Best Internet Radio Apps for Android to Stream Music in 2023

by Jared West

Best Internet Radio Apps for Android to Stream Music in 2023 - Music would always be an integral part of life and rightly so. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that means of listening to it evolves with technology.

Reasons for Good Internet Radio Apps for Android

One of such means is radio apps. While radios might not be the top choice to use to listen to music, radio apps have emerged to change the narrative. Also, radios remain an ever reliable companion. Whether it is when you are driving, or when you are working out, they make things more enjoyable.

Yes, smartphones come with inbuilt radio apps. Still, they don’t get the job done as much as they ought to. This is because we can access only locally available FM stations with them. In most cases, this restricts the variety of music we get to listen to. Hence, radio apps to the rescue. With radio apps, it is possible to stream online music. This way, you get to listen to the song you want, anytime and anywhere. This is seeing as these radio apps make accessing radio stations from all across the globe easy.

Radio apps work just like your typical music app would. You can create playlists and listen to the song of your choice. The fun doesn’t stop there. Just like the traditional radio, you would be up to date with the latest news and shows. Also, you get to access podcasts. That is a lot of things in just one package. Which is why this post brings to you the best of the radio apps flock on Android smartphones. Stream your favorite music with any of the 10 radio apps below

Free List of Best Internet Radio Apps for Android to Stream Music in 2023

Go here for Android Free Music Downloader MP3. Otherwise, stream your favorite music with any of the 10 radio apps as below

1. iHeartRadio - App Link


This is by far one of the most popular radio apps out there. It not only has local FM stations, but it also has its own original stations in the app. You can stream over a thousand stations. There is also a collection of top podcasts for you to listen to. You would also find right about every genre of songs on this app. From rap to rock to romantic ones, everything is available. There are also seasonal playlists such as ones for Halloween, Christmas, and so on. You can create unlimited playlists. Though it is free, subscribing monthly grants you access to more enjoyable features. One of such features is on-demand song playing. The app supports Chromecast and Android Wear. You can save songs for offline listening and listen on the go.

If you are listening to live radio, you can skip songs as you desire. Gone are those days when you have to sit through a song you don’t fancy. Also, when you subscribe to your favorite shows, you’d get to download them daily.

2. Pandora – Streaming Music & Podcasts - App Link

Pandora – Streaming Music &Podcasts
Pandora – Streaming Music & Podcasts

The Pandora Music app is super popular too. While it doesn’t focus on specific stations, it allows users to create their own stations. You can create this station based on anything. It could be a station for your favorite artiste, songs. It could also be a station for your favorite genres. Pandora Music arranges these stations based on songs you ‘like’. This feature makes the listening experience on this app more customized. There are various playlists thatyou can stream from. You could create your own as well.

There are podcasts on this radio app too. Search for what you want, add it to your collection, and get listening.

It also has both free and premium versions. While the latter lets you stream the music ads-free, the former is ad-supported. Another feature that the premium version has is that the music streamed is of a higher quality than that in the free version. It is possible to save songs for offline listening.

3. TuneIn – MLB Radio, Music, Sports & Podcasts - App Link

TuneIn – MLB Radio, Music, Sports& Podcasts
TuneIn – MLB Radio, Music, Sports & Podcasts

In search of a radio app with a very large library of stations and programs? Look no further because TuneIn has got it all. With over 100,000 stations, more than a million programs and podcasts, this radio app is loaded. There would always be something to listen to. It doesn’t stop at music.

There are sports shows, news, and comedy shows. You get to listen to music from various genres you might not find elsewhere. There is pop, blues, classical, and so on. All these are available on the free version.

When you upgrade to the premium version, you could live stream NBA, NFL, MLB, and a host of others. The app is also unique because it has a Car Mode. With this Car Mode, you may change the app’s interface when you are driving. What’s not to love about all these?

4. Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio - App Link

Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio
Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio

It might go by the name ‘Simple Radio’ but what it offers is not mediocre or simple. There are over 40,000 radio stations from across the world on it. Radio stations are recommended for you from the get-go. Yet, you can search for the station of your choice either by country or by genre. The word ‘simple’ might just have come from the simplicity and aesthetics of its interface. The interface of the app is also user-friendly.

Every feature of this app is for free. You would have no need for any form of in-app purchase to get the best listening experience. It is just about the simplest way to stream online music via radio apps. All you need is an internet connection!

5. XiiaLive - App Link


There are over 50,000 live radio stations from around the globe on this radio app. All you have to do is to make your search with either the song title or the name of the artist. There are also talk shows for you to listen to. A unique feature of this app is its alarm feature and sleep timer. This way, waking up to your favorite station is easy.

You can customize the app as you so wish. There are a variety of themes to choose from. There are also app control features to improve your listening experience. One other distinctive feature is its built-in equalizer and data management features. You can also customize based on notification sounds, preferred language, and Bluetooth options. You may record your favorite talk shows and programs for later listening.

6. Radio Online – PCRADIO - App Link

Radio Online – PCRADIO
Radio Online – PCRADIO

PCRADIO is one of those radio apps that still tilts towards the traditional radio angle in a way. It has internet-hosted radio and local FM radios that allow for online streaming. There are hundreds of stations on the app. The app can work even when internet connectivity is slow. You can connect with internet speed as low as about 24Kbit/sec. This does not compromise the streaming quality. Radio stations are categorized based on their genres. You may create your own radio stations too.

Like XiiaLive, this app also has a built-in equalizer. The app also saves power as it is battery efficient.

7. myTuner Radio App: FM Internet Radio Tuner - App Link

myTunerRadio App: FM Internet Radio Tuner
myTuner Radio App: FM Internet Radio Tuner

If you are keen about listening to traditional radio stations, then myTuner Radio has got you. The app has over 50,000 stations from over 200 countries. You can get to access podcasts and talk shows too. You can also search for these radio stations by genres. If you want sports, then type in sports radio stations. If it is rock music, then type in rock radio stations and so on. There are over 200 available countries. This way, you may search for radio stations by countries and cities.

The interface of this radio app is simple and easy to use. It has an alarm feature so you can set an alarm that would wake you up to your favorite station. All you need to access all this goodness is a good 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network.

8. AccuRadio - App Link


On this radio app, there are over 50 genres of music you can choose from. The app is customizable. You may blacklist that artiste whose songs make you roll your eyes. You may also mark certain stations as your favorite. With these two features, you will have a radio that plays only what you like. That is definitely one perk that radio apps have over the traditional radio. In case you forget a station you once viewed, the history tab is there to help you out. There are over 1000 radio channels for you to access. There is also an unlimited snap feature so this way, you’d never run out of skips.

9. VRadio – Online Radio Player & Radio Recorder - App Link

VRadio – Online Radio Player &Radio Recorder
VRadio – Online Radio Player & Radio Recorder

You want thousands of radio stations to choose from? VRadio has got you covered. There is a wide variety of music genres and categories you can choose from. You can access web-based radio stations and locally available ones via the internet. One feature that stands VRadio out is that the info about the song you’re listening to music shows while you’re at it. You may also record bits of your favorite music and talk shows. The app also takes into consideration your data usage, helping you to conserve it. Sleep Timer? Alarm clock? This radio app has got it. Accessing the app is easy as you can place the widget of the app on the home screen. – Webradio, News & Podcasts, Music & Audio - App Link– Webradio, News & Podcasts, Music & Audio – Webradio, News & Podcasts, Music & Audio

Last but not the least on this list is the app. For free, you gain access to over 30,000 radio stations both within and out of your country. Anytime and anywhere! Browse through this wide list by searching by genres, city, or country. Come across any song you like? will allow you to save it. You also get recommendations based on your music taste. There are many other features you would love. Like many other apps, it has the sleep timer and alarm clock features. Get right to stream with this app now.

Conclusion of Getting Best Internet Radio Android Apps 2023

By all standards, radio apps that allow for online music streaming are the future. There are a thousand and one reasons you have one on your Android gadgets. You think so too? We guessed as much. Make your pick from any of the 10 radio apps above and get to have a more intriguing listening experience.

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