Best sources of information for COVID-19

by Jared West

COVID-19 is a reality we can no longer deny. It has now spread worldwide affecting countries of all regions. We are in a pandemic and it's worse than ever. The situation seems to be worsening. In the USA more than 40,000 people have died because of Coronavirus. The government has banned large gatherings. Not only this but the NBA suspended the season after the knowledge of a player being a Coronavirus patient went viral. The President of the USA has also agreed to the seriousness of the situation. In this chaotic environment, people want to stay updated . They want to know what is happening around them and how bad the situation is. People look for sources to provide them with information related to Coronavirus. People look for accessible information and often tumble upon inaccurate data. Inaccurate data can do more harm than good . It can spread and create anxiety among the population. People must be informed about the situation through reliable information. Spreading false information can create panic and unrest between people. It is important to stay connected through the most accurate readings.

Best sources of information for COVID-19

Below are a few sources of information that you can look into when wanting to stay updated with the ongoing situation.

1. Government and other official websites

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has not had been upfront with the accuracy of this pandemic. He has often claimed things that he later corrected. His team has also often corrected the statements and facts which are mistaking he spoke. He has often addressed the public with facts that were inaccurate and created panic amongst the people.

However, if people want to know more about this COVID-19 situation, there are a few official websites and federal government sources through which people can stay updated.

The Centers forDisease Control and Prevention - Link

The Centers forDisease Control and Prevention
The Centers forDisease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not provide many facts at the starting of the pandemic. However, now it is one of the most visited websites in The United States of America. It is loaded with information regarding many diseases such as influenza, cancer, and even STDS. The website contains very useful and important information regarding the Coronavirus. It contains a lot of data that answers the most frequently asked questions such as:

  • How can a person stay protected and safe during this pandemic?
  • How fast this disease spreads?
  • How can you take care of a loved one if they tested positive ?
  • How to cope with this situation on a daily basis?
  • How many cases are present in the US?
  • What are the symptoms that you should look for?

It also contains guidance for the general public and joins you to a community through which you can stay informed. It additionally contains information about the laboratories and the healthcare department also has a section containing the answers to the most frequently asked questions that people have. It also lists the places where this Coronavirus has been detected all over the world. It also informs you how The CDC is planning to take control of the situation. CDC also customizes information according to the different groups of people visiting the website including, students, businesses, scientists, people who recently traveled, and even the small community centers that can require some guidance. It makes sure it covers all topics and provide its readers with the most accurate and up to date information.

World Health Organization - Link

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

If you're looking for a more global view then The World Health Organization is the best website for you. It provides information about the United States but also about the other countries affected. It contains a lot of data about the people affected and the current situation . It contains media resources the strategies and different ideas that they have put in the plan and their respective results. There is also a section that answers all the myths regarding this virus. It lists down the following.

  • Number of people affected throughout the world
  • The numbers of confirmed deaths that have resulted due to this
  • The number of countries that have been affected until now

The world health organization's website also contains articles about how different countries are dealing with Coronavirus . The articles also contain information about the measures taken by different countries and how it has impacted the spread of this virus. There are also videos uploaded on the website that guide people about how they can stay safe during this pandemic, what steps they should undertake to prevent themselves and others from being a threat. WHO also informs the readers about the development of vaccines and how successful scientists are in their efforts. Another noteworthy element is the fact that this website is updated on a regular basis which ensures that the information that people are receiving is not only accurate but also contains the latest data.

The World Health Organization's website also contains information regarding other diseases and viruses . It contains facts and data available according to each country. It also provides its readers' information about what to do in case of emergencies.

2. Case trackers

You can also access a COVID-19 dashboard for information . They will provide you with the necessary information about the ongoing situation. In case you are interested in knowing how many cases have been found confirmed all over the world then you should go for an interactive dashboard.

John Hopkins University - Link

John Hopkins University
John Hopkins University

The first one was a dashboard created by John Hopkins University. Since then many dashboards have come up which provide authentic data and information. You just have to make sure that the dashboard which you are using is reliable. Reliability and authentication of data are a must, failure to do so can lead to inaccurate information.

John Hopkins University - is one of the most accessed dashboards all over the world. You can gather a lot of information through this dashboard. It contains information about the following.

  • Corona patients all over the world
  • People who have recovered
  • People who have died

Lastly, this information is available to all countries.

HealthMap - Link


HealthMap is another dashboard with you can use to update yourself about the current situation. This is one of the most accurate websites available. It is an interactive dashboard that makes it easier for the viewer to understand the data. The information that is uploaded on this dashboard is well researched and it rarely contains any errors. You can visit this dashboard to get more information about COVID-19.

3. News websites

The news outlet has been a source to deliver information to people for ages. Since the reporting of COVID-19, many prestigious news or websites have stepped up to report information regarding the situation. Some of these news websites are listed below.

New York Times - Link

New York Times
New York Times

The New York Times has actively been providing information regarding this scenario. There are many articles available about how each country is dealing with this crisis. It even has articles about how this pandemic has affected the economic and political situation of major countries.

The Atlantic - Link

The Atlantic
The Atlantic

Atlantic also has a lot of information. News is categorized here in different sections. You can even describe for less than $1 per week. The article is here also presents information about the numbers and the reason behind it.

NPR - Link

Best sources of information for COVID-19: NPR
Best sources of information for COVID-19: NPR

This news website is very reliable. It has articles that contain information about how Coronavirus has affected the world. It even has an analysis of different maps . It even has graphs about the spread of the virus in The United States of America. You can find live updates as well.

Gizmodo - Link


This website has been providing information since the beginning . It has been doing a fantastic job of keeping people up-to-date. It deserves a special place on the list.

STAT News - Link


There is a special section that is dedicated to Coronavirus. It even states the number of people and cases worldwide and how many deaths have resulted because of this. You can explore a lot of data on this website. It covers many different countries and how they are reacting to it.

The final take

All the sources of information listed above are reliable . As a person stuck in this pandemic, it is quite understandable that you must be feeling anxious and scared about the whole situation. People from all over the world are now thinking about what will happen next. We must not read or see any wrong source of information. Lies and incorrect sources of information can create a lot of chaos amongst the general public. We all need to feel safe regarding the information that we get. It is therefore recommended to only rely on accurate mediums. All the mediums mentioned in this article will provide you with facts . You can pick whatever medium works best for you. You can even choose more than one medium to stay updated. Nevertheless, we are in a crisis and we must be only exposed to sound information. This will contribute to our wellbeing.

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