Sites like Fiverr to Make Money Online in 2023

by Jared West

A little cash on the side isn't really a bad thing right? With bills and other expenses to take care of, a job on the side with some cash wouldn't be a bad idea.

Why a Need of Fiverr Alternatives to Work Online?

Well, if you're like me that won't mind some extra bucks on the side, then reading this will be worth the while.A lot of people ask and search for other means to augment their daily or monthly pay, as the case may be. However, we do not need to look far as the internet has created that platform for us.

Right on the web space, you could get one or two platforms or quality websites to make some extra cash. Simply by completing tasks online in record time, you get paid. To go with the popular or generic name, it's called freelancing and the people who do it are referred to as freelancers. With that settled, it's most likely you've heard or come across a website called Fiverr on the internet.

Without any dispute or doubt, Fiverr has become one of the fast-growing websites or platforms where freelancers earn cash in exchange for their services.

Understanding Sites with Features Like Fiverr

Fiverr is actually a platform or website in which services are exchanged for cash. In simple terms, it connects buyers to sellers and thus services are traded for cash. More or less like value exchange.

Now, on this platform, the services are packaged online and sent out like an ad popularly known as gigs. Lots of services you can get on the platform. Services like;

· Article writing

· Blog post writing

· Translation

· Graphics design

· Web design

· Video editing and a host of others.

So if you can provide any of these services, what stops you from signing up today? And you're covered if you request any of these services for your online business.

Furthermore, it got its name from the basic service charge of $5. The platform is popular for that price range but it has expanded beyond that level as it now offers services for up to a thousand dollars.

So making extra bucks on the side is possible all thanks to the internet. Still, the same world wide web has given us several options to pick from as there is scarcely a site or platform without an alternative.

So, if you're in the category of people that love variety or for one reason or the other, search for alternatives or other sites like Fiverr to get or earn some few bucks on the side, you're not on the wrong lane.

In fact, today, we've packaged juicy alternatives or sites like Fiverr where you could get similar treatments and even more, for you.

List of Sites like Fiverr to Make Money Online in 2023

Let's check it out together. Shall we?

Freelancer - Site Link


Considering the massive number of jobs or orders placed and completed on a daily basis and the countless number of users and traffic on the site, it wouldn't be wrong to say that it's one of the top and famous sites for freelancers. A worthy alternative for Fiverr.

From its name, Freelancer, it's a beautiful website that accommodates skilled freelancers all around the globe, thus, linking them to buyers or clients craving for online services.

It creates a ready platform for buyers to connect with freelancers, irrespective of the country, continent or race. Just like Fiverr, it presents many categories that you'll definitely fit in one at least. Categories like;

1. Writing

2. Web development

3. Designing

4. Marketing

5. Data entry

6. Accounting and many more.

Not to worry, the services are all legal and nothing phishing or incriminating about it.

It's very easy to get everything set on Freelancer. But, a tithe( that is 10%) of your returns or earning is being deducted. You can actually circumvent or drop the cost a little by signing up for premium membership.

Learn how to make money on freelancer in this video:

Relax, you still stand to get Fiverr -like features such as;

1. Vast array of categories

2. Time monitor

3. Platform to chat with buyers and/or clients for better understanding of the job.

4. Support

5. Tracking payments

6. Trusted payment modality

Upwork - Site Link


When it comes to popularity, number of accredited users and clients/buyers, Upwork sits in a comfortable spot in the game. It's highly rated!

Taking a look back at its history, it was previously called Odesk. However, as a result of the coming together or fusion of two leading platforms in the freelancing world, Elance and Odesk, to be precise, it got a change of name and was afterward referred to as Upwork.

Learn more on how to use Upwork as a freelancer in this video:

Its got a long list of categories just to accommodate more freelancers. And not to forget, the user-experience is great as it is easy to navigate.

Right on the platform, you get;

1. Direct access to communicate with prospective buyers and/or clients, thus, good understanding of the job is guaranteed.

2. Your cash is secure as you get paid directly or through other suitable methods.

3. Unrestricted access to the amount you stand to gain after a successful delivery of a job or order. It only depends on the nature of the job.

However, about 20% of the first $500 you earn is taken back. Afterward, it drops to half of that, that is, 10%. Fair deal!

PeoplePerHour - Site Link


Next on the list! Launched some years ago, it goes with the tagline- The best people in their finest hour. Though not too long in the game, it has grown to deserve a worthy spot on this list as an alternative for Fiverr.

It offers exciting categories such as;

1. Writing

2. Web development

3. Logo design

4. Card design and so on.

Simply browse through the site and pick whatever task or service you can render dutifully.

One interesting thing is, you do not need to be worried about the percentage that'll be deducted from your earnings as it is far lesser and bearable when compared to what sites like Fiverr charge. You only release 3.5% of your total earnings on the site. A good deal.

Toptal - Site Link


Yes, you've seen good alternatives for Fiverr mentioned up there and you feel, why should I continue reading? You haven't seen it all. See what Toptal has to deliver.

When you seek quality on some not so regular projects, this is your best bet! Unlike others with the vast array of categories, Toptal typically gives services on three categories, viz;

1. Designing

2. Finance

3. Software development

With just these three options, it reduces the circle and you get better quality and efficiency for your work.

To boost the height of efficiency and quality, it is very picky in terms of choosing freelancers. As, only a small fraction of the applicants, 3%, to be exact, are selected for projects or jobs on the site. Tough? Yes, but quality is certain.

See the video below for more understanding on how it works:

Little wonder, companies and/or organizations trust Toptal for their finance, software development and design works.

Fiverup - Site Link


If you are not careful, you could mistake it for Fiverr at first glance due to the resemblance in name and some other features.

Looking at its pricing, it ranges from $4, minimum price, to $100.

And if you are well accustomed with Fiverr and its interface, then you should not find it hard getting around Fiverrup.

Also, it gives similar list of categories in relation to other Fiverr-like sites.

More so, its got more juice to the mix as it offers some filters, that lessens the users effort when searching or trying to connect with buyers/clients with desired orders.

In all sense of duty, it's a site to reckon with in the freelancing industry.

Guru - Site Link

Sites like Fiverr to Make Money Online in 2023: Guru
Sites like Fiverr to Make Money Online in 2023: Guru

After being in the freelancing game for some time now, it has grown to become trustworthy and thus earned its place on this valuable list.

On this platform, freelancers are referred to as Gurus. With gurus from all over the globe, this website has recorded about a million orders dutifully finished.

As regards category, it has countless number of services on its category list that space won't permit us to highlight.

So, as a freelancer or intending guru, you have a lot of options you can pick from and serve prospective buyers quality content or service.

With guru, you can be certain of quality user-experience and easy navigation as you connect with clients, request for jobs and get paid easily.

Project4Hire - Site Link


Next in line is Project4Hire. With a bit of twist to its features, when compared to other alternatives, it gives a closed-circuit kind of category.

And they are;

1. Web development

2. Writing

3. Virtual assistant

4. HR consult

5. Programming

6. IT

7. Graphics design etc.

CrowdSpring - Site Link


Do you need a platform where you can connect with designers or showcase your design skills and get paid for it? There's nowhere else you need to be than on CrowdSpring.

Check out their youtube channel to learn more:

Simply put, it is a website or platform dedicated to connecting designers all across the globe to buyers and/or clients with design projects. Interestingly,

they offer cash-back policy in case of buyer discontentment.

List of design-related services you'd find on the platform;

1. Logo design

2. Web design

3. Graphics design and many other whatnots.

Conclusively, these great sites are all worthy options or alternatives for Fiverr. Rock and roll with whichever suits your ability as a freelancer or meets your preferences as a buyer. It'll be nice to hear from you about your progress.

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