Best Time to Buy a TV in 2023

Best Seasons to Get a TV for Your Home

by Jared West

A television is one of the most important electronics in the house. Whether it is for watching sports with your friends or binge watching a new series on Netflix, a television is a must have in all houses. However, the main issue is timing. Buying a TV at the wrong time can cost you hundreds of dollars that you could have saved otherwise.

Best Time to Buy a Tv in 2023

So, in order to be a wise spender, it is better to shop for it during the times stated below. Despite the hassle, it will save you quite a few bucks.

Black Friday

The fourth Friday of November is associated with shopping and discounts since Black Friday gained popularity. Black Friday is that time of the year when huge discounts and deals are offered on array of different products belonging to several categories. From garments to gadgets, everything is up for sale. Electronics such as TV is of no exception. There are discounts and flat sales offered on televisions of different models. Almost all companies and brands offer some kind of discount on their products. Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for a new television. These sales can last up to the Monday that follows, called as Cyber Monday. So, in case people could not get your hands on the latest model they had their eyes set on, it can be grabbed until a couple of days. However, there is one thing to look out for. Some manufacturers create and come up with TV models only for Black Friday. These models are lower in quality and often deviate customers as they get confused and end up buying a lower end version of the TV they initially wanted. Low price is often why customers are so attracted to these derivatives. So, the trick is to make sure customers check and thoroughly go through your purchase to avoid any misunderstanding that can later cause difficulty.

Super Bowl season

A new year brings a lot hope and promise of new beginnings. For sports fans all over the world, start of a new year rings of Super Bowl. What comes alongside a season of sports are huge deals and discounts. Electronic companies provide immense cut offs on TVs. What could be better than people watching their favorite match on a TV that saved you quite a few bucks? Since the new year starts and companies often introduces newer models of TVs, older ones are usually placed under the discounted section. Companies want to finish off the old stock and this season provides the perfect opportunity for people who are looking to get their homes filled with an HD LCD at a highly attractive price before the games. This year, in 2023 price ranged from a 43-Inch Samsung 4K Smart T for $250 available at Target to a 75-Inch Samsung 4K QLED Smart TV for $2000. So, there is quite a few options and variants available during this season that customers can look into and purchase at such an affordable price. It is a perfect buy for the football season that football fans can use to stream quality content and enjoy watching their favorite teams play head to head while having the peace of mind that they acted wisely and saved money.

The above link can be visited that shows all the best super bowl deals that were offered this year. It shows all the offers and discount on TV models and how much one tends to save. It can be used in future to have an idea and make a more sensible purchase.

Amazon Prime Day

If customers do not mind waiting a bit more till July, then Amazon Prime Day goes live in the second week of July where thousands of deals and promotions are offered. It is for both people who are Amazon Prime members and also for those who are not. This two-day extravaganza offers super at really attractive prices. However, there are extended offers for members who can enjoy better deals. Deals vary and are available in each and every category. From home decoration to electronics, they have it all. Same goes for television sets. Amazon provides TV sets that are embedded with Amazon Fire Stick, while at the same time it provides these sticks separately as well that are to be inserted externally to turn TV into Smart TV. Sony, TCL, Toshiba, and Samsung all of these brands are available on Amazon during their sale. The sales are huge and customers can benefit from this during the summer holiday time and bring home a brand-new TV. However, one thing is to noted. Buyers can only avail these deals till stock last so latency might not be the option. They might want to grab the items they prefer as soon as possible as it sells out pretty quickly. One way to do this is to set alerts for all the products on your wish list. Camelcamelcamel is one website that does this work. Once the customer enters all relevant details including what products he/she wants updates on, it sends an email informing that the price has dropped. It can immensely help customers who want to be regularly updated about the TV that they are looking forward to eventually purchase. Prices are also subjected to change so people ought to be careful when purchasing.

To have a better idea about how the sales and deals are, a link is provided below. It shows all the best deals on TV that were offered last year in 2019. It can help potential buyers who want to have a better idea. It also provides marked down prices along with how much % of discount is offered and how much the customer will save if he/she buys it.

Check it out

December 26th -December 31st

Right after Christmas is the perfect time to shop. It is like hitting the lottery just before the year ends. People tend to buy excessively before Christmas but just the next day, huge amount of people either exchange or return what they had previously bought. This is the perfect time to shop for people who want to get their hands on a brand-new TV set before the start of a new year. Retailers are also very anxious about the items they have on hand and want to clear out their inventory as soon as possible. They are very well aware that they have new stock coming up since a new year is about to begin and it would need shelfing. Shelfing requires space and in order to clear out old items, they are very likely to put it on discount so it could eventually make space for the newer models. Shoppers can easily avail this discount and get great deals. Retailers also happen to open up outlets early on December 26th, so it is best to hurry and visit the outlet since a lot of people would be lining up to go there too. Not to mention that these sales attract people all over and it could be a great hassle so it is best to either visit these stores or shop best TV deals online. Not to mention it is also most definitely the best time for customers to buy before the year ends.

Conclusion of Best Seasons to Get a TV for Your Home

These four times are undoubtedly the best times to shop for TV in the USA. The best thing is that they are spread all year round so in case one is missed, customers can go after another opportunity in the near future. Customers just have to be careful when buying and take a few things into consideration. Firstly, be aware of derivates. A lot of companies come up with special low-quality models for certain discount seasons. They offer electronics at an extremely cheap price by compromising quality. Buyers often are either confused or unaware which affects them later when they start making use of it. another thing to note is to make a budget beforehand that can be used as a guide whether to purchase an electronic or not. Often, companies increase the price of TV before sales and then mark them down heavily. It makes the customer focus on the heavy discount and not the fact that the TV still costs a lot and is not as cheap as they make it look like. So, the focus should be on the price and not how much discount it is on. It can heavily affect the customer and make him/her regret afterwards. If all these pointers are taken into considerations, a customer can definitely make a wise choice when buying a TV at a very attractive price. The 4 best times are Black Friday, Super Bowl, Amazon Prime Day and the days after Christmas. These four times are spread across the year can easily accommodate customers who missed an opportunity but want to take advantage of the next possible one. With these notes made clear to potential buyers, the way is made clear and accessible.

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