Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converters in 2023

by Jared West

If you want to watch movies, famous TV shows, funny videos or listen to songs. The best place to find such diverse videos is YouTube we all know that, but there's one problem you can't directly download videos from YouTube. There is no such option available at YouTube because it's against their terms and condition. You can only download videos from YouTube if the owner has allowed. To download videos from YouTube, there are third party apps that helps you to download any video.

Sometimes we want to listen to an offline song or motivational speech while working or watching another video in back. We waste a lot of time searching for mp3 converters to do so.

That's why today we bring you the best free YouTube to mp3 converter that will help you to convert video easily.

Before we list down such converter there are two types of mp3 converters

  • Web based
  • Desktop Application (using on pc)

First, we will discuss the web-based YouTube to mp3 converters. If you want to use desktop application then skip the web-based converters part.

YouTube to Mp3 Converters : Web based

Converto - MP3 Converter Link


Converto is completely free to use. You can access this site using any browser. The interface of the webpage is very simple. All you need to do is paste the YouTube link in the search box. The site gives you multiple options to edit tags of mp3 file such as artist name, Title, Album and cover art. You can select the format of video i.e. either convert it to mp3 or mp4. The interesting feature of this site is you can convert and download specific part of video. The easy dragging option allows you to select specific part of video which you want to convert and download.

You can also report error if site failed to convert video. Moreover, this site supports 14 different languages.

Y2Mate - MP3 Converter Link


Y2Mate is a widely used YouTube to mp3 converter. The site powerful searching allows you to directly search any video or song. You can search through keywords or long phrases. The main feature of this site is You don't have to visit YouTub e to copy link and then paste in Y2Mate search box. It does give you an option to search through a link, it's all up to you. You can not only download a video in full high definition but also in mp3 format. There is another option of downloading video in audio format.

Y2Mate also has chrome extension. Installing the extension will allow you to easily download video in mp3 format. You can also change the language of site. The site supports 21 different languages.

Y2mate is the only site which provides you the shortcut to download video and convert it into mp3. The shortcut is adding "pp" after YouTube in URL of video and you will be redirected to Y2Mate site. For example,

You can also upload the downloaded movie to Dropbox.

Online Video Converter - MP3 Converter Link

Online Video Converter
Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is the site that not only downloads videos from YouTube but also supports downloading and converting videos from other sites. For example, Facebook, Instagram, vimeo, 9gag, TED, Live leak and many others. The interface of the site is very simple. You can easily download and convert YouTube videos. There are many file formats that this site supports for example MP3, ACC, OGG, WMA, MP4, FLV, MPG and many others. You can download video in different quality. The site requires no registration for downloading video, its compatible with modern browsers and you can do unlimited free conversions and downloads.

The site also allows you to convert already downloaded videos, you can just drag the video to site or open and select file directly from site. The conversions are very fast. The site supports 15 different languages, so language is not a barrier in using this site. - MP3 Converter Link

The Mp3Conver gives you three option for downloading a video. You can download YouTube video, convert it to Mp3 or Mp4. Just like y2mate this site also have powerful searching feature. You can directly search any YouTube video on this site through key words or long sentence, it depends on your requirement. Mp3Convert converts the video very fast. The site interface is very interactive. This site also notifies you if a video contains copyright content or not. You can download different quality of Mp3 files. For example, 128kbps, 256kbps or 320kbps (High quality). This site doesn't contain any ads which annoys you. You can download and convert unlimited videos. This site also supports 9 different languages. You can download multiple mp3 files at same time. The site is very responsive.

YoutubetoMP3 - MP3 Converter Link


This site not only supports YouTube videos for conversion and downloading but also other sites. According to youtubetomp3 it supports 1000+ websites. The site is also compatible with Mac. If you want to download or convert video on your iphone or android phone, this site is best option for you. The powerful feature of searching allows you to search any YouTube video directly from this site. You can use keywords, phrases or long sentences to search a video. You can also search video through link. The site interface is very interactive and easy to use. You can easily convert and download any video, without any registration. The downloaded file can also be upload to google drive or Dropbox. This site allows you to select different format of MP3 and audio file.

YouTube to Mp3 Converters : Desktop based

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter - MP3 Converter Link

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

As the name suggest it's a free YouTube to MP3 converter. Its quite difficult to find a free desktop application for such kind of tasks. The self-explanatory and interactive interface makes this application very easy to use. All you have to do is just copy and paste the YouTube link and get your converted file ready to use. You can also convert video to different MP3 formats. The download speed is very fast. You can easily customize the downloaded file name, or even change the location of file. This application is also supported on mac. This application also supports older windows version.

This converter also allows you to download complete list of YouTube which makes it very easy to download online courses or complete songs album, but that is for premium users only.

YTD Video Downloader - MP3 Converter Link

YTD Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader

YTD video Downloader lets you download and convert videos from not only YouTube but also other sites in high quality. According to their official site the application supports 15 different sites e.g. Facebook, daily motion, vimeo and tiktok. The interface of this application is very self-explanatory, and provides ease of use. In few clicks you can download and convert the video. You can select different MP3 formats for converting video, delete original file after conversion, choose different location for file. Moreover, you can convert and download part of video. The activity panel shows the size, progress, download/conversion speed and estimated time for conversion which makes it easy for you to check current status of video.

You can convert multiple files but you would have to purchase this application. The application will cost you only $4.99 per month. There are different packages that they offer. Its better to check their offerings before you buy their product.

AVC Any Video Converter - MP3 Converter Link

AVC Any Video Converter
AVC Any Video Converter

As the name suggests it's a desktop application that can convert any type of video. Any video converter provides you variety of features that can help to convert any video for any platform. This application also has Mac version, it's not limited to windows users only. You can convert YouTube video to any android phone format. You can also merge multiple videos. You can convert a specific part of video. The user-friendly interface makes it very easy to convert video in few steps. The video link can be pasted in converter but If you have already downloaded video then Add video option allows you to upload video from your pc and convert it. The player used in this application makes customized video conversion very easy. You can also adjust volume of video. The minimum system requirement for Any Video converter is 256mb ram, 70mb hard disk space for installation. So, this not just a converter, it's a complete package for downloading, converting and editing videos or audio files.

Conclusion of Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converters in 2023

Conclusion of Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converters in 2023
Conclusion of Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converters in 2023

You can download and convert YouTube videos using these powerful web and desktop application. Web based and desktop-based converters does the same job, but if you want to convert multiple videos use desktop converters as they are more time efficient and requires less effort. Repeating the same task on web tool will take more time and effort.

More than 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute on YouTube. Famous youtubers, musicians, scientists, journalists and many other creative people are uploading their great work. So, it's ethically good to check first whether creator has allowed to download video or not.

I hope this article has been helpful for you. If so, let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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