Ultimate Guide on Song Structure

by Jared West

When talking about Song Structure , we are talking about how a song is organized , and arranged to pass a desired message and entertain listeners. It consist of several sections and all kinds of song forms.

This guide will show you tips on how you can find the right song structures as a song writer or musician.

History of Song Structure

We will like to dig into the history of song structure so as to have an idea how it all started. Just as most things in life are traced back to the ancient Greece, the idea of song structure started over there as strophe from way back. It consists of several sections and we will talk about those sections in details. Grab a seat!

Song structure is basically known as a song's blueprint and it can be classified in several forms. This ranges from verse to chorus and the bridge. We will take a broad look at what this parts of a song are all about in this ultimate guide on song structure.

Firstly, we will like to introduce you to the basic parts of a song structure and the several music genre available in the music world. We will also explain how you can find the right song structure.

Types of Music Genre

This is the categories of music genre available in today's world

· Pop

· Jazz

· R&B

· Reggae

· Rock

· Country

· Blues

· Hip-pop

· Rap … and many more!

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Basic Parts of a Song

The listed parts below are what makes up a song structure;

· Intro

· Verse

· Hook

· Chorus

· Bridge

· Break

· Outro

Intro - Song Structure Element Link


This is the first section and an important part of a song. Music listeners tend to stop or skip a song halfway into listening depending on how well they vibe along with the song. The intro to a song sets the tempo as it is the first impression of what the song is all about. This is a very important part of any song.

If the intro to a song is not good enough, it is more than likely most listeners will skip the song within the first 20 seconds. The intro to a song has to grab the attention of listeners for it to make headlines.

Verse - Song Structure Element Link


This is the part of a song that tells listeners a story. It gives an idea of what a song is all about. Verse is a part of a song where lyrics of a song are arranged in a metrical rhythm and also support the message a song is passing across.

A song built out of sections or one with a defined structure will last the test of time over a song with an undefined rhythm. That's why it is important to write songs in verses. It gives both the writer, singer and listener a part to follow in understanding the core message of a song no matter the genre.

Hook - Song Structure Element Link


Hook is the part of a song structure that focuses on grabbing a listener's attention. It emphasizes on the melody of a song for easy remembrance and it is a very powerful aspect a song structure. It is the most memorable line of a song.

Chorus - Song Structure Element Link


The Chorus is that part of a song that carries the most memorably melody of a song. It also conveys the main idea of a song . It is basically a special part of a song that goes on repeat after each verse.

Chorus is the most interesting aspect of a song. It is that part most listeners will remember no matter how old a song is. As a songwriter, it is very important to make the chorus of your song unique, so as to captivate the fans.

If listeners can't vibe with the chorus of a song - the song is as good as dead.

Bridge - Song Structure Element Link


This part helps break the repetitiveness of a song by giving listeners time to reflect on the song. It takes a new dimension away from the main idea of a song so as to spice it up. This is a part with different rhythm and melody .

The Bridge helps add an element of surprise to the rhythm of a song.

Break - Song Structure Element Link


This is the part of a song where the artist takes a breathier. This is an instrumental break time that interrupts the pattern of a song . A part where listeners digest the actual rhythm of a song and take a short time to reflect on it through beats.

This is a transition period that gives some sort of breathing space for reflection. You get to feel the actual vibe of a song during this period and it also sets the tone and help build anticipation for the next part of a song.

Outro - Song Structure Element Link


This is the part that wraps up a song. Outro puts an end to a song by closing it out with a tag or instrumental. We have talked about several elements of a song such as verse, chorus and Bridge but the outro concludes everything .

Basic Structures of a Song

We have talked about the basic parts of a song and now we will take a look at how the structure of a song is formed. In today's music industry, constructing a nice song structure is very vital.

When writing a song, you have to dig into several areas to pick up ideas, then you need to arrange them in a structure to make it a beautiful piece. The structure of a song can take any mode which means there's no fixed arrangement.

For example, a chorus can come before a verse or a verse can be aligned before a chorus. It all depends on the mood and personal preference while writing a song.

This is mainly the aspect of song writing where you get to arrange the elements of a song in a particular order. So, if you are planning to write a song - this piece will give you a good idea of how to go about it.

Here is a list of the basic structures of a song:

1. Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus

(It is the most popularly used song structure)

2. Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Bridge - Chorus

(This song structure flows dynamically)

3. Verse - Verse - Bridge - Verse

(Not commonly used)

Every song can have a unique artistic expression if it follows a right structure.

Song structures are classified together based on music genres or the inspiration behind them. That is why we listed the several music genres earlier in this article just to give you an idea on how they are grouped. It does not have to follow a particular arrangement.

Understanding song structure YouTube video:

How to Structure a Song

A song needs to sound unique for it to be considered as a good song. Great songwriters were inspired by a certain thing ranging from old classics to happenings around. Most of the songs produced in this generation were inspired by songs from the past.

So, understanding how to structure a song comes down to knowing the common pattern of the kind of song you want to write or produce. Knowing the genre of music you want will put you through what lyrics to write. Even as a professional, you have to develop a good song structure.

It's not enough to have an idea about a great song, you really need to understand where to start. If you can't figure out where to start, you will probably get frustrated about the whole idea of writing a song.

Firstly, you need to introduce your song!

Set the tone for the tracks on your song with a nice intro!

Take out time to write the verse!

As it is the story behind your lyrics - develop it!

Warm your listeners with pre-choruses!

A pre-chorus will wet the appetite of your anticipating audience!

Now come up with an amazing Chorus!

Chorus should be the focal point of your song!

Make the words simple and relatable by giving out a memorable line!

Know when to bridge your song!

Remember your bridge needs to lead your audience to a musical world!

Close it out with an outro!

Since it's the last part listeners will hear, make a good lasting impression!


Studying the parts and structures of a song is vital if you want to be a successful singer or songwriter. Peoples musical taste are different though, which means deciding which pattern of song structure you want to explore is basically down to personal preference.

There is no set rule when it comes to choosing a song structure. Do not feel as though every song you decide to write has to follow a rigid pattern. You have the creative license to follow your own ideas. You will only be happy and fulfilled if your song writing structure follows a pattern you are proud of.

The final word here will be for you to develop your own sound !

Watch a comprehensive song structure guide YouTube video here

Feel free to share your views and ask questions in the comment box.

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