Ringtone Applications For Android Smartphones in 2023

by Jared West

Every Android smartphone user out there loves the freedom to customize every little thing on their Android phones. Talking about customization, ringtones have always been on of the most tweaked features. Instead of using the default ringtone which may not really be your favorite, you can easily add your preferred tones as free ringtones, or set up your favorite soundtrack to set as individual ringtones for certain contacts.

How Do You Create Ringtones on Android?

You can set up a ringtone on your Android smartphone without any stress whatsoever. Apps such as Ringdroid, are there to help you do this. You can even capture a duration of your preferred song and set it up as your ringtone. All you need to do to get started is download the application, install it, and open it. Next, select any mp3 files you wish to use for ringtones and then import it. Next, with the starting/beginning and finish/ending slider, you can capture any portion or duration of the song you wish, and then save it. It usually saves as a new clip. Lastly, use a file manager application to find the mp3 ringtone clip you just created, and then use it as your ringtone.

How You Can Set Your Custom Ringtones In Settings

1. Tap the Settings icon.

2. Open Sounds/Sounds & Notifications. If this is not displayed on your android device, or you cannot find this sub-setting, just go to the search bar at the top, and search 'Ringtone'.

3. Next, tap on 'Phone Ringtone'.

4. Scroll through and select the custom ringtone that you wish to add to the folder tagged 'Ringtones'

5. Lastly, click 'save' or 'ok'. If these options are not available on your device, just tap the back button to leave the ringtone picker, and you're all done.

How You Can Apply Custom Ringtones For Any Contact

When you give some contacts on your phone a distinguishing ringtone, your phone rings in a way that lets you know exactly who is calling, helping you device faster on whether to answer, or not. This is very helpful, especially when you are busy at work, and can get reprimanded for being on the phone too much. So the steps below show how to customize ringtones:

1. Open the Contacts app.

2. Select any contact that you would like to have a custom ringtone.

3. In the upper right corner, a three-dot menu will be displayed. Tap on it.

4. Next, touch the 'Set as Ringtone' option.

5. Choose the customized ringtone that you have successfully added to the ringtones sub-folder.

6. Select 'Ok' or 'Save'.

7. If these options are not available on your device, Select the back option to leave the ringtone picker menu.

How To Download Ringtones Into Your Android Device

This comes as an alternative to creating ringtone clips. You enlist the use of applications for downloading notification sounds, ringtones, and alarm sounds which are available online. And today, there are lots of apps out there that provide this service, where you can get any track or sound for these uses. The very best of these apps are detailed in this article, so go ahead and check them out…


Top Ringtone Applications For Android Devices in 2023

So, in no particular order, lets check them out in detail:

1. Zedge - Ringtone App Link


Zedge is one of the most well known sites on the Web that offer awesome content that can be used to customize mobile phones. On the Zedge platform you can find several thousands of ringtones, including custom ones. Setting up a ringtone after downloading it is hassle-free, and can be done in the downloaded files area. Several genres of ringtones are available; jazz, pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM, and much more categories for users to choose from. Zedge isn't solely for ringtones, as you can find other cool stuff such as HD wallpapers, awesome photos, and live wallpapers.

Install the Zedge App For Free

2. Audiko - Ringtone App Link


If you love fantastic ringtones, then you'll love Audiko, as this is exactly what it brings to you. Notification tones, and alarm sounds are available too in good sound quality. Genres are diverse, ranging from party, rock, and hip-hop to classical and pop ringtones, and you can always find the perfect ringtone to suit your taste. Aside ringtone downloads, other ringtones can be created and edited from the existing mp3 and midi files in the library. That's not all, as the users can access the Play Music through the Audiko app and then create the tones they would like from Google's Music Library. Recently, the app updates now include a monthly subscription of $2.99 monthly which was introduced by the developer, which lets every subscribed user to download endless, infinite amounts of high definition ringtones.

Install The Audiko Ringtones Application For Free

3. MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

The MTP ringtones and wallpapers application has a sleek, easy and friendly user interface that offers you a great deal of diverse ringtones, apps, wallpapers and games, and is completely free of charge. With this app, any alert tone whatsoever on your phone can be customized; notification tone, ringtone, or alarm tone. Special tones for unique contacts can be set up too, and you wouldn't have to go into the contacts application or the profile settings on your phone to do all these.

Install The MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers Aplication For Free

4. Myxer - Ringtone App Link


Another ringtone application that is one of the best, it brings to you a loaded variety of tones that can be used to customize alarms, ringtones, and notifications. Wallpapers are not left out, and the app is similar to that of Audiko, as users can also personalize or set up their own ringtones from the music files already available on the device. Myxer is an innovative, handy solution for customizing ringtones.

Install The Myxer app for free

5. Mobile9 - Ringtone App Link


According to the company's slogan on their site, 'Mobile9 is an app store and more'. It is the Android app that is owned by the site where millions of high definition ringtones are available for free. You can also find lots of apps to download on the site, including those that have been listed above. Sharing ringtones with friends and family via social media and other options is available via the share icon. One of its great features is that the demo of any ringtone can be played before you download it. Other than ringtones, there are lots of beautiful wallpapers, classy themes, live wallpapers, ebooks in different formats, apps, and even faces for Android smartwatches. For more specific content that is tailored for your device, the app usually requests the user to specify the model.

Install the Mobile9 app for free

6. Ringtones and Wallpapers For Me

The creators of this ringtone app decided to do something unique with it, as the ringtones herein are built for diiferent moods, taste, and feelings for every user. You can get happy ringtones, sad ones, and even funny ones. It does this by classifying the ringtones into several categories, as users can then easily find the sound that fits their mood best. New, improved, and distinct sounds are continuously and frequently updated, so you do net get used to, or even bored with the usual ringer. As its name implies, The Ringtones and Wallpapers app have also got high quality wallpapers, and other beautiful images to make you marvel. Its got a 'Dynamic Wallpapers' feature that you can use to switch backgrounds at any intervals of your choosing.

Install The Ringtones and Wallpapers For Me App For Free

7. Tones 7 - Ringtone App Link

Tones 7

Tones7 has got several categories of ringtones (numbering over 25) that are completely free to download and use. Ringtone files are available in mp3 and m4r formats, which means that they work easily on Android and even other devices like iPads and iPhones. On every page of their site, you can listen to any ringtone before downloading, and check the file details out such as file size, description, how many times it has been downloaded, genre, and comments from other users. There is a page for ringtones that are newly added. If you do not know or you can't make a choice on which genres to pick, Tones7 is a good place to visit.

The Good Part: It is very easy to navigate through and use, provides instant ringtone downloads, in both mp3 files and m4r files, and online ringtone previews. Completely free of charge.

The Bad Part: Advertising is excessive; mainly about other websites.

You can install the app via their website here.

Are The Ringtones Free of Charge?

Sure, the ringtones offered by the apps that have been listed in this article are free of charge. To access them, you only need to install any one of the apps, so go ahead and try them out. We would love to hear your views, questions, and experiences. You can tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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