Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord 2023

by Jared West

Discord is a freeware application designed for video gaming communities.It specializes in giving text, image, video and audio communication to the users in the gaming channel. \

Why a Need for Voice Changer Apps for Discord ?

It is for gamers to enjoy the real-time chat during their gaming sessions. It is one of the most loved gaming chat services and if you haven't used it yet you better hurry to enhance the fun. You can make yourself sound as a kid, adult or even of the opposite sex.Whatever may be the reason to change your voice be it for privacy purposes or enjoyment, Discord is the best tool to add in your list. Here's the list of best voice changer for Discord that you can use and will definitely love them.

Before starting with the list let us first know how to select the best voice changer:

· You should know about the voice quality it delivers.Some voice changers aren't free to use, though they come with free trial period but you have to pay after sometime anyhow. So, select the one that promises of giving the best voice quality.

· It should come with no time-delay. It is one of the most important features that you need to look before purchasing software.

· Easy-to-use - Who wants to buy software that would take more time in setting up than actually using it? Nobody right. Choose the one that's easy to use.The only exception here is MorphVox Jr which is pretty difficult to set up but the quality is incomparable.

· It should be low on your CPU- Nobody likes software that interferes with other running applications and causes plenty of problems. You don't want your computer or your game to hang every time and again. So, select the software that runs low on CPU usage that would help in keeping your system secure and healthy.

· Do the virus check- These kinds of software are more to malware. Scan with the antivirus first because launching it into the system.

List of Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

1. Voicemod


The one that's most popular tops the list and that's why Voicemod is one of the most preferred apps to use. Not only this app is full-fledged loaded with loads of voices. Moreover, it is also very easy to use. So, if you are a newbie in the town of gaming you are going to love this app for sure.And, not only with Discord, this app can also run with other chat services too including- Skype, Hangout, Fortnite, PUBG, CS, Mumble and many more. The best feature of this app is its quality of real sound. The voice sounds natural unlike the sounds from other voice apps. Some of the most loved voice effects are cavern, hall, church, possessed and kong. The choice depends on your liking and you can select your favorite one out of the thousands of voice modes given by this app. It is has a free trial and you can install it on any Windows.Right after you install this app it will add a microphone input device which can you can select from voice settings. From then your voice will itself change into the selected modified voice mode.

· The best thing about Voice mod is that there's no playback. Your voice changes in real-time.

· You can set it up in a few minutes. You don't need special skills to learn its installation. It is easy and without any trouble.

· It's the only app that's going to support Linux and macOS very soon.

Look for the video below to know how to setup Voicemod quickly-

2. Clownfish


As the name suggests, this app is wonderful and fun in all aspects. It is free to start with. This voice changer can be installed it on Windows PC. This app helps you to change your voice while chatting on Discord.It works on any system-level and if you have any app that uses a microphone, you can use Clownfish to change your voice. Hence, beside Discord, you can have Clownfish with apps like Wobo, Teamspeak, Mumble, Hangouts, Skype, Steam and more.Though the number of types of voice modes is pretty less than those provided by Voicemod, it is both effective and nice.The list of effects includes Alien, Male, Female, Humanoid, Robot, Atari, baby, radio, Genji, Darth Vader ( for your inner star war fan to scream), transformers among many more. It is an easy to use app, completely free of cost and works on all Windows. 

Click the link below to know how to change your voice using Clownfish for Discord

3. AV Voice Changer software

AV Voice Changer software
AV Voice Changer software

We all love apps and software those are easy to use and not troublesome to us laymen. But at some point, we need more professional and high quality delivering software. AV Voice changer software is one of them. It is a professional voice app changer and you can use it to change voice not only on Discord but also on Twitch.The characteristic feature of this software is that apart from voice morphing it also helps in recording that voice.This software is a complete package of everything you looking for in a voice changing app or software.It has tons of voice modes from the deeper voices, younger and older voices to more feminine, masculine and robotic voices.This software comes with advanced virtual driver technology making it more compatible with most VoIP programs.It is available in three versions- Basic, Gold, and Diamond which you can select depending on your budget and usage. So, if you are searching for a voice changer with a much more professional outlook then go for this one.You won't regret the purchases because there's no other software that has got all the qualities that AV Voice changer does.

Here's the complete tutorial explaining the usage and review of this software-

4. MorphVox Jr

MorphVox Jr
MorphVox Jr

Like other voice changing apps, this app does the fine work.It is a free tool and has many inbuilt voices that you can change your natural voice to that of man, woman, robot, child and many others included in the app. It runs on all windows and completely free without hidden prices.The best feature of this app is that it recognizes your voice and performs the optimal voice change effects. Even though the app is free it has got its own drawbacks.One of the major drawbacks being the ads and you know at some point ads become irritating and the experience is not so satisfying. The second setback is the fact it is not easy to configure  with Discord. This app despite its drawbacks is one of the most loved apps because of its quality. The algorithm it uses delivers the quality which no other similar voice apps can and also it runs very low on CPU.The pro version which is the paid version comes with more different voice modes and even higher voice quality.So, if you are more techno freak and know how to set it up, use this app for the quality as there's no app that gives the voice quality like MorphVox Jr.

Summary of the qualities given by this app:

· It enhances your online gaming experience.

· Changes your voice so that you can trick your friends or fellow gamers.

· Gives the high-quality voice output.

· It is fun and easy to use but the pro version is even better.

Learn how to change your voice for free by using MorphVox jr by following the link below -

5.Voxal Voice changer

Voxal Voice changer
Voxal Voice changer

Again this app is real-time voice changing software that is easy to use, unlike the latter app. The set up is easy and is very customizable. There are many voice modes available including voices of girls, boys, robots and more. You can also use this app on the recorder you already have thus it also serves the purpose of sound editing tool. The free trial is good for the beginners and if you liked it you can pay for the advanced versions. The best thing about this app is that when you use it with Discord there's no delay because time delay is the major problem that occurs in many voice changers. This app has got a humongous library filled with a full house of sound effects and also works fine with other chat services like Hangouts, Skype, and more. It works on all the windows and comes with a free trial. Thus with Voxal, you can:

· Apply voice mode effects in real-time plus with no time delay.

· The CPU usage is so low that it hardly interferes with other applications.

· You can output the changed audio to speakers so that you can listen to the effects live.

Here's the tutorial of using Voxal Voice changer to change your voice -

6. Voice changer software basic

Voice changer software basic
Voice changer software basic

This software comes with a free trial version which is easy to access and modifies your voice as per your choice.It makes your voice sound deeper, younger, baby-like, older, into more feminine or masculine. This software has the diversity of all the types of voices that makes it enter the list of best voice changers.It has a huge library of different voice modes with which setting a combination you can create a new unique voice effect. You can save your combinations and can access it anytime, or update as per your liking.There are around 30 voice effects, 17-non human voices, many background effects, and around 40 plug-in audio effects.

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