Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2023

by Jared West

The reasons you think you need tumblr alternatives? The reason is because blogs are one of the most efficient means of spreading the word and making it an effective mode of communication. And that is the main reason why every company must posses an active and easy to access blog.

Why Lookng for Sites like Tumblr?

for Individuals, blogs can undoubtedly transform lives.

As a person or an organization, you have to opt for one of the best blogging sites available which is an important factor in the growth of your business or your organization. Tumblr has been used by many because of its ease of use and it's effectiveness.

The site was launched to create small blogs and spread words or ideas by sharing texts, videos, hyperlinks and photos. In fact, you can share almost anything on the Tumblr blog.

But the short comings of Tumblr is it cannot fulfill the vast and extensive passion for blogging. New bloggers are always looking for others Tumblr alternatives to blog fast and effectively.

List of Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2023

Now, I will be sharing some of the most popular and an easy-to-use Tumblr alternatives.

Wordpress - Alternative Link


WordPress is ranked among the best website tool creator. The wordpress is a great and easy to use hosting program which allows the user create his own personal website.

Although it is more sophisticated and not as simple as Blogger, but can still be a good choice and easy to use for a newbie in the blogging world.

The website offers many amazing, essential and important functions for WordPress User. And these powerful functions can be useful to a sophisticated and skilled web designer that want to make opinion.

Despite having various amazing features, its still very easy, efficient and also very effective.

This has been made possible thanks to the modern and elegant user interface. WordPress has everything you need, all the features and options are directly on the homepage. And it may also be used for various tasks on WordPress.

The result being that it can be effectively used to quickly make posts on your own website. And then you can show your photos on your WordPress site. It is completely free and easy to use just as Blogger.

And by the reason of all its these features, it is commonly used by some good number of bloggers.

New Grounds - Alternative Link

New Grounds

The NewGround is a unique, efficient and easy to use. It is a good alternative which is present online and easily accessible. It is an essential social media platform that is targeted towards gamers.

Various posts are present on NewGrounds, ranging from memes, games and also movies. Because of these various features, it is a great option to meet your need for entertainment. Depending on what you like, and as a matter of fact, your own post can be added to NewGrounds.

In contrast to Tumblr, NewGrounds have no restrictions for NSFW. So the user can post anything they want. And this is actually what users of NewGrounds do on the website. And on this NewGrounds website, there are different varieties of posts which include audio, photos, videos and games .

In short, NewGrounds has one or two things to offer each and everyone. The entire community on this page is quite good. And as a matter of fact, new friends can easily be made on this page depending on what interests you.

The good news is that this website can also be used free of charge. And lastly, considering all these features, NewGrounds is undoubtedly among best alternatives for Tumblr.

Blogger - Alternative Link


You must have heard of Blogger, which is sometimes referred to as blogspot. It is owned by google and it is among the best free Tumblr alternative you can come across.

Starting a blog on this easy and efficient Tumblr alternative requires that you log in using your Gmail and password. You can start up to 100 blogs with one Blogger account.

Blogger offers you a number of useful things like most visited pages, statistics, traffic sources and so on. A custom domain name must be used in order to make money on your blog with Adsense.

in recent years, bloggers have received a lot of useful updates and now it is a beneficial and an alternative to Tumblr.

This gives support for many users, Integrate the domain username and all other features you can find on Tumblr. The major disadvantage of Blogger is that your blog cannot be hosted on your desired server.

Pillowfort - Alternative Link


Pillowfort also gives a good alternative for Tumblr because of the many offers and options that this website have in stock for users.

In terms of design and elements of its layout, it is a little bit similar to Tumblr. All user interfaces of the pillowfort is simple, gives the user some degree of flexibility and also easy to use.

This feature makes pillow fort unique and efficient as an alternative to Tumblr. Each and every publications on the pillowfort website are properly sorted according to category.

As a result, to find a post that interests you is very simple. Furthermore, the most important property of this website is it allows NSFW content. And if you are a Tumblr user, you will definitely appreciate this function.

Let's talk about posting, Various types of content can be posted on pillowfort. Either you make simple text publications or you make multimedia documents.

This one website proffer a variety of document files that can be published to posts. It supports several GIF, audio, video, photo, multimedia files and many more. Those files can help you make your publications more appealing for your viewers.

Soup - Alternative Link

Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2023: Soup
Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2023: Soup

The name soup sounds very strange, but the soup almost exactly match the Tumblr in both its properties and user interface. As a result, soup is an efficient and effective alternative for Tumblr.

It allows you post almost anything of your choice ranging from quote to text, video, images, GIF and any other files as desired by the user. Soup can Import posts directly from various social media networks (e.g. facebook, Reddit, twitter, SoundCloud) it also allows the user post files on instagram.

The user custom domain can be pointed to their soup micro blog efficiently, easily and effectively.

The users can join various category of the soup group and contribute posts based on several topics like TV shows and animals. Hence create a cooperative stream of publications.

In summary, soup is an easy and a simple micro blogging platform that works effectively and can serve as an alternative to Tumblr.

Mastodon - Alternative Link


This website looks very similar to twitter in the pattern in which it works with people who post contents on the website. I.e being followed by people and also following amazing persons who finds them interesting.

This is very similar to Tumblr and hence Mastodon is definitely the Tumblr alternative you can look out for. The service Mastodon offer is entirely decentralized and open source.

It has its own user based which is already fairly large. It works the same way as Tumblr reason being that you can post several contents on Mastodon. These contents include audio, video, GIF and any other multimedia of your choice. And Like Tumblr, other users can comment on your post, repost them and also like your posts.

And to be honest, the user interface is quite different from that of Tumblr, but they both have a lot in common in terms of properties and the ease of use.

There's a hotkey on the user interface where new posts can be created with the keyboard.

Site123 - Alternative Link


Are you an absolute beginner in the internet world? and you want to make yourself known by creating your posts.

Site123 is an awesome platform to achieve your goal. On this platform, you can create your own blog absolutely Free. No technical knowledge is required to start your website. And within a matter of minutes, you can register and choose your own template.

It is very easy to use, efficient and also free. your domain username can be used for your online business.

This website is not only easy and simple, it is also an amazing platform where you can create your own personal online store or other types of website of your choice.

This platform makes your website unique and attractive by proferring an easy to use website builder.

This website also proffer a 24/7 Support if you experience any form of problem. So, if you plan to start a site, Site123 is a very good alternative to Tumblr.

Ghost - Alternative Link


Ghost is another alternative to Tumblr. It is a unique and open source website for creating posts.

Contents can be shared through this website either as a business person or a freelancer that wants to showcase his writing talent.

The Ghost website gives it's user the flexibility to efficiently enhance videos as well as photos. The control of the post is bestowed on the user.

In fact, Some explicit posts are allowed on the ghost platform and it also gives the user a certain degree freedom to fully express themselves.

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