Best Song Identifier Applications on Android For Music Recognition in 2023

Find out what song is it ?

by Jared West

Do you know that you can easily identify a song on your Android device, irrespective of whether you know the title/artiste or not?

This has definitely happened to everyone; you hear a song playing(probably for the first time) and you feel goosebumps, thinking, 'I love this song so much' but you probably don't know the artiste or title. You might hear it in a public place or the radio, and there was no way that you could get the details of the song so you can search on Google.

Well, on the bright side, we live in the smartphone age, where a device in your pocket could listen in just like you and recognize a song, and even go further to give you instant lyrics! In order to do this, all that is required are the appropriate identifier apps to perform the magic, and some of them even provide links and access to download the tracks, watch the music videos, while viewing the lyrics.

Music Identifier Applications

Music identifier applications when started on your device, enable it to extract a portion of sound/music that is played, and then provide information on the singer, album, lyrics and other track information, depending on its functionalities. Many of them require no cost; free to install and utilize unlimitedly.

How It Works

Music identifier apps are highly specialized, and they make use of cloud connectivity to a database on the Web. Next, the music played is then analyzed and a digital copy is extracted from the piece of music, and compared with the database online, to fin an appropriate match. As soon as this match is found, the app retrieves details of the artiste, title, album and lyrics of the song and sends them to the user. Links to purchase or download the song comes available too.

Best Song Identifier Applications on Android For Music Recognition in 2023

So without further ado, let's check out these smart apps.

1. Shazam - Song Identifier App


Unarguably the best of all the song identifier software on Android, Shazam is a highly smart application, giving you key details about any song playing audibly in as little time as a second. Input of lengthy lyrics for search keywords is now unnecessary, an you can get to identify your next best artiste and even more tracks they have released through the Shazam app. You could choose to purchase the song on the Amazon platform, or watch the music video on YouTube. Shazam is free to use, and available on Android and iOS platforms. It is more popular on iPhones. There are other apps out there with similar features, but if you want a fast, easy-to-use application that thaws out details for any song whatsoever, then this should be your choice.


  • Track recognition is fast.
  • YouTube video shortcut is available.
  • Can decipher nearly any song.


  • Tags are lost if the app is uninstalled.

2. Track ID Music Recognition - Song Identifier App

Developed by Sony, this app is loaded with great features of music detection and recognition capabilities. And along with its killer user interface, with just a tap, it informs you instantly, the song that is being played. It also brings to you the biography of the artiste, and search history can be saved, so that at s later date you can revisit your favorite songs through its streaming feature. You can also share your songs with via social media such as Facebook, and your friends would love you for recommending such a great song.


  • Awesome user interface
  • Recognition capabilities work in a flash


  • It's functions are completely unavailable when offline.

3. SoundHoundMusic - Song Identifier App


You would definitely love an app that could go as far as letting you know the song you're singing just by humming to it, wouldn't you? Don't say it's impossible, 'cause it isn't. The SoundHound app is smart in all ramifications, featuring genius level algorithm that recognizes a user's voice and looks for the appropriate song that matches the tune. This is a marvelous feature, especially when you got no knowledge whatsoever about the singer, song or album details. Aside from these, it gets you the latest updates on your favorite or bookmarked artistes, straight from their social media pages. Now that's a really dope feature!


  • Can recognize songs from humming
  • Very useful especially when you cannot replay the music


  • It contains ads.

4. MusixMatch For Music, Lyrics - Song Identifier App

MusixMatch     For Music, Lyrics
MusixMatch For Music, Lyrics

Another unique music identifier app. MusixMatch is very reliable and is recommended for everyone. Identification of songs is not only possible, but easy too in that it adds the lyrics so you can sing along. It also offers music player features, helping you to efficiently manage playlists, equalize and play songs on your phone.

Besides these, one of the best things about the MusixMatch app, is that you can remove or wipe off the vocals, leaving only the instrumentals playing, and then you can sing along and learn the song at your own pace. What's more, it is completely free.


  • Music identification is very reliable
  • It is completely free to use
  • Sing along functionality is available.


  • Requires an Internet connection (sometimes a lot) to retrieve data.

5. Music Identification - Song Identifier App

Music     Identification
Music Identification

The Music Identification app works just like its name, helping to identify songs for you. However, it is special in a few ways. This app gives access to the largest music database in the world, with well over a hundred million hit songs detailed within. Its uniqueness also lies in the fact that it instantly provides a URL you can visit to download or listen the song you searched for to be identified. It is completely free to use.


  • Music Collection is diverse and large


  • It doesn't work accurately with prominent bass sound.
Sound     Search
Sound Search

This app is powered by Google. Its got a shortcut in form of a widget that can be added to the lock screen on your device, and is perfectly able to listen to and as well identify sound and songs instantly from your room. And as usual Google displays its excellence, but with a musical identifier application this time. It top notch, and doesn't use up system resources. What's more, its got an awesome user interface that is straightforward and easy to use, so tutorials are not required for it, perhaps. It also provides links to the Play store where you can purchase the songs you love.

7. Anysong Chord Recognition - Song Identifier App

A really handy application that saves you the stress of having to search online for guitar chords just so you can play a specific song you like. It identifies any particular piece of music by the guitar chords in about 40 seconds playback time. For processing the entire music, you'll have to make an upgrade to the paid premium version. Guitar chords are recorded and collected by the app and displays on your screen by means of tabs while the music is playing.

8. MusicID - Song Identifier App


This is an app tailored for music lovers which is generally, anyone. A piece of song is extracted, analyzed and identified within a space of five seconds, providing you album, artiste, lyrics, and track information. MusicID has a large music collection that has got every kind of song you need, so you would definitely get the details you need. YouTube links can be obtained for the identified song too, and you can tap on it to see the music video.


  • Voice search feature can be used.
  • Music Recognition is fast
  • Videos, if any, are made available via YouTube.


  • It contains ads.

9. Genius - Song Identifier App


The Genius app lives up to its name, as to identify your song, all you need to do is hold it up towards the music source and tap on the Soundwave option, and almost instantly, track details including the lyrics are displayed. You can learn, as well as sing along to the song being played, as the lyrics are shown. This app is very easy to use, and lyrics can be obtained for all songs that are streamed from any online services.


  • It displays annotated lyrics.
  • Identifies and matches lyrics for any songs whatsoever.
  • Can be used with online streaming services such as Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify.


  • For children not yet twelve, it is not recommended.
  • It does not have its own music player.

10. Bird Song ID - Song Identifier App

This app is built for the bird lovers. The Bird Song ID app identifies facts about a singing bird; your phone listens and analyses a bird song and checks with its database, and identifies the bird.


  • Good for bird watchers and observers
  • Determines, identifies, and presents on a bird via its singing


  • It does not identify music or regular songs


So, judging by functionalities, the best app for music or song identification is Shazam. However, depending on your preferences, this may not be the best for you, especially if you're searching for a particular feature. Nevertheless we encourage you to install one or more of these apps and see which is your favorite, as the best song identifier is also dependent on your preferences. If you have any suggestions, you ma drop some feedback in the comments section.

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