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by Jared West

Freebies!!!!!!!!, Are there any other word that beats this word?. Getting free things is part of human nature. We loving getting things for free, without working for it. We know, you readers reading this awesome content now have visited the pages of google. You've gone to google free stuffs for yourself most likely.

What is PSN?

Before we go in for the article real body. let's discuss what PSN is for users who are hearing it for the first time. PSN meaning PlayStation Network, is a one of the leading digital media entertainment platform. It is owned by the popular Sony Interactive Entertainment company. Established late 2006 (November), PSN was birthed initially only for PlayStation games consoles. Along the way and over the years things changed. PSN has been integrated into various platforms like tablets, Blu-ray players and etc. With a growing number of users everyday, they have one of the best platform.

What are PlayStation Network Services and How do they operate?

These are services that are offered to users as an online marketplace for them to buy and rent stuffs. They provide services which comprise of Regular and Premium service. Premium subscription offers uses improved gaming and social features that regular users miss out on. They offer better movie, music streaming platform and offer rentals and purchases for premium users. These services are available in over 73 countries in the world.

What are PlayStationNetwork Services and How do they operate?
What are PlayStation Network Services and How do they operate?

This article will explore the world of PSN, codes used for PSN and how you can get your own PSN codes for free. Using the listed generators for PSN code. Well I know we have caught your interest, now let's dive in more into this.

What are PSN codes and how do they work?

PSN codes sounds like something big. But they are not, they are gift cards usually issues by the Sony PlayStation. Users are given, and it is redeemed by users. It can be used for various purchases on the PlayStation Store. These codes are very essential in areas, in which you need to buy stuffs online. Some sites accept these gift cards as for of payments. Though, it's ideal you use your credit card just in case the gift card is not accepted. These cards can be bought with your credit card, and its completely safe to do so. These codes are up for offer for users either offline or online.

We will be discussing about the various ways, you can earn free and legit PSN codes. These are quite simple to perform and won't take much of your time. They include;

Using the 14 Day Free Trial period offered.

This is the easiest and most efficient method to try out. It is also very much reliable and safe to do. You simply visit the official page of PlayStation. Open an account with them, signing up for the PSN plus membership and subscription trial. They give users a 14days free access to all the Plus services. That includes, every features on this service is enjoyed by the users. Though, you will be required to input your credit card details.


  • Easy to try out.
  • Reliable and Safe.
  • You enjoy all the benefits of being a Plus user on PSN.

Note - Remember to stop the service, that it terminating the whole Plus service. Do this immediately after the 14day trial period. If not, you will be charged for the service on your credit card.

Inboxdollars for Gift Cards to Buy PSN codes

Secondly, You can join  InboxdollarsAnd Win Gift Cards which you can use to buy the codes
Secondly, You can join Inboxdollars And Win Gift Cards which you can use to buy the codes

You would have heard of the sites, if you have subscribed to our site. This site is always been listed as a site to earn money, which users need to complete various tasks. They offer users various gift cards and cash.


  • They offer different types of gift cards that can be used to purchase the codes.
  • Trusted, reliable and safe method of getting PSN codes using the free gift cards.
  • Tasks are easy and can be completed as quickly as possible. And you can buy the codes after finishing the tasks.

There are other sites where you can join and earn free gift cards. These sites include Swagbucks and lIfepoints. They are easily accessible and have easy task to complete.

Giveaway sites.

Yes, we have lots of sites that do giveaways all the time. They distribute various gifts to their users at specific times. Always update yourself, when you join these sites. And participate in any giveaways program they hold. To enjoy these giveaways, visit their sites and subscribe or follow their pages. You might be required to like or comment on their posts on social media. When you are done with all these, you sure going to get free PSN codes. To get more prizes from giveaways, its advisable you follow gaming channels on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Always visit the sites on days that are special. Days like Christmas, New Year and Black Friday sale. They are usually very generous on these days. These festival days are once in a while chance to grab these free gifts. One drawback of these, is that the chances are very low as so many people are trying to get it. That shouldn't be a problem, if you keep trying you best and you follow the outlined rules and regulations. Then you will have a fighting chance of winning gifts.

Exchanging PSN Codes on Online Platforms

You might have individuals online who have these game codes but are willing to trade them for other stuffs. Stuffs like gift cards or cash, which might be more beneficial than the game codes. There is a community for people like that, who are ready for trade by barter. Just find someone on these community platform or thread or rooms, who is ready to exchange the game codes for gift cards. There are websites which we will offer two to you. These sites, you will find individuals with the PSN code, just talk with them and have an agreement on the payment method. These sites include;

Beware of scammers, they are ready to rip you off your cash or gift cards. Do not do any outside the platform deals with anyone to avoid losing money of card.

PSN Codes from Swagbucks & Mypoints

Fifth method has to dowith  Swagbucks&  Mypoints
Fifth method has to do with Swagbucks & Mypoints

These are two sites you can try out also. They are similar to InboxDollars when it comes to mode of operations. You register and perform simple and easy tasks, which involves completing surveys, downloading apps,watching videos, mail sorting, playing games etc. The more task you complete, the more PSN code points you accumulate. When you have accumulated enough, then you can redeem it for your PSN codes. There are other tricks of earning more points on this platform. Simply refer more people and quickly accumulate that points.


  • They are reliable and trustworthy.
  • They offer easy task to complete to users.
  • There have various methods of cashing out your rewards. This can be in form of cash, gift cards and the likes.

Trading PSN Codes Or Barter System

Well, like we have explained before some people might have PSN codes for their something special. But they don't know how to use it or are not interested in using it. Maybe they got it from friends, family members or loved ones who doesn't know they don't own a PSN console. Well, here comes the good news. The code after being bought cannot be returned back after purchase. So these people are forced to trade it online for various products that they can make use of as a user. The chances are low of finding individuals like that, but if you are lucky then mother luck is at your back.

The best place to check out for this weary users who don't need the PSN codes are usually in forums. Forums like reddit is a great place to start off with as a user. There are other sites, you can find people like that. Sites like eBay site is a great place to start.

PSN Code Generator, Are they Authentic ?

Like previous posts about generators, its not advisable to use generators. Nothing is safe with this generators and they are very much wrong to attempt to use. These site generators usually have various bots that generate fake reviews, fake chats and fake messages for them. They are full of scam and should be avoided at all cost. Your personal details will be hacked and your personal information might be tampered with. You should avoid using those sites at all.

Remember there is nothing like Code generators and they are complete scam. Do the above methods and get your PSN code in a legal way. Avoid the embarrassment of losing one's information.

In conclusion,

I agree, we have tried our best to make this articles as informative as possible. We have listed methods that can help you get PSN code in a legit way. You don't require any form of verification(human). These methods are reliable and safe to use. Simply try them out and leave a comment on how great it turned out to be. Thanks for reading.

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