7 Ways How To Get Free Money Right Now 2023

by Jared West

7 Ways How To Get Free Money Right Now 2023 – Getting money without having to break a sweat is always appealing, and that’s why more and more people are interested in learning how to get free money right now 2023 methods.

7 Ways How To Get Free Money Right Now 2023

However, you need to realize that such a thing isn’t really a real thing – and it can be impossible to do – unless you are seriously thinking about begging for money. So, is it possible to have free money legally, and not having to deal with any penalty or such thing alike?

The Concept of Free Money

When we are talking about free money, you really need to understand the terms completely or it can lead to a serious misunderstanding. You know that we need to work in order to get money, right? Sometimes you need to work extra hard so you can get the income that you need – to pay the bills, to pay for college, to pay for foods, and such thing alike.

But what if you can earn money without having to work extra hard? What if you can get some dollar awards constantly? You may be able to generate only $3 a day, but if it happens on a daily basis, then you can get $90 a month without having to work extra hard. Sounds promising, isn’t it?

This is called free money because not only you can do it on your free time, you can do it without having to break a sweat. Some people think that the term ‘get free money right now 2018’ is always related to getting money for donations.

However, if you don’t have any cause, no one would give you money. You will be considered similar to the beggars, and most people don’t like beggars. Some people even have this crazy idea that they can ask money to rich people through their social foundations or organizations.

Keep in mind that rich people like to help others. They don’t mind giving away money to help others, as long as the cause is real. They don’t like lazy people who can only beg for money without working hard. The only way for you to get rich people to give you money is by lying – coming up with a sad story.

However, this way is illegal and you can be sentenced when your story is proven to be a lie. If you want to play it safe, it is better to consider other alternatives. Yes, these methods still require you to do something, which is equal to working, but it is better than begging. Don’t forget that rich people hate beggars and if they ever find your story to be a lie, they won’t hesitate to take you to the court of law.

Getting Free Money Legally

So, the question about is it possible to get free money right now 2023 is true. You are able to get money with a little effort. It is related to how businesses do their promotion and marketing, with the hope to increase sales. Yes, businesses are willing to spend money with the hope that they can get more – triple or four times bigger than their expenses or spending.

Here’s the thing: businesses need to get data for development and also improvement in their service. Big data is usually their main target. And people today are very protective about their email address.

The only way to gain these people’s trust is to offer cash incentive, and that’s what lead to the so-called free money offer. In most cases, you may be engaged to surveys. That’s one way to get free money without having to break excessive sweat. Depending on the provider, there are different ways on how you can get the free money:

  • Some websites may offer straight and direct free money offer. When you have completed a survey, they may pay you and it is sent right to your PayPal account – or any other accounts set by them. The pay can be various – usually from $1 per survey to $5.
  • Some websites may offer point rewards. After you have reached a certain number of points, then you can redeem or exchange the points with money. And the money will be directly transferred to the PayPal account.

Taking parts in surveys can be very convenient because it doesn’t require many efforts. In general, you can do it as a part-time activity. Isn’t it convenient when you can have your main job and get the extra bucks on a monthly basis? Isn’t it fun when you can generate money during your break time? Let’s say that you have a coffee break for 10 minutes every 3 hours.

If you take the surveys during those 10 minutes, imagine how much money you can generate. You don’t need to leave the office or even think hard. While enjoying your coffee or snacking, you can complete the survey and expect a generous reward by the end of the month. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Of course, surveys aren’t the only way to get free money. Businesses have different ways and methods to engage more people to help them develop and grow. You may be asked to watch videos, and you will be rewarded after watching them to the end. Cash back is also a way to get free money while shopping for the things you need (and want).

If you are a loyal customer of a brand, for instance, you can register to their service and apply for their cash back offer. Isn’t it great when you can buy the things you need and get some free money at the same time? Basically, if you are smart and creative, you should be able to get this free money offer from various sources. Don’t try begging – it hurts your dignity so bad.

Get Free $$$ Now with ShopTracker - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with ShopTracker
Get Free $$$ Now with ShopTracker

This is a special app that will give you $36 (completely free) if you are willing to share the Amazon buying history. They designed the app for the sake of market research so they need to monitor your activity in Amazon.

Once you install the app, they will be able to monitor the purchasing history and activity. And when you earn the bonus, they will post it to your address. Whenever you get the bonus, they will notify you.

Get Free $$$ Now with Ibotta - App Link

7 Ways How To Get Free Money Right Now 2023: App Link
7 Ways How To Get Free Money Right Now 2023: App Link

One of the ways to get free money right now 2023 is by joining a certain service – joining several services is also possible if you can manage it. Ibotta is an app that helps you get money (not in the form of credits or points) when you shop. The cool thing about the app is that you can use it at many stores and shops.

So, how does this app works?

  • The app usually notifies users about interesting discounts or attractive offers on products.
  • When you buy the product, you can redeem the offer
  • Take a photo of the receipt. Let the app do the rest
  • Within 48 hours, you will get the cash back and the money will be directly deposited in the account.
  • You can transfer the money with PayPal.

This is definitely a convenient way to shop. You can buy the items you want and still get the cash back. The offer works anywhere, it is easy to use, and you can also get extra bonuses and rewards – it happens when you refer your friends and also make your team. When you sign up, you automatically get $10 cash back. And you will continue making and getting cash backs for every trip you make.

Ebates - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with Ebates
Get Free $$$ Now with Ebates

This app is similar to Ibotta when you can get many interesting offers through shopping. So, how does this app function in helping you get free money right now 2023?

  • You can get cash back offer with more than 40% discounts in more than 2,000 stores.
  • The savings can be available in the form of offline and also online forms

Ebates is basically an influencer where they would send people (customers) to the stores. When they do, they get a commission and they will share a portion of it with you. When you sign up, you will get $10 for the bonus. If you want to save money when buying things, Ebates is your perfect option.

Swagbucks - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with Swagbucks
Get Free $$$ Now with Swagbucks

Whereas Ibotta will give you cash backs, Swagbucks will give you gift cards – you can use them at Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart. Another cool thing is that you can convert the gift card to cash via PayPal.

And how do you get the gift cards? Through many things – you can watch videos, take surveys, and do shopping online, Swagbucks is something that you should try.

When you first sign up, you will get $5 for the bonus. The more you participate, the more gift cards that you can get. You can also get the gift cards and use it for your future purchase, in case you need to buy something for your needs.

And you can manage the activities when you have the extra time – it is easy to manage. Want to know the big deal? Swagbucks provide 7,000 free cards on a daily basis. Isn’t it cool or not?

Trim - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with Trim
Get Free $$$ Now with Trim

This is basically a service so it isn’t an app. It acts like your own personal assistant in saving. How do you manage the account?

You need to create your own account.

Link the financial account and let Trim to do its function. It will start producing free money through cash back to your account.

The service helps you in some ways. First, it will negotiate with companies so your bills will be lower. They can also cancel any subscription. Second, it will analyze your personal spending habits. From this observation, they will make suggestions.

One thing to like about this service is that they are pretty effective. They work right away. Once you sign up, they will immediately start working and the result will be visible in one or two days. It is super easy because you only need to use your fingertips to enable everything and let them do the heavy work.

Acorns - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with Acorns
Get Free $$$ Now with Acorns

If you are interested in investing, you should try Acorns. After all, one of the many methods to get free money right now 2023 is through investment. Acorns is considered better (and also longer) than the most popular names in investment: Microinvesting and Roboadvisers. If you have the extra money and you don’t mind spending it to get the extra money, the method is fairly easy and also simple.

How do you manage it?

  1. Sign up for the account and then link your bank account. Don’t worry, everything is very secured and protected because they use high-end encryption technology with military grade.
  2. You need to give access to Acorns to round up all of your buying
  3. Just do the activities like usual, including shopping.
  4. Acorns will manage your spending. Whenever you have the spare change, they will round them up for your next buying.

There are many reasons to like it. First of all, you can always expect getting bonuses. Second, this one is accessible – for everyone. It is also affordable – and your return is more than you have invested.

Vindale Research - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with Vindale Research
Get Free $$$ Now with Vindale Research

This is one survey company that is generous enough to give away free money for users. When you sign up, you will automatically get the free money. And if you are willing to take surveys (it is advisable that you do it during your spare time), you will get money. The more surveys you get, the more bonuses that you can get.

Free Samples Guide - App Link

Get Free $$$ Now with Free Samples Guide
Get Free $$$ Now with Free Samples Guide

It may not be one of the ways to get free money right now 2023, but isn’t it ideal if you don’t have to spend monthly expenses for shampoo, soap, or other household items? When you sign up with them (and you don’t have to pay anything), you can actually get samples for free on the monthly basis. Can you imagine how fun it is to find free samples on the mail every time?


There are so many other apps or services that you can use to help you save money and even get money. As long as you are smart and determined, you can get free money right now 2023 with a no brainer effort.

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