Roadie Jobs in 2023

by Jared West

Today we will dive into the world of music. And just an aspect that is usually popular among the music industry. It is an area that if you fit the job description. You can get an all time 254hrs access to your favorite musicians. We will talk about Roadies and what they do, who they are, and you can become one.

Who is a Roadie?

I know some of you have never heard of the word roadie. But we will do justice to the explanation with this article. A Roadie is an individual who provides various supports to musicians during tour. They help with setting up musical instruments for the tour. They also dismantle various musical instruments after the tour. They are the bodies needed for loading the van with equipments. They might also work as a driver, who drives the musicians from one gig to another.

Roadie is usually generalized with a catch-all term for a professional. A professional that works in live music industry. They have various duties like, engineering sound, tuning guitars, dismantling stage, lighting, smoke, and so much more.

What Kind of Work Do They Do?

1) Equipment Management

2) Lightening and Sound Manager

3) Safety and Security of all equipments

4) Driver

5) Travel manager

Equipment Management

Equipment Management
Equipment Management

The sole work of a roadie in this section is to manage the various equipments used by the musicians . They make sure drum sets are in good conditions, the guitars are properly stringed. They maintain the equipments and make sure they are of high standard to bring the best out of equipment. The musicians can enjoy the gig they perform and have high performance.

Lightening and Sound Manager

The roadie is responsible for making sure the lights are at the right brightness. They rig up wires and provide the special effects to make the gig a special one. Special effects like fireworks are usually employed by the roadies to make the performance a memorable one. They are in charge of the sound equipments, like speakers and microphones. Without sounds, the musician is left hanging with a bad performance. Sounds is the main ingredient for a successful gig.

Safety and Security of equipments

Apart from managing these equipments, they also ensure they are safe and secure from thieves. Another important job about this part of the job, they provide security for the musicians themselves. They protect musicians from fans that are ambitious, from annoying pressman. So they ensure the safety and security of both lives and equipments.


The roadie can also be a driver for the musicians. Driving them from one gig to another. They ensure musicians are always on time for their gigs.

Travel Manager

During your tour, you will be making most arrangements. Feeding, relaxation and the likes are part of your job. You will have in depth knowledge of the areas you will be touring around. This way, your musician will know he is in safe hands.

Conditions Associated with being a Roadie

I. You will work very long hours. This include working at very odd hours. You will work evening, weekends and early hours. Your work has no specific time.

II. You will travel a lot. Visiting new places, seeing new cultures and enjoying various new scenarios. You might be travelling abroad along the way.

III. Your visit to your home might be affected. You will spend lots of days away from the comfort of your bed. Sleeping mostly in the bus and probably eating out a lot. If your musician is nice enough, you might get a basic accommodation for you.

IV. You will lift lots of loads in the form of musical equipments. You will need to be physically fit for this job.

V. As a Roadie, you might work at heights during stage preparation. You might need to fix lights at great height.

VI. You will work in any conditions. You may work in the rain, snow, hot scorching sun. Noisy environment, indoors and outdoors. Your job has no limit when it comes to this conditions.

VII.Your work is more or less a freelance kind of job. You don't have job security, as the terms of the contract might be short term.

Pay Grade of a Roadie

The actual rates of pay grade of roadies varies a lot. It has lots of factors to consider when you calculate the amount you will get paid. These essential factors include;

· Working for a band, or working for an agency, or working for an avenue.

· How much success and crowds the band you work with draws in for each show.

· How many specialist skills can you offer as a roadie?

Those are the most essential factors to consider when considering the pay grade of a roadie. An unskilled roadie will earn very low compared to a skilled roadie with lots of specialist skills at hand. These specialist skills can be in form of specialist skills such as sound management, lighting and the likes. You will earn more, if you have more skills in your r ésum é. Just find the right job, and do your best.

What Does it Take to be a Good Roadie

What Does it Take to bea Good Roadie
What Does it Take to be a Good Roadie
  • As a good roadie, what can you do to become a good one?. You need to be at your best, so you can get more jobs. The better you are at your job, the more offer you will get. These are the things you should have as a Good Roadie. They are;
  • You should great interest in the music industry and technology field. You will be working a lot with musicians and musical equipments. You need in depth knowledge on the music and handling musical equipments.
  • You should have a great practical skills. Hand-on skills to make use of as a good roadie.
  • You should have a basic technical knowledge which will be helpful in setting up stages.
  • You should have knowledge in various health standards and safety issue. Its a must you have first aid skills, you might need it in emergency cases.
  • You must business orientated, since you will negotiate a lot with venue organizers, and your organizers. You won't want to have an huge debt at the end of the day.
  • A sense or humor for all the road trips. You need it to survive the long journeys, and annoying musicians. You need some form of entertainment.
  • You require great stamina and strength to work as a Roadie. As you will be working a lot at some points in your career.
  • Good organization skills is needed to be a good roadie. You might be the head of the tour members, and you might have to supervise the whole tour operations.
  • Team player skills are needed. This is because you will work a lot with other people. People with various characters, and various personalities.
  • Planing and Stage management skills are top priority for you as a Roadie.

Getting Into Roadie Job

Well, you don't need any kind of formal qualifications. Though, a qualification in music related courses could be useful. And also you can include engineering, technology, sound production courses. There are various courses you can take which won't take time to complete. Getting into the industry is quite remarkably easy. And you should have a good interest in the music industry (mostly, love music).

You will need a drivers licence as a roadie. You may require a passenger carrying vehicle or large goods vehicle licence. You may also need to have knowledge in health and safety courses. Finally, you need to be over 18years of age to think of working as a roadie.

To find a job as roadie, look for vacancies on social media, online, music sites, music magazines, music shops, etc. Then be a good roadie, to get more recommendations from your clients.

Training for Roadies

Well, to become better at what you doing as a roadie. It is sometimes necessary for you to get necessary training in specialist skills. Specialist skills like sound production, wire rigging, pyrotechnics, audio console work and stage management. You can get details about training in those category, by visiting the internet.

Some Facts About Roadie You should Know

Roadie is an Outdated term

Yes, some people feel that the word Roadie has changed meaning. They feel it is slightly derogatory to call individuals such. They prefer calling individuals by the work they do. For example Sound manager, Tour driver, Lighting manager etc.

Roadies Work Insanely Long Hours

As a roadie, you will work for long hours. Its part of the job description.

Roadies Get Used To Roughing It

Exception to this section is, for roadies that work with an A+ list musician. A vast majority of roadies don't enjoy the comfort of luxury hotel suites, or flying in private jets. They are usually working hard to earn money to survive. Depending on the kind of band you are a roadie for, that determines the budget level for each tour you go on. From a 5star hotel, to living on the bus.

In conclusion,

Roadie is a great job, and full of adventures. You will enjoy it more, when you have genuine passion for music Industry (live music). Thank you for reading!!!

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