How to get Free Fortnite Accounts with Skins in 2023

by Jared West

Do you know you can get free Fortnite accounts that have impressively designed skins and emote? If no, we will walk you through how to get beautiful skins without having to spend real money.

Fortnite is one of the biggest freemium online battle royal games available on consoles, PCs and mobile devices. Developed by Epic Games and launched in 2017 , it has cartoony gameplay and is especially loved by kids and adults alike. Though the game is free to play, there are lots of in-game items like emotes, gun skins and character skins that one can only get by paying real money. While it is a good way to help the developers in making the game better, not everyone as the means to spend their hard-earned money on games. As a result of that, we will be looking at different methods by which you can get free Fortnite accounts with skins in 2023.

Different ways of getting Free Fortnite Accounts

You do not necessarily have to create a fortnite account yourself before applying the methods that will be discussed below.

Use Fortnite Account Generating Websites

This is by far the easiest way to get free skins in your Fortnite account. There are lots of websites that generate fortnite accounts that have rare skins in them. It does not cost you a dime to visit these websites and get these skins. Though there are lots of these websites around, we have taken the time to select the best websites that allow you to generate fortnite accounts for free and without hassle.

i. Hackivo - Fortnite Account Site

i.                     Hackivo
i. Hackivo

Hackivo is one of the most popular websites people visit for cheats that concern Fortnite. The site is known for generating fortnite accounts that come with free V-Bucks and skins.

All you have to do to get an account on the site is to complete surveys. The best thing about the site is that the surveys are very easy to complete. This means you can get as many Free fortnite accounts as you so desire. Another interesting thing about the site is that if lucky, you can get Limited Edition and Super Deluxe Fortnite accounts.

Asides free V-bucks and skins, you also get several cosmetics. To get started, visit the Hackivo Website. Then select Fortnite under the Game Category section. Next, you have to select the Fortnite edition you want to play. After that, you need to complete the surveysgiven to you. Once you do that your free account will be ready to claim.

ii. GamerScrew - Fortnite Account Site

ii.                   GamerScrew
ii. GamerScrew

GamerScrew is another good site that offers cheats as well as free gaming accounts to gamers. The main reason why GamerScrew is on this list is that it also recently started offering Fortnite accounts. Like many other accounts offering free accounts, you also have to carry out some tasks. The kind of task you have to complete depends on what you decide to do.

NOTE: The site already has skins released for the current Chapter 2 Season2 in Fortnite.

Once you log on to the site, select Fortnite andanother page should open in a new tab. On the new page, you have to enter the email address you want your Fortnite account to have. Next, you have to share the website's linkon your social media pages to help promote the site. After doing that you have to complete a short survey put in place to prevent bots. Once you do all that, you can then proceed to click the generate button. Your free fortnite account should now be ready for use.

NOTE: The skins that are available in any generated fortnite account does not follow any set rule. All accounts are randomly created. In other words, it means you might not get the skin you want.

iii. BugMeNot - Fortnite Account Site

iii.                 BugMeNot
iii. BugMeNot

BugMeNot is a website that offers usernames and passwords of accounts to anyone who wants it. In short, it allows users to bypass the mandatory account creation before being able to access a website.

The site is easy to use. All you have to do is enter the name of the website you want usernames and passwords for. Once you enter the name of the site, you will then see a list of usernames and passwords with other details showing how old the account is.

All the accounts you find on this website are uploaded by other users and are not randomly generated. This means that you might not always get a working account. Why? Because someone else might have claimed the fortnite account by changing the password. If such happens, you can simply try the other website on this list.

iv. Free-GG - Fortnite Account Site

iv.                 Free-GG
iv. Free-GG

Free-GG is not like the other three websites discussed above. While it also offers Free fortnite accounts among other things,you need GPoints for it to work. Fortnite account required 30 GPoints to unlock.

Earning GPoints require you to perform simple tasks on the site. These tasks include completing surveys, watching ads, sharing the site's link on social media to promote it among others.

The site also offers premium Spotify accounts, premium Minecraft accounts,and premium Netflix accounts for free. Depending on how many GPoints you have, the number of skins you meet in a fortnite account generated on the site varies. In other words, to get better skins, you need more GPoints.

Buy Skins Using Free V-Bucks

Real money is not the only thing you can use to purchase skins on Fortnite. V-Buck can also be used to purchase them. In fact, you can also use V-Bucks to purchase a battle pass in the game. Of course to get V-bucks you have to purchase it using real money. However, you don’t have to thanks to PointPrizes.

PointPrizes is a site that allows you to earn points and free prizes by completing surveys or by promoting the site. It is one of the few websites out there that is not a scam. The site not only allows you to earn V-Bucks for your fortnite account, but it also allows you to earn money directly to your PayPal account, free Robux in your Roblox account, Free Google Play gift card among other things. Below are the steps you need to follow to earn free V-Bucks through PointPrizes:

· Visit the Site Here and create an accounts

· You should get prompts to complete surveys once you are done creating the account. If not look for offers, video ads and surveys to claim, watch or complete as the case may be. Ensure you complete all available tasks to increase the points you earn.

· Once you have earned a lot of points, you can select the option of redeeming your points into PayPal money. The transaction should be completed within 24 Hours.

· Next thing is to use the free money you have in your PayPal account to purchase V-Bucks.

PointPrizes is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Free Fortnite Usernames and Passwords available online

Though we won’t be listing any of these usernames and passwords,this is still a way to get a free Fortnite account with skins in 2023. One of the major reasons why you won’t find any free username and password here is because most of them would have been claimed by the time you read this writeup. This means rather than waste your time and ours compiling usernames and passwords, you should only try this method as last resort. Another reason is that many of the accounts are usually generated by online generators. Hence, there is no guarantee many will work.

Many of these accounts have rare skins and tons of V-Bucks. All you have to do to get access to these free accounts is to google search the keyword "Fortnite Usernames and Passwords". You should find tons of usernames and passwords to try out.


This is the last methodon this list. With this, you can get skins on your Fortnite accountwithout spending a dime of your own money. Entering giveaways can also help you get skins although winning them is usually down to luck. There are different places you can enter giveaways. Many Social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram regularly host giveaways for their followers. Several websites host giveaways for people who regularly visit their website.

All you have to do is locate social media accounts or websites running giveaway campaign and enter.


There is no denying that many of these in-game items one can only purchase with real money make playing the game more enjoyable. However, for those who have other commitments other than spending real money on the game, the methods discussed above will help.

Please note, while searching for ways to get beautiful looking skins into your Fortnite account, you should also be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers. You should ignore any website that asks for your credit card before you can claim a free account. Any website that asks for your credit card details or any other related sensitive information is only looking to scam you. Hope this helps!

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