I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023

by Jared West

There’s no time to apply for jobs—I’m broke and I need money. That’s something a ton of people are thinking; it’s not just you. A popular Google search is ‘how to make free money fast.’ Never fear: it isn’t impossible.

Tons of apps and sites exist to help you get some money without working for it. They vary based on how quickly you might actually be able to receive this money, but if you try enough of these apps, you’re bound to pick up some quick change.

Money that you’ve been duped out of

Money that you’ve been duped out of
Money that you’ve been duped out of

I bet you weren’t aware that you’re probably being duped out of some money as we speak. Well, surprise, there are easy methods to help you learn about and receive that money.

1. Unclaimed.org


Money from the government goes unclaimed by individuals like you and me every day. Did you forget a tax refund, utility deposit or insurance payout? Then you’ve accidentally duped yourself out of some money.

Go to unclaimed.org and click on every state you’ve ever lived in to find out if you have unclaimed money. If you do, you can claim it and receive the money that you deserve!

2. Trim app

Trim app
Trim app

You’ve probably accidentally subscribed to things and then forgotten that these subs are still billing you. Trim will alert you about these and help you cancel any subscriptions that you don’t want to pay for.

Download the Trim app and then set up your account. The app finds and lists all of your current subscriptions. Trim even allows you to unsubscribe through the app. Quit blowing money on things you don’t use anymore with Trim.

3. Ask friends to pay you back money they’ve borrowed

You can use an app for this, too. Apps like Venmo and Paypal allow you to request funds from your friends who haven’t paid you back yet.

If your friends are smart and loyal, they won’t have a problem with loaning you money, either. Try asking for some financial help from family or close pals. Just remember to pay them back!

Money you can collect with very little effort

This stuff isn’t really work, so you’re still getting money without doing much. Follow these simple steps to get some cash for your needs.

1. Paribus.co


Paribus can make you back some money from any late packages you receive or price drops on items purchased online. The site tracks email receipts and delivery updates to ensure that the company you’ve purchased from is giving you all necessary refunds or discounts.

Sign up on paribus.co and do as much online shopping as you usually do. Paribus will immediately send companies a claim from you if you’ve been duped out of some cash, so the process is relatively easy and automatic.

2. Robinhood investing app

Robinhood investing app
Robinhood investing app

This app gives away free stock. That’s crazy! Sign up for a random share of stock and you’ll be a bit closer to earning some riches.

Your stock could be anything from Sprint to Apple, worth anywhere between $2.50 to $200. You don’t need to invest after you get your stock. This will prevent you from losing more money in case you invest in the wrong businesses.

Get the Robinhood app and sign up. Find out what free stock you were awarded and wait three days before you sell it and cash out.

3. Craigslist.org


If you have old clothes and random household items lying around, Craigslist.org is a great place to sell them. This is an easy way to earn money off of things you don’t need anymore.

Create a craigslist profile and sell your items online. Be conscious that you might have to meet the buyer in person. If that concerns you, try to avoid giving out too much personal information and take precautions when meeting them.

4. Shoptracker app

You get paid when Shoptracker gets paid. This app collects your online shopping data so that it can sell this information anonymously to companies. When your data gets sold, you get money back.

Get the Shoptracker app and sign up. As long as you have the app downloaded, you’ll get $3/month without any effort.

5. Shutterstock


Sell photos for money on the Shutterstock website if you have cool images to share. You get the added bonus of potentially seeing your work out there on the web, and you get money out of it.

Go to Shutterstock.com and sign up. Submit your original photos to get profits when your photos are downloaded by internet users.

6. VIPKIDteachers


Users need a bachelors degree in any subject for this job. You also must be able to speak English fluently and have a year in tutoring or teaching experience. If that sounds like you, great! This job offers a ton of money.

The job is being an English tutor on VIPKIDteachers.com. For just five hours of tutoring, you earn $100, and obviously the more you work the more you earn.

Sign up on VIPKIDteachers.com and start tutoring to earn that money!

7. SurveyJunkie


Take surveys for money! Survey Junkie gives you $2 just to sign up and then even more when you take some surveys. Some of these earn you more money than others, so feel free to explore and take as many as you can when you have some free time.

Go to surveyjunkie.com and complete your profile for those $2. Take high-level surveys or a ton of regular surveys for a bunch of money.

8. Vindale Research app

Vindale Research app
Vindale Research app

This app rewards you for reading the promotional emails that flood your inbox. Like Survey Junkie, you get $2 just for signing up and then more money when you start opening your emails.

Download the app and sign up to collect that $2. Open as many emails as you receive for more money!

9. Sittercity app and Rover.com

Sittercity app and Rover.com
Sittercity app and Rover.com

Sittercity is a babysitting site and Rover is for dog walkers. Are you qualified for these jobs? If so, these tools are great for interested sitters.

Make an account. Find local gigs by connecting with people who need a babysitter or dog-walker. Make money through both!

10. Uber and Lyft apps

Uberand Lyft apps
Uber and Lyft apps

Uber and Lyft are popular and great side jobs. If you have a car and you like to drive, these apps are an easy way to earn some money.

Get one or both of these apps and sign up. When someone near you needs a ride, you can offer to be their driver for money.

Risky but Free Money and Fast

Just be cautious when signing up for things that might affect your credit score. Make sure you pay off your dues and be aware of any fees you may be charged.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Consider applying for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card if you know you’re about to make a big purchase. This card gives you a 50,000 point sign up bonus, which is equivalent to $500 to $650 if you redeem it for travel expenses.

Apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card when you know you’re about to spend a large amount of money that you will immediately be able to pay back. Spend $4,000 on the card in the first three months after you open it. Redeem your points as travel expenses.

2. Chase Bank

Open a checking account with Chase Bank to immediately make $150. An extra checking account can help manage your money. Be careful of insufficient funds and other issues that the bank may penalize you for and read all information thoroughly.

Get a new checking account with Chase Bank. Set up direct deposit with your new account and earn $150!

Easy ideas to try at home to get Money Free and Fast in 2023

You don’t just need fancy internet tools to get fast cash. Think about the opportunities in your neighborhood and choose what to do with the options you have.

1. Bottles and cans

Return your empty bottles and cans at your local grocery store or bottle return store. Depending on where you live, you can earn money back without any effort to you.

2. Yard sale

If you’re not into craigslist or you want fast money, put your unwanted stuff in the front yard and post signs over the neighborhood. Make sure you profit off of everything you sell! Price your items accordingly.

3. lawn-mowing services

Listen, if you’re desperate, you’re desperate. Knock on doors and offer your lawn-mowing services to anyone who wants them. The best houses to try are those of elderly individuals who can no longer cut their lawns easily. Offer a discounted price from the price of professional companies and you may just have yourself a deal!

Conclusion of I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2023

Do whatever you can for the money you need, as long as it’s safe and ethical. You’ve got this. Try every service out there until some money comes your way. Remember to be wary when you accept deals that seem to offer free cash because some of these are traps. Don’t be scared to beg if you’re desperate—we’ve all been there once or twice. If you have the time, try getting a second job! If not, these options should work for you. Good luck!

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