Sites like Grommr for Online Dating in 2023

by Jared West

Online dating is on the rise in this technological age. Also, people start to appreciate each other's interests. So, many websites are providing the services of online dating for gays. The list is increasing with every passing day. Hence, you have to know some of the best operating and legit websites. Security and safety are the two main concerns of the users.

Why a Need for Sites like Grommr?

We have collected some best sites like Grommr for online dating in 2023. In this way, you can attain your goal easily. Don't waste more time and give it a read to know the important features of these recommended websites. Before moving to get information about other websites, let's know about Grommr.

Grommr is a website and app for encouraging the gay community. This website is specifically for men who enjoy their bellies grow, looking at their weight gain and sharing success stories. You can download and use it for free. You will get messages, instant notifications, filters, newsfeed, and many other features.

List of Sites like Grommr for Online Dating in 2023

Also, users can upload their pictures and mark their favorite ones. You can upgrade to the premium package to enjoy unlimited messages, ad-free browsing, and other premium features.

Silver Daddies

Silver Daddies is one of the best alternatives for Grommr. You can get benefit by using its free version. If you are a mature single dad, then you will find it the best fit for you. This website is a meeting place for both younger men and daddies of old age. All you need is to have an interest in dating other men and keep you and your fellowmen satisfied and happy. You can also feature your pictures into the gallery and enjoy the feature of a personal ad. What else you need in a good online dating site? All of these features are free.

Manhunt is an online dating website that allows gays to enjoy their occurrence in the community. This is a video dating website. You can also use it on your mobile by downloading its app. The availability is global. Some basic features include dating, engaging, and a private room. Also, it comes with two different packages. One package is for free users, while the other is for VIP members.

Features of Free Membership

· Users can search other guys from anywhere

· No time limit to use

· Users can get access to other gay men just like them throughout the world

· The website or app enables video chat feature

· Users can create a buddy list to notice or follow other men of their interest

· The track list is available so that users can check, who is looking at their profile

· Users can upload up to 16 pictures in their profile

Features of Paid Membership

Along with having the basic features, the paid membership comes with some bonus features. Have a look!

· Members get access to men just like them

· Unlimited views of the profiles of other gay and curious men

· Capability to do a video chat in 1 to 1 session with other gays both nationally and internationally

· Ability to keep in contact with other members via chat

· Members can view full display pictures of other members

· Follow and keep an eye on the other guys and friends on this platform

· Members can save the searches to reuse them again

· Free access to videos posted by other members

Adam 4 Adam

One more Grommr alternative is none other than Adam 4 Adam. This chat comes with amazing features. In addition to it, you cannot just browse other men like you, but can also get benefit from the chat option and meet guys. You will get access to 5 diverse grids, and so you can browse others' profiles with no limit. You can notice their status, for example, who is new, who is visiting, and who is near you. This website allows you to find Mr. Right by using 27 filters. These filters are for free, and you don't need to pay anything to use them. These filters of ethnicity, body type, age, and height, etc. make your search easy.

You can chat for unlimited time without having any fear of billing because they are free. It's easy to receive and send countless messages. Also, the feature of chat allows sending and receiving direct photos. The option of smileys will make this chat a fun activity for you. We take our efforts to a new level by redesigning our site. Now, it is not just an easy task to connect with other guys, but you can meet them. If you are in search for a good alternative to online dating in 2023, then go for it.

Planet Romeo

Planet Romeo
Planet Romeo

Their tagline appreciates men to have affairs with men just like them. You will feel good by becoming part of this amazing community of transgender people, bi, and gay. Planet Romeo is working since 2002.

They have made the flirting easy and take flirting to the next level. Also, they offer the chance to become a part of the groups to enjoy. Their team is an expert in online dating experience. Clearly, it is one of the best alternatives to Grommr. The people in their team are around the globe. According to an estimate, their team members are from more than 15 countries, and they are running the website in Berlin and Amsterdam. They feel proud and happy to connect men of the same interests with each other. There is no limit to language, culture, or border.

· They have more than 2 million users throughout the globe

· Users get a friendly atmosphere

· Users can reach from both mobile app or website

· Users can share love, make friends, and go for outing

· According to the stats, 44% of users are dating, 26% of users are friends, 28% of users are in love, and 62% want to get married

This website makes you feel that you are not alone in this world with having interests in the same gender.


Squirt is an amazing online dating website. The aim of this website is to allow gays to connect and exchange their love globally. Through this website, you can do video dating with the use of the webcam. The basic language is English, but you will find a partner in your specific language. They have approximately 243.8k visitors. According to an estimate, this website has 219.3k web pages.

The data is assembled and organized in a well-mannered way. It comes with useful and unique features. So, it has made it easy for you to make conversations with the gays and appreciate them. You can join this platform by clicking here.


Users find it an easy-to-use website. The use of its mobile application is also simple. This platform is secure and keeps your data safe. You can become its user and enjoy the features for free. Its feature of trip planning makes it prominent among other websites of this niche. No worries, if you cannot speak and understand English. This website supports other languages. You can send text messages and audios to your connections.



Grindr has been operating since 2009. Because of its features, it is one of the most used websites when it comes to gay online dating. So, you may take as a good alternative to Grommr. All of its features are easy to use so it is a user-friendly website. You will also find its app simple to use.

It comes with the feature of geotargeting. Also, it provides with the targeted filters so you can find a partner according to your demands. You don't have to pay any fee to get benefit from this app. Hence, you should take care while making friends on this website as it may have fake profiles. Users can send photos in the text messaging bar. If you want to enjoy the feature of sending multiple pictures at once, then you have to go for the premium membership.


This website is specifically for gay community. It gets almost 1400 members on a weekly basis. Its 24,600 members are from the USA. It is easy to become a member of this website. The registration is free and it just takes 1 to 3 minutes. There is no requirement of email verification. You will get a 3-month trial for free when you upload a picture. Adding profile picture is not necessary to complete the registration procedure but you can do it later. You will not feel good to know that messaging is not free. You have to become a premium member to avail it. Also, its app does not work for the iOS users.

All of the above-mentioned websites are the good alternatives for Grommr. These websites provide you with a chance of being confident on your interests. Now, you don't need to hide your feelings. Almost all of these sites are free to use. Some of them also come with the premium package. In this way, you can enjoy more benefits. These websites have mobile apps so that it will be easy for you to get connected with your loved ones.

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