How to Become a Singer

by Jared West

The art of producing musical sounds with the voice is called singing. Singing entails the use of tone, rhythm and varieties of vocal techniques. In this guide, we will talk about the roles of a singer and how you can aspire to be one.

To Be a Singer

You might be wondering how your dream of making it big as a singer will ever come to a reality - this guide will is here to help you!

Are you scared that you might not be good enough?! Or do you battle with stage fright whenever you go for an audition?! Do you wonder if you can keep up with a level of performance over a long period without disappointing your fans?!

These and many more are the few worries on any upcoming singer's mind…

This guide on " how to become a singer " will help you if you want to pursue a professional career in music. Learn about the virtues and qualities of a singer .

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Who is a Singer?

A singer is that person that vocalizes sounds with a tone through his or her throat or voice to produce music. A singer is also known as a vocalist . Singing is done using ones mouth and throat and it can be traced back to the early years before languages were developed. In the early western culture, people sing in churches alone but the rise of opera at some point in life help set the stage for today's professional music artists.

Singers can sing solo or work in a group as a vocalist. Every singer started their career somewhere and worked at getting better as each day passes by. Some singers sing for fun though, while some do it as their main profession.

Singing is a craft and singers develop techniques while training themselves to become better as an artist. Singers have the ear to identify various tone and pitch while performing because they have trained their voice over time. Through these trainings, a singer understands vocal resonation. Vocal resonation consists of singing with various parts of the human body such as oral cavity , chest , larynx , nasal cavity , pharynx , sinuses and the tracheal tree . Amazing!

Important Qualities of a Singer - Singer Link

Important Qualities of a Singer
Important Qualities of a Singer

Have you been dreaming your whole life to become a professional singer?!

Despite the challenges, it is a very lucrative and rewarding career path. No matter how talented you are, there are certain qualities you need to develop if you want to become a successful singer. Now, let's take a look at some of those qualities:

1. A Singer must be Willing to Learn

As a singer, you need to understand the basics of the craft. You have to be familiar with your vocal technique and vocal limits . Having little or no knowledge about singing won't make one go far as a singer, you need to have a good knowledge about the industry. You must be eager to learn new ideas so as to get better. Educate yourself by getting a vocal coach and also take time to learn from other successful singers in the music industry.

To become the best in the music industry, you have to spend time and money on developing yourself so as to get better daily. You have to keep up with the music trend!

2. A Singer must stay Motivated and Determined

In life, every human needs to develop a "Go Getter" spirit no matter the field they find themselves. This positive attitude makes one proactive. Rather than sitting around and waiting for opportunities to come knocking, you have to get up to seek for opportunities yourself.

Get up and write that song even though it's late at night - feed on the moment!

Go for that music audition even if it means you have to travel out of the city!

Send your resume or short video skits to that music director or producer!

Record a demo and send it to that amazing record label!

Make the most use of your time doing stuffs that will take you to the next level rather than sitting around waiting on the phone.

3. A Singer must be willing to Explore Several Music Genres

It's okay to find a music niche and stick with it but as an upcoming singer, you must be open to explore any music genre. Don't limit yourself to a particular music genre . This will help you develop and set you up on a platform where you can work with any musician no matter their area of specialization. There are several music genres such as pop, jazz, blues, rap, country, R&B and so on...

You must be willing to experiment any of those genres!

4. A Singer must be Open to Criticism

As a singer, no matter how talented you are - people will criticize you . This should not get you down but to keep you on your toes. You must be ready to listen to feedbacks from professionals in the music industry whenever you send out a demo or when you perform on stage. Opinions are divided and you should expect people to critique your work. When that happens, take it on the chin and work on improving. This attitude will give your voice and career a new flame that will make you excel.

5. A Singer must develop a Team Mentality

In the music industry, you will get to work with different people while building a career. Even if you are a solo singer, you will have to work with instrumentalists, studio engineers, music producers, band artists and many more. You have to stay professional no matter who you're working with. Be a team player !

6. A Singer must adopt a Patient Approach

You will not become a popular rock star overnight - it requires effort and putting in work over a period of time. As a singer, you must be ready to work hard and stay dedicated to your dreams . Patience is also required when working with people, be it a songwriter, producer or a technician. You want to build a good relationship with professionals around you. Every talented and successful musician today walked through a path on their way to stardom. Your time to shine will come but while you're dreaming, be patient and keep the fire burning!

Do you have what it takes to be a Singer? - Singer Link

Do you have what it takes to be a Singer?
Do you have what it takes to be a Singer?

Singers have special traits, talents and personality. Singers are unique in their own way. For you to figure out whether you can become a singer, you need to develop the following characteristics.

  • Singers are creative!
  • Singers are original!
  • Singers are intuitive!
  • Singers are articulate!
  • Singers are innovative!
  • Singers are ambitious!
  • Singers are energetic!
  • Singers are optimists!
  • Singers are confident in their voice!
  • Singers are artistic in nature!
  • Singers don't find it difficult to express themselves!

I can go on and one but the most important thing is to understand what traits you need to develop if you want to become a professional singer. So check yourself, ask questions. Figure out if you have any of these traits.

You can take the world's best career test to determine if you can become a singer.

Set career goals in the music industry… - Singer Link

Set career goals in the music industry…
Set career goals in the music industry…

Have you taken a career test in music?! Do you feel you have the required qualities to make it big in the music industry?! You want to become a Grammy award winner?! If YES!!! Your journey to stardom starts now!!!

Set music goals and work at achieving it. This is a very lucrative and competitive industry , so don't relax or get lazy.

Get your talent and name out there by working on your singing skills. Just do it!

Watch this YouTube video on how to make money as a singer

How can you earn money as a Singer? - Singer Link

How can you earn money as a Singer?
How can you earn money as a Singer?

Getting your first paid work as a singer will give you a level of confidence in yourself and a sense of fulfillment that you are actually achieving your lifelong dream of becoming a professional singer.

You might be wondering how you can make money as a singer, it's quite straight forward. Singing is a profession and you can earn money by doing the following;

  • Join a record label.
  • Start and grow a YouTube channel.
  • Offer courses and lessons as a music teacher.
  • Apply for jobs in a radio or TV advertising companies.
  • Perform music on stage and at musical concerts.
  • Work as a professional backup singer in a corporate event band.
  • You can work with songwriters and producers as a session singer.
  • Sell your vocal tracks on online musical market place such as Voclio .
  • Make music and set it up for download and streaming on social media.
  • Offer vocal engineering service by recording and producing in a studio.
  • Become a freelancer by offering singing services on freelance websites.

These are many more are simple ways in which you can make money as a singer.


A singer spend most of their time and days in studios and on tours. They are dedicated to training their voice and even developing dancing skills. Just like any other profession, singing requires putting in effort so as to become the best and be successful in the industry.

Furthermore, it is important to focus on your personality and lifestyle as a singer. Building a music career can be very challenging and also requires a lot of sacrifice, so be reading to push through rough patches. Be passionate about what you do .

Finally, ensure you live a successful singer's lifestyle. You can read about the lifestyle of successful singers on their journey to success so as to learn. Singers such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Maria Carey, The Beatles, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Eminem and many more.

The table below shows a list of the Most Famous Singers in the World .





Michael Jackson

Beyoncé Knowles


Whitney Houston

John Legend


Freddie Mercury

Taylor Swift


Stevie Wonder

Justin Bieber


Maria Carey

Bruno Mars


Elvis Presley



Aretha Franklin

Chris Brown


Celine Dion

Post Malone


Marvin Gaye

Ariana Grande


Ray Charles



Paul McCartney

Jay Z


John Lennon

Elton John



Kanye West


Frank Sinatra

Lana Del Rey


Katy Perry



Steve Perry

The Weeknd


Christiana Aguilera

Camila Cabello



Ed Sheeran


Kurt Cobain

Lady Gaga


James Hatfield

Jermaine Cole

NOTE : This ranking is in no particular order. They are all legends in the music industry!

Watch this video on how to start a YouTube music channel

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