Top .IO Games to Play for Good Fun Times in 2023

by Jared West

2020 has turned out to be a disastrous year in the history of mankind for many global changes . The most dangerous one of which is the global pandemic COVID-19. This pandemic has affected almost the entire globe and has stopped all the daily life activities. As many governments have considered it a global emergency. This pandemic disrupting normal life has made it difficult for all to kill free time. Because, the governments all around the world have put their citizens in quarantine . Staying at home for a very long period is obviously very difficult for all of us. Because, we have never faced such a serious issue throughout our lives. Being in quarantine, when it becomes difficult for us. We look for the hobbies and activities that can help us in killing time in such an hour. What can be a more interesting activity than playing online .IO games ?

What are .IO games actually?

.IO games are no different than the typical games you are already familiar with.The only difference lies in the insertion of .io domain with the link to these games. In other words, such games end with .io at the end. Just the way, many websites have a domain name. This is the domain identity of such games.They are quite easy and simple to play. If compared with the traditional games. these games are relatively simpler. With just a smartphone or any smart device and a computer, you can play them. There is no need of going through complex computer configuration. Because of their simple playing steps. These games are getting immense popularity. So, you can really think of switching yourselves on to them. Because of their simple nature. People of all ages can think of making them as their hot favourite.

Top .IO Games to Play for Your Entertainment in 2023

Today we have made an extensive list of top 10 amazing .io games. These can be your fantastic quarantine partner. You can relax among all this situation of panic. Because, they are going to change your mood and be a good addition in your spare time.

Here is a detailed list of 10 such awesome games. - IO Game Link

This game has some really colorful pattern of zombies attacking your hoard. Here you just need to keep your hoard safe from the attacking zombies. Once the zombies attack your hoard. They are going to destroy the whole of it. So, you need to be careful about it. You need to kill the attacking zombies. The attack mode is quite war-like . You need to make an attacking base of your own. Once you will be constructing up your very own base . You are going to face the zombies attacking you from the front. The more you protect your hoard from zombie attacks. The more your score will be added to your bucket. But you need to be really careful about the zombies coming up to you. Because, with each row, their number will increase. They will get closer to you and will kill you easily. Therefore, all you need to try is to keep their approaching number low and at a distance. - IO Game Link

It is another popular game. This game is known for its specific features. The graphics of the game are 3d and colourful. Another amazing feature this game offers is that it is a multiplayer game. In other words, more than one player can play this game at a single time. This makes it a popular choice of many teens. Because, they like to play it with their siblings for the purpose of competition. The game basically is divided into many circles located within the map. If you are a single player, then all you need to do is to acquire a cell from the map. After this, you can start eating up these small and big circles. With each circle. Points are added into your points table. The motive of the game is that the circles are eaten for gaining mass . So, automatically, with increasing mass. Your cell turns into a very large circle. You can again construct a cell splitting up your large circle. The game continues like this and circles keep on adding and splitting themselves from the map. If you are playing it in a multiple player mode. There is a turn taking at each passed circle. The player with greater mass gets the highest marking. It wins up the game among the partners. - IO Game Link

This is a fun game with colour graphics. It includes multiplayers. Just as the name shows, here you are supposed to fly using your " plane ". You are supposed to control your plane right here in this game. So, be sure that you don't hit with any other plans. Here, you earn points not only by controlling your planes. But one of your very important missions is to target and attack other planes coming in front of you. With great numbers of planes knocked down. You will be near to make a points record. The reward of the points record is a crown . In other words, if you will be making a high score. You will be crowned and made king/queen of the wings for a day. This record will stay there until and unless you break this one. There can be another reason for this, if anyone else makes a high score. So, the crown will be of his/her. Since, it is an attacking game. So, you need to be very careful about controlling your plane. Because, the other planes will try to attack yours and knock it down. Once you will fail the level. You have to restart the whole game. Except, the lifelines. While using the lifelines, you can easily enter in the game but just for three times knock down. After that, you have to restart. - IO Game Link is getting widely popular over Instagram these days. Many people have taken the challenge too. So, we will tell you what this game actually is? It basically consists of some birds flying over pipes . With colourful graphics, it takes us back into the 90's digital gaming. Here, you need to control your bird. The bird control is done in order to save it from falling on to the ground. You need to keep it high as you can. Because, there are two obstacles for you over here. One you have to avoid falling on to the ground. Two, you have to avoid the pipes coming in the way too. Because, once you will touch the pipe. You will be hurt and the game will end. The score will only be possible with maximum pipes passed without falling on the ground. - IO Game Link

This game is very much similar to But, minor differences are present in between the two. The game is multiplayer. It consists of balls on the map. The game begins right after the players start throwing balls at each other. These balls, at first, are smaller in size. But, the more you eat food while eating your opponents balls. Your ball grows in size. This big ball can be split up into many small balls. You can then throw all these balls towards your opponent. With a lot of balls to throw at the opponent. You make a high score and have a good chance to win the game. - IO Game Link

Remember, the classic game of snakes and food in your old Nokia phones. is a modern form of that very old but never tiring game. I think you all know how that game actually worked? works in the very same fashion. It has colourful graphics. The game is available on all Android and iOS devices. The web browsers also have this game. Here, colourful snakes roam around the field of food balls. All you need to do is to eat those balls. Not only eating, but you have to avoid crashing with other snakes. The more food you will eat. The more your size will grow and you will gain points. - IO Game Link

It is a very interesting guessing game . It is played between two players. One of the players imagines a word in his head. He then draws a picture having the word form within it. The second player has to guess that word from the drawing. If he guesses right, points are given to him and he takes the turn. But, if he fails at guessing. The first player gets the points. - IO Game Link

With advanced 3d graphics. has a battlefield scenario. Here, you as players are required to attack the robots as much as you can. If you destroy a huge number of robots and survive till the end of the battlefield. You will earn more points. Because, different robots will be having different points. So, you make up a high score within no time. - IO Game Link

It is a very popular shooting game. Here, you just need to control your tank . Besides controlling, you are also required to target other tanks and shoot them right there.The more tanks you will shoot , the more points you will get. The game is availables on all three platforms i-e Android, iOS and on web browsers. - IO Game Link

In this game, you have to choose your weapons. It is a multiplayer game. Once you choose your own weapons . You have to attack other players. They will respond to this attack with their own chosen weapons. With high attacking times , you will get a high score.

These games can give you a very amazing experience. So, play the games and wash your hands with soap and sanitizer. Because, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this pandemic.

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